Ex-prosecutor: About the worst possible news for Matt Gaetz

Joel Greenberg, the ex-Florida tax collector with close ties to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), is planning to plead guilty on Monday in a federal court in Florida, according to a new filing Thursday. CNN CNN legal analyst Elie Honig evaluates what this means for the federal sex trafficking case against Gaetz.

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  1. That unequivocally means Gaetz will be held fully accountable for some rather serious charges potentially seeing him locked away for many, many years. That creme-puff couldn’t do a day in gen pop.

    1. Greenburg is facing 33 charges!!! No doubt he is about to sing like a canary!!!! Matt Gaetz is going to take a pkea deal to shorten his sentence but he will still do a lot of time.

    2. To be fair, if Gaetz ever did go to prison, I can’t picture him being in GenPop. He’s too high-profile and would likely head to SHU or manage to pay his way to getting a cushy private cell in not-so-solitary confinement.

      Still, I absolutely love that you called him a creme-puff. That’s perfect. 🤣

  2. Well, that should make the QAnon people happy, with their “save the children” rallying cry.

    1. @Mario Mario You’re so funny. You’re probably one of those fools who don’t believe things unless you see things with your own eyes. Rest assured man have landed on the moon sweet cheeks and the world is certainly not flat. Time to move with the times and embrace change. Be wary though because the world is certainly not filled with pretty little butterflies and rainbows!

  3. I surely want a strong investigation and concrete charges but it sure would be nice to see some actual legal action brought forth for several.

    1. @Sean Mitchell You people are all pathetic, speaking nothing of substance and erecting mighty strawmen in honor of your perceived opponent. Every democrat in the country would have locked down the entire country in a heartbeat last year when the coronavirus hit via executive order and would have enacted countless other unilateral decisions that benefit nobody. thats authoritarianism, not making off the cuff jokes noone takes seriously on one of your countless campaign stops. You see to you guys authoritarianism is a leader taking their country and saying we are going to focus on our problems before we help anyone else. zielinski, trump, orban, any leader who puts the will of their people first is labeled a far right fascist in the media, based on the misconception that facism is synonymous with nationalism, ironically forgetting a more core component of fascism is the merger of corporate and state powers that faces no accountability due to cover from a propagandist corporate media. you know like what our country has and the UN and Davos folks want to force upon the whole world. get a grip, learn something by reading quietly for a long time and stay focused on the subject matter. 5 min cnn clips is not staying informed. and for god sake talk TO your “opponent” not at them, you people have no clue what you’re talking about and just assume everyones arguments and positions.

    2. ,,,CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear ?

    1. @Timber Ho Yup! All of them. The problem with Gaetz is that he screwed a child and took her over state lines which turns it into child sex trafficking. I don’t care if he’s got to pay to get laid. Keep your hands off the kids!! If he’s innocent, I’ll admit I was wrong about him, but it’s not looking very good for him. Especially since he’s the only one in the whole government that voted AGAINST a child sex trafficking bill!

    2. Well what about Cuomo? He has 10 allegations on sexual harassment against women but everyone seems to forget that. Do those women count too?

    1. Nope he tried to throw his dad under the bus 🚌 the first time with that weak a** excuse on the tucker carlson show, daddy said he on his own now. 😂😂🤣🤣

    2. How about “Who wants to make a Deal?”
      Something to watch besides CNN, MSNBC or how about that Florida Frat Boy is Fucked and all of daddddys money won’t help him

  4. I’m all for locking Gaetz up, but please make sure the prison cell is humane enough to hold 2. 1 for Matt Gaetz’s damaged ego, the other for his tremendous/bigly face.

    1. ,,,CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear ?

    2. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya Presidents do not set gasoline “policy”,or prices.Prices are controlled by OPEC,and total U.S.fossil fuel oil production.If you are referring to the cold wave in Texas that shut down refineries there for a week,or the cyberattack that shut down the Colonial pipeline in various states,that’s out of his control,too.That’s a private enterprise,not subject to government control.What they are not hiding is the investigation being conducted that will hold Matt Gaetz accountable for his perverse behavior involving underage teens.

    3. I was going to say room for his hair too, but they don’t allow hairspray in prison, so it will be as deflated as his ego

  5. He needs to tell them I’m Matt and I’m guilty on all charges!! Never to see Matt ever again!! NEXT!!!

    1. @santa fe, bantayan island life
      Get your handlers to teach you some command of the English language. Is it cold in Russia 🇷🇺 comrade

  6. It might be time for the DOJ to ensure homie doesn’t skip town!! Soon to be known as convict Geatz!!

    1. @I vote NO to censorship , how ironic that you’re commenting in a CNN chat! Ha ha you brainwashed fox 💩

    1. He had to have known his escapades wouldn’t go unnoticed forever. That shows just how much power and corruption can poison the minds of politicians. Money and power don’t make them invincible but they sure seem to think it does.

