1. I like how none of the commenters who have issue with this guy or gun control have anything legitimate to say about his statements: “There’s nothing anti-gun about being okay with background checks, being okay with red flag laws, being okay with outlawing armed intimidation. That’s not anti-gun, that’s just pro-responsibility.” He’s absolutely right about those statements. There is no evidence that increased gun control will lead to ‘everyone’s guns being taken away’.

    1. @Mr Rey What’s the difference? The 3 Russian products I have listed are all precision guided munitions with conventional warheads which means that they are neither weapons of mass destruction nor indiscriminate weapons because they hit a specific pre-selected target.

    2. @Mr Rey May I remind you that the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution speaks of arms in general. It does not specify the caliber nor the type of propulsion of arms which are allowed.

    3. @Luis Boqcas 60% suicide. According to the cdc, 80% of the rest are gang related. So it seems your “domestic abuse” theory is a little off. 1.8% are accidents.

  2. Give this man a medal. Ensuring a SAFE environment surrounding firearms is crucial for society as a whole. The problem is, those who are against checks and balances on firearms reminds me of those who are against checks and balances on the stockmarket, banking and finance-market. It’s jungle law they are after: without checks and balances, without control on who does what and when and where, anybody can get away with just about anything. It becomes a wild west.

    Unfortunately, the Republican Party is very much synonymous with such. And their mentality sadly reminds me of things from the dark and distant past where across the world there were many who didn’t want checks and balances pointed against them, only their opponents, because it meant they could do whatever they pleased without anybody to stop them.

    Remember, the only thing that benefits from violence, rave, rage, chaos, dissatisfaction, political upheaval, etc. are those who seek to grab at power at any cost — even democracy, which we saw Jan 6th, 2021.

    1. Why is a culture around guns that necessary?
      There are many very successfull cultures without guns…

    2. The problem with what your saying is that some people should have freedom and others shouldn’t. Which is evil.

    3. @the Man with no name called Wyatt Nelsen The exact same could be said about those who want open access to guns. Classifying assault rifles as a class 3 weapon would allow decent and competent poeple to own assault rifles, look to Switzerland as a good example.

  3. He’s telling it like it is. I tried to talk to a republican “friend” about Uvalde, but there was no use. Not a trace of compassion or empathy remaining in him. He is gone.

    1. I had the same experience I am a gun person. Hunted all my life, live in the country , farmer . Parkland changed my opinion I don’t think people need AR 15. My friend s all then same if they say if they ban AR-15 they will take them all. Never here one word about the children. It’s like they don’t feel empathy. A lot them say arm the teachers or some other nonsense but not one word about the children.

  4. In the Republican party’s mind, trying to prohibit firearms and assault rifles will only have a negative impact on THEM. It’s likely that a large majority of their supporters fully support the law of bearing arms. So, if they were to do something to try and prevent the sale and distribution of guns, then they’ll lose supporters and money as a result.

    1. @JohnAllen Bailey1 actually, they have. Like I said, google it. Too, there were over 1500 shootings and 462 shooting deaths in NYC, in 2020, so it would seem all their gun laws don’t really work to well.

    2. @Gerald Meehan and they are regulated……heavily. Too, contrary to what president sippy cup said, Americans WERE allowed to buy any weapon the military had back then. The founders didn’t write the second with, “but only flintlocks”, in mind. It says “arms.”

    3. @Bill Hamblin And who said the definition of “assault” is predicated by their ability to “hurt people?” Knives and bats lol!

      Assault is a military term, falling under *Offensive Operations.* The Army Field Manual defines an _Assault Position_ thus:
      _An assault position is a covered and concealed position short of the objective from which final preparations are made to assault the objective._

      To “assault an objective” you need the appropriate weapons. Bats, knives, pistols and shotguns are out because the armed enemy will have the range advantage on you. And in the era of repeater rifles, bolt-action rifles are out because the enemy will have the advantage of higher volume of fire on you.

      Therefore an Assault Weapon is any weapon that facilitates the _Attack_ during a Final Assault. That means Semi-Auto and Auto Rifles, Explosives, Mortars, and Cannons.
      On the other hand, to repel an Assault, you would require similar weapons.

      If you’re insisting “you need an assault weapon AR to defend yourself,” where do you live that you’re facing off against _massed infantry?_ Donbass in Ukraine? Is cranky old Albert down the block raining down fire on you from his machine gun? Did the local gangs convert pick-up trucks into armed “technicals” with machine guns mounted on the bed?

