Ex-intel chief: Biden losing an opportunity not sending fighter jets to Ukraine

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper speaks to CNN's Kate Bolduan about President Joe Biden's decision to not send Ukraine F-16s, even though President Volodymyr Zelensky has been calling on the West to provide them.

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    1. As you know however, war time reporting rightfully calls for more wiggle room
      and strategic contradictions. Moscow can’t agree on good borschet ingredients.

    2. I would have thought that the USA would want to appoint intelligent and trustworthy politicians, but people like Marjorie Taylor Green seem to be calling the shots. I don’t share your faith in the US government, nor any of its institutions.

    3. You don’t need to train ex Mig-29 pilot to steer F-16, Mig-29 is more capable and flies faster and higher and can tolerate more Gs

    4. All Americans should support the renewal of The Draft, so Biden can rapidly deploy hundreds of thousands of America’s young men and women directly to Ukraine. Kyiv and Zelenskyy need our help.

  1. They might be training them already,and not announcing to the other side, what they are ready to do. Stupid to announce the receiving of jets, if they are not in the air.

    1. @Asset YP24 If biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day, then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂💀

    2. right, it’s great operational security to announce exactly what type of weapons and supplies you are providing and when from where. pure military genius.

  2. Reading the China’s 12 point peace plan, it is so generalized and to benefit China the most. It’s missing the most important point that Russia Putin should withdraw their troops out of Ukraine first before any negotiations. No wonder why Ukraine’s government has rejected it!

    1. @Bien Nho respect the democratic will of the people in donbass and Crimea, you must compromise, that is called negotiation, no just demand pie in the sky, Also end Israeli occupation and usa occupation

    2. @Bien Nho YouTube is controlled by fascists and imperialists, big tech censorship, they don’t want you to know the truth about Ukraine, or see the other side, that is why they banned RT

    3. @Tex AJP Those regions belong to Ukraine. So it should be the country’s people to have it by national referendum! Is it ok for people in China town in New York city to declare it independent from the USA? Lol

  3. They need to send fighter jets and trained crew.. I wouldn’t give Ukraine fighter jets with absolutely no knowledge of the systems

  4. President Zelenskyy & his general were asking all along for heavy Tanks , Long Range Missiles, Self Propelled Artillery and modern Fighter Jets in the past 12 months. Since Christmas i.e. two months ago news emerged that UK & few of NATO countries all willing to deliver Heavy Tanks like Leopard 2, Challenger 2 and also Abrams and also Fighter Jets. But, Jens Stoltenberg Rushed to Washington asking Biden not to do it. ( The Trouble makers in NATO are Jens, Ursula and Olaf ), they care less even if all peoples of Ukraine are sent into the grinding machines of Putin’ War Machine, a War Machine using all types of heavy weapons against Ukraine ( Air, Land and Sea ). Just look how Ben Wallace of UK spoke two days ago as if he is a child speaking nonsense saying , Oh… It’s better to give such modern Fighter Jets to Few of the Eastern European countries in exchange for them to give their old MIG-29 & SU-25 to Ukraine . What the hell he saying in such sick & low merit talk. All know Ukraine itself is al war 24/7 not those eastern European countries that are members of NATO, and, besides these countries have Modern Fighter Jets already and the US has plenty of Fighter Jets in airbases inside these Eastern European countries. The Country that needs F-16 is Ukraine also heavy Tanks so it can drive Russian troops out of its occupied territories . This, excuses of Training, ammunition are the funniest joke indeed . This way by only supplying to Ukraine defensive weapons for the past 12 months and that too in a very slowly & late deliveries is a big crime and by such behavior of lip service they ( NATO ) crucified Millions of poor Ukrainians. Give Tanks & Fighter Jets to Ukraine NOW. Ex-PM of UK Boris Johnson is saying ” Send these Tanks & Fighter Jets to Ukraine NOW NOW NOW.

    1. What the west is not telling the Ukrainians is that they do not have any weapons that they can give them to make them win against Russia. By denying them specific weapons it gives them the impression that Russia as no counter to these withheld weapons. In reality Russia as the counter to all western weapons and in a majority of cases more powerful weapons . Using words like more modern weapons only applies when fighting countries like Libya ,Iraq and Afghanistan and Yugoslavia. Currently Russians possess weapons unmatched by the west and I do not mean on paper because they are routinely fired in Ukraine .If Ukraine is told that the west cannot help them physically to beat Russia they will start the peace negotiations and keep what they have left of Ukraine. Debates about providing game changers would become meaningless and Ukraine would save more of their people. At the moment The Russians have started to use 240mm shells that they did not want to do but because they are running out of patience with their brothers.

  5. The CNN announcer. Says “what do you think of China supplying Russia with weapons.”

    And the old fool says. That “the US should apply pressure to stop China supplying Ukrainians with weapons.”

    What a joke. He can’t even follow the conversation!

  6. When it comes to supplying weapons and munitions, Ukraine’s allies are always a day late and a dollar short. A great strategy to help Ukraine lose.
    If Ukraine were able to send ten times as many missiles to destroy Russian military assets in Russia as Russia sends to Ukraine, I think that might get Russia’s attention. NATO needs to give thousands of long-range munitions to Ukraine and Ukraine wouldn’t need so many defensive ones. Sometimes it’s better to fight fire with fire instead of with water. No war can be won by playing defense alone. Russia needs to feel some real pain.

    1. @Michael Finnigan They slow rolled to the point now where even China is thinking of backing up Putin. Because honestly the support looks pathetic. This war is not sustainable.

    2. @Alejo Hernandez Great point. So, I concede to modify my position to sending ten times as many missiles to bomb Russian military assets in Ukraine.

    3. @Alejo Hernandez I don’t think you’ve read history books correctly. Besides that, Ukraine isn’t fighting for independence. It’s fighting for its sovereignty.

  7. Ukraine needs the used Mig-29’s from Poland (and a couple other Eastern European states) that their pilots can fly RIGHT NOW … until F-16’s can be delivered with pilots trained.

    1. Indeed. The USA should be forward looking on this issue. Russia needs to be to weak to supply support to China if China attacks Taiwan. The weapons supplied to Ukraine should be sufficient to do the job, but not enough to weaken us.

  8. It’s better to seize the initiative than to just keep reacting to what the enemy does. As Mr. Clapper points out, there’s going to a lot to do before a single F-16 flies in the Ukrainian skies, and the later you put the gears in motion, the later they are going to be flying there.

  9. The problem with Chinese peace plan is that it addresses the “territorial integrity of each nation. The problem is that Russia views the occupied Ukrainian lands as part of Russia. Window dressing at best.

  10. The west needs to give Ukrainians everything and anything they want. Show Russia and China we are not weak Period

  11. The US owns 1,000 F-16’s. I think we can spare a few when the time is right. Ukrainian pilots should be training, if they’re not already.

  12. I wouldn’t announce anything until the Orc’s see their tanks being blown up by F-16’s. I’m sure Ukrainian pilots are already being trained on those aircraft. Secretary Austin knows you don’t send tanks into battle without air cover.

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