Ex-prosecutor says he noticed something ‘interesting’ in Donald Trump Jr.’s Jan. 6 testimony

The January 6 committee released more testimony from Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle in its latest batch of transcripts published. CNN’s Abby Phillip speaks with former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti as he sheds light on the new information. #CNN #News


  1. Trump in 2016-“I don’t pay any taxes because I’m smart.”
    NY jury in 2022-“We hereby find Donald J. Trump guilty on all 17 counts of tax fraud.”

  2. Are there any other options than full immunity? Something like, “Meadows, you’re going down. Consecutive sentences, concurrent if you cooperate.”

    1. Meadows won’t flip…. If he does flip, he will be a deadman walking, and he knows it…. His best option is to do a bit of time in Fed jail, and wait for a pardon from a GOP president in 24.

  3. It’s heartbreaking to watch people break the law in front of the entire world and not be held accountable. Yet regular people go to jail for lesser crimes.

    1. @James Irwin , when are you guys going to wake up to the fact, that these people have constantly accused Donald Trump of doing this or doing that, dozens of different times, and every single time, they get proven to not be true. But instead of being tired or getting tired of being lied to, on a consistent and constant basis, you guys just believe and repeat the next newest lie,, yet you guys don’t say a thing about all the different evil things Hillary Clinton has done, or the fact that Barack Obama was okay with the FBI being weaponized against someone that he was going against, along with the doj and about every other three letter agency, and look at the bidens, have you heard anything at all about what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop? And that brings up another situation or another lie, over and over fake news media and so many on the left, kept saying that it was Russian disinformation, that the laptop wasn’t real, knowing, that it was! Thank you social media to ban people that tried to insinuate that it was true, they constantly attacked our first amendment rights of free speech, but you guys are okay with it as long as the other side that you are on,, but that laptop, and there’s been many people that’s already put out reports about what’s in it, which you will never hear from places like CNN or MSNBC, the same people who constantly twist the facts or flat out lie, but there are over 490 different instances of lawbreaking, and many of them include Joe Biden selling this country out for his own personal gain. There’s videos of Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex with underage prostitutes, there’s video of him running around and his backyard, completely naked, playing with his topless 14-year-old niece, but you guys don’t say squat about that stuff. If Donald Trump and his children did 5% of what the bidens have done, you would never hear the end of it. Why do you keep aligning yourself with people that caused so much destruction and harm to this country, every single thing to Biden administration has touched has turned out to be absolute total crap, they have created some of the worst conditions in the history of our country and really, the world, and it was just the opposite, 4 years ago, with Donald Trump, I can easily name 15 to 16 different situations, situations that are extremely important to the welfare of every single person in this country, that were either very good, and in many cases, the absolute best they’ve ever been, especially, when it comes to the economy. But, instead of saying hey I like supporting the guy that did great things, you guys are doing just the opposite. You’re supporting people that have no problem with murdering millions and millions of completely innocent and defenseless developing little babies, again, by the millions, literally ripping them apart, throwing them in the garbage and treating them like they’re no more important than your leftover lunch!!!!!! And then again, look around at how terrible everything is right now, this isn’t my feelings or my emotions, which is what you guys completely allow to guide your life, this is about truth and facts, you keep allowing these places like CNN to totally control the way you think. Look at all the different times they have been proven to flat out lie and deceive, I could write another 2,000 words about all the different things that have been proven to be deceptive,, but instead of you guys getting tired of it, you guys just bend over and say may I have another sir? Instead of saying hey I’m tired of you constantly lying and being misleading, you guys just believe and repeat the next newest lie, and you do it over and over and over and over! What did you try explaining to me exactly where I might be wrong. We both know you can’t and you won’t. You’re just going to keep allowing them to tell you what to think, you’re going to keep aligning yourself with people that do so many destructive things, and you’re going to go against people, that even though they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were there to do great things for this country, because they’re not the political party they want you to love, because they tell you that he’s a bad man, because you’re so indoctrinated and brainwashed, you’re not going to use your god-given common sense, to say hey, if I’m a good person or if I stand for good things, then why is it, I keep aligning myself with people that cause nothing but destruction, and why do I go against a guy, that did so many great things for this country, that gave up so much for this country, Donald Trump did not take any pay whatsoever for being president, he lost almost a billion dollars in net worth. Why do you think they’re constantly going after Donald Trump, even though he’s supposedly isn’t even in power, it wasn’t because he wasn’t a good president or he did terrible things, especially when you compare it to Joe Biden’s record, it’s because he can’t be bought and sold like they are, he can’t be controlled like they are, he’s proven over and over and over that he’s willing to give up such a wonderful life that he could have, because he wants to give back to a country that has given so much to him. And these other guys constantly prove, that they are only in it for their own personal gain. Barack Obama was worth about $600,000 when he became president, you know what he’s worth now? Over 200 million! Where did that money come from, all the books and all the Netflix deals, doesn’t even come close to adding up enough to that kind of money

    2. @Andy well, that is the nature of capitalism, isn’t it? If you don’t approve, you are a communist and should be deported or shot.