      If you can point to no such enemy, then this guy’s interview is correct: The GOP-NRA tandem sells fear to sell guns and you’ve fallen for it.

  5. Who wants to live in this country today, where you can’t even be sure your children are safe in school?

    1. @Jame And The Giant Peach – Wow, you have a lot of fears. You also aren’t very confident in the ability of your teachers. Maybe you just shouldn’t let the women have them….bio women or otherwise.

  6. Excellent guest, with clear insight into the radicalized gun culture within the GOP. I have no issue with hunters, or the right to protect your home. But there are limits – background checks, Red Flag laws, and bring back the Federal Assault Weapons ban. From 1994-2004 that banned AR-15’s and other similar weapons – and mass shootings dropped. Once the ban was lifted in 2004, mass shootings rose again.

    1. @Jane Johnson You’re not entirely incorrect.It really boils down to this.Most Americans don’t trust their institutions to get it done.Its totally earned. It’s your life.Its ultimately all about you.

    2. @Wink Hopson The automobile industry the most regulated industry in America you really want to compair the auto industry against the gun industry with little to no regulations, really? Apples to oranges.

  7. This man is right on target. He’s got it. There are two different gun cultures, and they do converge at some places. It’s insanity how the NRA has promoted the worship of guns and prioritizing them over the lives of human beings: pregnant women, children, fathers.

  8. This is a really important interview in my opinion. I remember trying to figure out what the hell was going on with the right when Obama was running for President….I couldn’t believe some of the crap that people were saying and he’s absolutely right….it’s just gotten worse. You sit there and listen to all of this conspiracy crap….none of which has EVER come to fruition and they just make up new crap to sprew and get all worked up about. It’s a more serious problem then I think most of us want to admit.

  9. When I graduated from college, I’d’ve happily joined the NRA (but I didn’t, due to priorities.) As the decades have gone by, it has seemed to me that the NRA has evolved from a _”gun responsibility” organization,_ to a *strident gun industry rights platform.* I have never regretted not joining them.
    I like guns. I own guns. I think certain people ought to be able to choose to carry one, but Joe Average working a average job does not need to carry a gun. I think the modern environment of school massacres is a constructed consequence of NRA’s past several decades of migrating from gun responsibilities to gun rights.
    Unfortunately the pin-headed q-anon foamers are excellent examples of how *NEA* has failed public education in this country. But I digress….

    1. @rick erhart Twenty bucks for membership, but it costs time to participate. A lot of people don’t want to sign up for something and carry the card around or whatever, if they aren’t actually going to spend time participating.

    2. Check out the Socialist Rifle Association platform. Very interesting. There’s mention of community defense vs. taking down America. I haven’t joined but I admit I like their treatise.

      …We recognize all aspects of self and community defense to include topics such as firearms, disaster relief, medicine, logistics, agriculture, general survival skills, and other pursuits necessary to unify and strengthen communities against the hardships of life under capitalism. We seek, advocate for, and advance an inclusive, safe, and healthy firearms culture in America to combat the toxic, right-wing, and exclusionary firearm culture in place today. We work to create a platform, environment, and community of members and like-minded individuals that are free of reactionary influences and prejudices, such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other discriminatory ideologies. We maintain the necessity of and work towards the implementation of an anti-capitalist platform for protecting and promoting the inherent human right to defend oneself and one’s community.”

      No one can deny how toxic the Right Wing gun culture has become.

  10. Ugh! This guy has it right on spot! How can we reach the rest of the people? The republican party?? The people that keep allowing this to happen??? Please… let’s do something!!!! Our families and friends are risk of being the next victims

    1. zelenskiy_official: Today in the Luhansk region, the occupants interrupted the evacuation of combat zones, shooting at a car they were driving
      locally. French journalist Frederick Leclerc was killed by life-threatening injuries during this bombing. Worked for French TV channel BFM. A little over a month ago I gave an interview to this very TV channel. This was my first interview with representatives of French media during the large-scale war. My sincere condolences to the colleagues and families of
      Frederick. He became the 32nd media worker to die after February 24. News Said 6 days ago

    2. @Gulliver the Gullible Do you secretly work for the NRA? You want everyone to conceal carry?!? I wish you had to be “this tall” to ride this attraction. We need a more MATURE conversation about this thing, not prepubescent ideas from the peanut gallery.

