1. Its almost like we don’t compensate our law enforcement officers enough to disincentive something like this or even monitor and hold accountable problematic officers without blasting an entire precinct which causes things like this to go relatively unnoticed and unpunished probably both.

  2. He started out buying things in life, then he began stealing things. Now he steals glances from prisoners that have STD’s.

  3. Officer: you know how fast you were going?
    Canadians: I’ll take an 8 ball.
    Officer: you want any meth?

  4. Let’s do the math….10 yrs in jail divided by stealing 10 kilos of coke = 1 year per kilo. He managed to make only 100 grand off it so he made 10,000 dollars for each kilo. Not to mention he loses 20 yrs of government pension. If he stuck with doing his arithmetic and hooked on phonics,he wouldn’t be in this predicament.I ain’t no mathematician,but that ain’t worth it.

  5. There are others. It’s not just the drugs, it’s how they terrorize users and familys with their power to destroy.

  6. 10 years non violent which is 3.3 years until hes out and in halfway house. Minimum security which means free food and housing, hockey tournaments, bbqs and growing vegetables while living with a few like minded guys. 100k drug dealing profit that the crown knows about and another 500k they dont. When he gets out he will slowly make investments and retire with more money than his fellow rcmp agents. Well done officer.

  7. Dirty cop make an example out of him. A disgrace to the force. The penalties should be stricter for police officers because they are law enforcement.

  8. The sentencing was too lenient. Craig Burnett should have gotten 15 years. With his current 10 years sentencing, he’ll be out in 3 yrs. He should have made to serve at least 5 yrs before the possibility of parole.

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