    2. @VanGiai Do bro I’m the last guy that would be doing that. I’m a Respiratory therapist, a profession based on science. I put people like you on vents and take them off when they recover or die, from covid or otherwise. Business has been good lately.

    3. @Rene Hinojosa many people who died from covid-19 had previous history of sickness or were fat. Unfortunately many color people have low level of vitamin D.

  7. He is going down down all the way down just like when he thought it was fun bringing those girls down. Time for the liars to get what they deserve which is to pay for their crimes. Justice will be done.

    1. @Jim Bell I don’t know any CNN freaks BUT I do know that when someone jumps to the defense of a person they don’t know that the person trying to defend is just as much a damn liar as the one that did the dirt. LIKE YOU KNOW. Go be Republican somewhere else.

    2. @Rod billy barr can’t make false statements about the Muller Report anymore. That changes everything. You can still send money to the orange TRAITER when he’s in prison though.

  8. Johnson and Johnson say that their vaccine is effective with teens between the ages of 11-15. Matt Gaetz is thrilled!

    1. Biden also signed in law he must smell the hair of kids between the ages of 3-11 before getting the vaccine. The vaccine is more effective on kids before biden sniffs CDC guidelines and uncle fauci agrees

  9. There are a group of “very fine people” in prison that call themselves “The Proud Boys” 🌈 . They’ll take good care of Gaetz. 😂

    1. @Video Time Capsule That wasn’t the point. The point is Proud Boys aren’t as intimidating as they think they are.

    2. ,,,CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear ?

    3. @Jim Bell Nothing screams tough guy like writing, poorly, on the internet behind a less than 1 month old YouTube account. It must be hard for you, knowing we all can see you as the absolute joke of a human being that you are, huh? Poor Jimbo.

      <----- Report, please and thank you.

    1. Absolutely. He has attorneys, and he knows he’s finished for life. The longer he has to go through this hell, even before prison, the better.

  10. Greenberg sings and Gaetz is preparing for a change of address, he will also be resigning from his current job. Great news !

    1. And in the future, following the prison term, he’ll be required to inform law enforcement and any potential new neighbors any time he gets a change of address! 😆

  11. Matt PizzaGaetz says it’s all a witch-hunt and CancelCulture and that he’s completely innocent. He said it boldly and confidently on Tuck My Sack Back Carlson’s show while implicating Tuck and his wife.

    1. @Jim Bell And here you are watching CNN in order to bash them. How is your behavior any different?

      Seems a lot of folks like yourself have too much time on your hands being “preoccupied” with the left’s preoccupation with the right and so it goes…. 

      It’s rather amusing to me that both “sides” are obsessed with criticizing each other’s behavior while each emulates the exact behavior they say they despise. 🤷‍♀️

  12. “Of course he’s going to throw Matt Gaetz under the bus so he could get her lighter sentence, there’s no honor among criminals”

    1. There are criminals and criminals. But sure, there is no honor between rich spoiled entitled GQP criminals.

  13. Trump: “Gaetz ? I don’t know the man, never met him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy though and wish him well”

    1. wow , takes one to know one . Some day trumpee will pay the price for his crimes both big and small

    2. Trump will say that about Rudy the crime fighter also. It looks to me like a setup maybe to stop Gaetz as the kingpin for sex trafficking for girls even under age in the USA. Why should the former Trump AG get involved sometime ago unless someone (ordered by the King himself of the Trump party) is to replace Gaetz as the kingpin (Jeffrey Epstein – American socialite & financier would have been proud of him & I hope Greenberg does not end up in or out of USA jail like what happened to Epstein because he knew to much for his own good concerning both political parties) because of losing to much money or fooling around to much with some of these girls & might get the USA newspapers involved with this type of racketeering operation? How did Gaetz ever get into this line of work – maybe through the wealthy relatives who may know the King? I doubt it but you never know. Looks like Gaetz is not leaving the USA yet & maybe relying on international contracts dealing with an international business to keep Greenberg from talking now.

  14. I love how reporter Paula Reid has a huge, satisfied smile on her face as she digs in on this story🥰

    1. I try to watch at least part of her show every night, along with Rachael Maddow. Nobody does biting satire better. It’s a wonder Republicon’s ears don’t bleed .

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