  4. Trump’s selection of so many people with such bad memories, inability to remember, can’t recall, etc. doesn’t quite instill a feeling of confidence in their ability to perform their jobs. Why have folks with such poor memories working at the Whitehouse?

    1. Hey Gavin Newsom’s first wife ditched him for Donald Trump Jr. You sure this isn’t a jealousy thing with you?

    2. @tom martinez I don’t give a ff about Gavin Newsome’s ex-wife, why should I ? I do give a damn about how Trump and his children have defrauded our taxpayers and tried to get Trump installed as President For Life so they can continue to get financial favors from other countries.

  5. “I can’t remember” testimony is advised to these Trump insiders not when they actually can’t remember, but when they can’t prove that you do remember.

    1. Dems star witness is a self admitted liar that lied under oath! and word in a court of law would hurt the case for the Dems

    2. @Nigget-tv-videos … Some people are genetically incapable of ever disagreeing with a rich white guy, even if the guy is a self centered blowhard.

      Some people think rich white guys are automatically soldiers of Christ Jesus.

      Some people think hugging a flag makes a guy a patriot, and that it’s not just a phony stunt to get votes.

      Some people.

    3. @Frank Hoffman i guess than very white TRUMP voter love Joe Biden than as he is white! some people dont care about skin colour, gender, creed and dont feel to have to bring someones identity up every 5 mins… most sane adults know that no matter your nationality or skin colour or beliefs history has shown all humans have en-slaved- killed- tortured- raped- invaded- sold there fellow brothers – judge others solely on skin or sex. all races have good, bad, and ugly within it. and no race is better or worse, yet those that believe as i do are called the intolerant racist one… for not judging a opinion or idea on who said it..but judging the opinion or policy on its own merits

    1. He is a fascist and the current GOP is a fascist party even to transporting people they don’t like. It’s already moving people to where they can freeze and die.

    2. He’s just the evil tar stain that latches onto corrupt, evil, and stupid men, using them to push fascism.

  6. “Hey Dad…the world is crashing down around us!”-Don Jr.
    “Sorry kid…changed my phone number again”-Don.

  7. One time here in Phoenix, Don Jr. got out of line at a club, and someone punched his lights out. We should all have that opportunity.

    1. Anyway, we have to abolish the current monthly salaries of city councilors in Hitachinaka City and equalize them.

    2. @Muhammed saleem Swampy and perverted RepubliCONs are lowering the status of America to the level of Russia and North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

  8. I don’t have a problem with this conversation, but I, like most Americans, DO IN FACT have a problem that this conversation has been ongoing for the past 2 years without resolve while that Traitorous crook and his cronies, whom have CLEARLY committed multiple felonies – are still walking free.

    1. @Stormtossed Sailor  ur in the minority as a PRO LIAR CRIMINAL supporter. Really sad there are a number of targets for CONMAN GRIFTER.

  9. Yes, of course it’s hard to disprove that someone cannot ‘remember”. But THEY know, and presumably have taken an oath to testify truthfully. Disgusting.

    1. A man called me asking for a donation claiming to be DJT. I said ” If you are Donald Trump tell me the year did you become a Rapist? He said “I don’t remember”

    2. You’d be surprised how many people these same ones would have gone back and bragged to, laughing at how they used the “selective memory” defense. All investigators have to do is figure out who these ‘witnesses’ friends and family is and start interviewing them — all at once with a number of investigators, so they can’t start calling each other to ‘patent’ a story.

  10. I don’t recall and I don’t knows in the transcripts, sounds like these people all had the advice from the lawyer that Cassidy ditched.

    1. There’s a beach resort in Cuba, a gated community, where some memories might be jarred loose with an ocean breeze and some hydrotherapy. I think its called Gitmo Palms?

  11. Hasn’t anyone noticed tRump and his associates look like 1960s Batman villains. “Orange Messiah”, “Vampire Mayor” the list goes on & on.

  12. Assuming (?) Meadows is indicted, he’s facing a lot of time. The only way he can reduce his sentence is by flipping on Trump.

    1. He will likely not flip….If he does, his life will be in danger… he’d be better off getting charged and doing a bit of time in a Fed jail… it is a much safer option!

  13. All I hear is excuses to not prosecute chump! Follow the freaking law! Any one else would be under the jail by now! FFS

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