    1. @Ed First of all, I don’t have to like everything about the U.S. to still love my country. I love my family, and don’t like everything about them either. Second of all, I was talking about people who see guns as an offensive weapon rather than for defending oneself and loved ones. Thirdly, Unless you’re over 45, I have owned guns longer than you’ve been alive. I joined the NRA that long ago, too.

    2. @Ed All gun owners know they can be used offensively, but not all of them see that as their main purpose. The mere fact that you speak in such absolutes or you don’t believe something because it doesn’t fit your preconceived notion says a lot. I hope you don’t pull a muscle jumping to conclusions.

  11. This man is right. However there is something I’d like to add. When you hear this person talk he seems like an educated person. But that doesn’t count for a lot of the constituents of the Republican Party. And that’s the bigger problem in the US. Proper education is not available for most. These people have not learned to think for themselves, think critically, research various sources, question what (their) leaders say and go by facts and not by what someone claims.

    In their defense, I believe that’s not entirely their fault as past policies have lead to the situation we’re in now, but we see the result of educational erosion after decades of poor policy. And now it’s going to be extremely hard to turn the tide.

    1. It’s a lot worse than that. I recently saw an interview with a MAGA woman. In her opinion, facts and reality are subjective. IT’s her views that define her reality, facts be damned.

      It’s gone beyond ignorance.

    2. @Tinamarie I completely agree. Again, the environment we grow up influences our decision making but its not the only factor by any means. I wouldn’t use the same word choice as the original post but I can see the point he was trying to make.

    3. @Jacob Zindel It’s not about left or right, it’s about ideologies taken to the the extreme. It can happen in “any” segment of the population.

      The truth is, conservatives need liberals and vice versa. The (true) conservatives, traditionally kept things running, while the liberals pushed them to evolve with the times. That careful balance worked for a long time, it could again. But we must all remove the extremist elements in our midst. Return them to the fringes where they belong.

      Too much of anything is bad, liberalism, conservatism it doesn’t matter. It’s like the old adage says, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.

      Balance is key!

  12. This man has explained the causes and individuals responsible for poisoning our society with their misplaced ideals of guns to keep freedom alive. He’s put the actual facts right there center front.

    1. @Skippy Jump only once in my life thankfully but it’s like car insurance. You don’t need it until you need it.

    2. @Ray Hunt how is wanting to defend yourself stupid? If u don’t like guns don’t own one. But u don’t get to dictate what I do in my life especially when it’s a right to own a gun. I don’t like to fly but I’m not telling others not to fly.

    3. @Skippy Jump I have also had to use a gun in self defense to protect myself, when two unidentified armed men came to my house. No shots were fired but they knew that I was ready to use it if I had to and that was all that it took to deter them. I have no doubt in my mind that the situation would have ended much differently if I had not had a loaded firearm when I needed one. Like middle guy said, it’s like a life insurance policy, you never know if you are going to need it until you need it.

    4. @Middle Guy
      I have no desire to take away your gun, but I do not believe you have a need to defend yourself with one!!
      I also think that the 2nd amendment is being used by gun manufacturers to self profit,I also believe it is being misinterpreted!!!

  13. Excellent feedback from Mr. Busse. Responsibility is the BACKBONE of every nation. He put it correctly. I’d like to hear MORE FROM HIM. FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO SPELLS IT OUT IF WE KEEP GOING THE GUN ROUTE, WE HAVE BEEN ON.

  14. 2 days ago my grandma said “Did you know democrats want to take your guns and put them on a boat to somewhere else?” and I just…couldn’t even comprehend how she got there, logically speaking. It’s scary.

  15. “i THINK THEY’RE CREATINIG THE FEAR!” Absolutely the best quote of the day. Take that NRA!

    1. He was talking about the democrats…..” never let a good crisis go to waste” every single democrat EVER

  16. Well said sir. This is exactly the message that will bring all sides (except the respective fringes) together to form a level-headed, responsible policy towards firearms. Thank you!

    1. @Bernard Languillier understatement! Its the most important line everyone should hear when talking about rights.

  17. He describes a gun culture I recall as a child. My uncles & cousins were hunters. It was limited, seasonal, and rather serious. The NRA was about responsibility & safety. And the gun didn’t make the man. I can’t imagine my uncle, a veteran of WWII, arming himself against his government or storming the Capitol. He was a solid citizen who never wore his politics or his faith on his sleeve.

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