1. Given his once privileged position within putins mafia outfit I can’t help but feel an element of sour grapes here.

  1. Middle-aged men, barely able to hold a rifle and then sent off to the frontline with a day’s training or less. Russia’s contempt for its own citizens/soldiers is unbelievable.

    1. @Phillip Jacobson and then they head out to train further in their MLS’s so it’s extensive training.

    2. @eggs panda Russians rarely smile. I used to work for, getting him to laugh was like pulling teeth. 😂😂😂

  2. Putin’s dream of reestablishing the Soviet Union appears to be a catastrophic failure.

    1. Why don’t you keep your sarcastic comments to yourself.You are not contribution anything . . . even less than I am contributing by calling you out on this.

    1. Have to agree with Voltaire; We have a current example – Trump and Jan 6 insurrectionists; And historically – I can think of Mohammad and early Muslims

  3. “UNLIMITED POWER in the hands of Limited men always leads to cruelty.” Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn/Author of A Gulag Archipelago

    1. America should donate 100 billion dollar aid to Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 now now Including long range missiles too put pressure on putin

    2. Солженицина вспомнили 🙂 а вы лпосмотрите в интернете где его сын ведёт бизнес

    3. Read what he says about Russian failure to resist tyranny. Of course he is not representative of Russian culture which is why the “real” Russians sent him to Gulag along with millions who didn’t come back…

    1. @P G Why would Putin install a madman at the head of a country that has 2000 nuclear missiles pointed at Russia?

    1. @sinnieleeonUtube hey why are you not mobilized in Ukraine yet? Oh that’s right you ran away from the draft

  4. Listen to everything he said. Putin looks at politicians that want to negotiate as Weak
    Weakness makes Bully’s more aggressive

    1. Yes. Point made currently by our leniency here in America- unacceptable tfg and minions ongoing behavior= Must Stop Now!!

    2. What is that is exactly what you want? You want the bully to think that he is stronger than he is. So that when he strikes you are justified in beating him senseless.

  5. After watching the documentary about Ukraine’s 2014 revolution unarmed protesters vs armed soldiers. I knew Putin could not overcome the free people of Ukraine.
    Ukraine you are on the right side of history.

    1. @Matthew Matthew it’s freedom fighters vs soldiers that don’t know why they are there. History has shown that is a losing equation.

    2. @Donnie Kraus really? Ae you referring to the time when they burned civillians live in Odessa? Sick sense of humour you have.

  6. The very fact that the question is being asked makes Putin a valid target on behalf of all civilization itself.

    1. @C K I think that Putin will be taken out on the inside anyway without any foreign Governments action, it’s just a matter of time.

  7. This oligarch says the decision by the Russian government to charge him with corruption was ”politically motivated” after he began promoting reforms. A more accurate way to look at it is that the other oligarchs are NOT charged with corruption for political reasons: their cooperation with and abetting of Putin.

  8. Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:

    “How long will I live?”

    The psychic replied: “I cannot tell that but I do know you will die on a Ukrainian holiday.”

    “Which holiday?” Putin asked.

    “Whichever day you die will be an Ukrainian holiday.”

  9. Very much enjoy Fareed’s GPS. He asks good questions and hosts very knowledgeable folks. Almost never miss his shows.

  10. Bruce Lee once said, never underestimate your opponent. Hitler in 1944 felt what Putin feels right now, nervous and regrets. You can’t always get what you want.

  11. Brilliant interview. Excellent questions and answers–very thought provoking, especially concerning likely short term and long term outcomes. Huge respect to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Fareed Zakaria. I wouldn’t want to play chess against either of them.

  12. Really good interview. This man is risking his life by speaking out in his book and on TV. His most useful information is about how the other oligarchs are likely to take Russia’s continued failure in this illegal attack on Ukraine.

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