Ex-leader dismisses claims of racism in Greens, attacks Annamie Paul

Former Green Party leader Jim Harris dismissed Annamie Paul's comments that racism within the party played a roll in her defeat.

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    1. It was weird though. When pressed, Haris kept saying it was only about performance. But if Anime Paul is correct and they were sabotaging her, then her performance is irrelevant because they tanked her. He kind of danced around talking about why they kept sabotaging her. They may very well have had great reasons, but he kept changing the subject.

    2. @Joey Poil Because we already know Jim was trying to throw her out as leader as early as July when it was initially reported. So why would we believe he tried to help Paul during the election?

  1. that is a big revelation though re the salary and power demands. always 2 sides to a story. it is not just any one thing.

    1. Do I think Ms. Paul experienced racism and sexism? Sure (She covers 3 of the most maligned groups in her heritage after all) but it does not mean that was the reason for lack of support which is what I believe Mr. Harris was trying to say. I think asking for $250k from a cash strapped party is pretty wild on top of all of the other power moves mentioned. Could those also be taken slightly out of context? It is possible but does not seem likely. i do understand a leader wanting the power to lead rather than being a figurehead though.

    2. The GPC is bottom up member driven. It’s enshrined in the party constitution and Annamie knew that going in. If she wanted absolute power she chose the wrong party.

    1. Which side? what we know is that the council sabotaged her. Both sides have a different story as to why they did that.

  2. Shocked that a Green Party leader would demand such control over the party. Even Stephen Harper wouldn’t have the gaul to ask for that kind of a deal. The money is one thing its the extreme control that is so bizarre.

  3. Does Evan have ears? He just keeps repeating all of Paul’s staff’s talking points. I guess that plays well in Toronto.

    1. Nothing to do with Toronto, we’re gobsmacked as much as anyone else at how Evan completely disregarded what was being said. Never seen him so obtuse, so disappointing.

  4. “Are you suggesting that Annamie Paul is alleging that racism and sexism against her aren’t true and that she’s using that disingenuously as cover for her own failure!?!?!”

    What a clown news station and reporter acting surprised.

  5. Evan Solomon should know that Toronto center was a pipe dream 4 her
    .she ran there because it was never about the party..
    Just about her.. green party is better off without the drama

  6. Evan Solomon has certainly won worst journalistic performance of the year award. Is he completely shameless and apparently not very bright.

  7. Annamie Paul is great at pointing fingers. She’s not in the green party to fight for the environment she’s in it to get a quarter million dollars. Despite the hostile interviewer this interview explained a lot.

  8. The interviewer is not interviewing to get the view of the person being interviewed. He is taking sides and attacking the person he is talking to. How is that conducting an interview?

  9. Evan Solomon is one of the most disgraceful journalists in Canada at the moment. Just embarrassing

  10. Here’s Evan, close to tears of frustration because he just can’t get Harris to say what he wants him to say, no matter how hard he tries.

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