1. @2010realitycheck Lets get real it is a war crime outside any norms to kill civilians on purpose . Only insane lunatics like Adolf Hitler would act with such intention . Trumps tweets changed nothing even if they are stupid and uncalled for . The second they took out Soleimani a retaliatory attack was going to happen . This is no accident they know what is going on in their air space

    2. Republicans are the only ones who respect the second amendment and the electoral college. Those are in the Constitution…


    2. @M .I do not demonize no body,
      the evidence is clear!!!. the refusal
      to do what is right, and be impartial mcconnell and rest of the
      gang. said he didn’t do nothing wrong. people need to be very
      stupid, to say he is inocent. and you and I know he is guilty!!!.
      that some people ignore the truth
      doesn’t mean, they do not know!!!.
      the people that refuse the truth someday they’ll be ask, by the one

    3. @Dutchhound Bigears I back slowly away from comments like yours, being sure to not make any sudden moves that might set off an episode. Your type of comments are pure crazy.

    4. @M I pushed for them to be voted into insignificance. I myself would happily line up to execute most of them if it ever becomes legal. Republicans are anti-american scum.

    5. OPERATION IMPEACHMENT may make the 116th Congress the least productive in history.
      What has the demonkkkratic controlled House of Representatives accomplished in the last YEAR??
      Passed 75 bills and issued 350 supeona’s, the-do-nothing-democrats!!!!!!

  1. Ah…. if only more people in congress had the class and respect for the job that Justin Amash has… we wouldn’t be in all these crises.

    1. @Dusty Rains Tell me…since you claim to be the expert here….WHO COMMITS 3/4 OF ALL MASS SHOOTINGS, ACCORDING TO THE *NEW YORK TIMES?* I know…..

    2. @Dusty Rains Since YOU mentioned race….racist….tell us WHO COMMITS OVER HALF THE MURDERS IN THIS COUNTRY yet only represents 6% of the population? I know…..do YOU????

    3. If more people in Congress were like Justin Amash, they’d all be one-term Congressmen. Soleimani was caught red-handed being with the leader of Kataib Hezbollah, the very group who attacked the U.S. embassy, when he was droned. The strike was obviously justified. Justin Amash is just another cuck.

    4. @Al Shabob Funny how trump’s supporters, accuse those (who acknowledge and calls out trump’s erroneous wrong choices) “HATERS “….
      The true HATERS are those who don’t acknowledge his erroneous behavior and don’t call him out on it….

  2. How crazy that a real Republican like Justin Amash was so disgusted with the modern-day Republican party that he left. Much respect 🇺🇸

    1. @Clinton Epstein not sure why democrats would want him he is for terrorist if they would do some research they would see

    1. when you are the most powerful force on the planet, one does not need surprise to win any war. facts matter !!

  3. CNN how does it feel to give Sandman all that money, 150 million is the estimate. More lawsuits coming.

    1. Mike goliath. AT&T owns communist CNN. As an Ex stock holder in AT&T. CNN will be sold.or dismantled or reconstructed. AT&T services are being protested all across America because of communist CNN. AT&T employees and their contractors are protesting them…….Trump 2020

  4. What if Russia shot down that plane and Ukraine. To cause more tension and to hide out in plain sight.

  5. Still waiting for current GOP Congress members to fulfill their oaths, utilize their powers and protect the Constitution.

    1. They’ve been protecting our second amendment rights from Democrats for as long as I’ve been alive…

    1. Clinton Epstein you really are not a moral person at all, are you? Not even half way decent. It must be sad to be you.

    2. I’d like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks to all law enforcement personnel. Thank you for the invaluable service you provide to communities and our Nation.
      And screw criminals. They deserve to rot in hell.

    3. I guess it’s ok for the president to lie to the American public and break the law, huh? I guess you love living under a dictator’s rule, since you dont care about Trump following and obeying the law?

    4. @El Draco Yeah, we’ll see who’s lying when Trump is re-elected by a 45 State majority next November… Won’t we?… Get back to me in December…

    1. @Greene Lyon the moral part lol he is for terrorist not sure why any part would want him just do some research on the guy

    2. @Leo A didnt vote trump and I don’t worship anyone he literally dont make sense praising a man who is for terrorist?? Do some research on the guy… name calling is so junior high (teen girl voice) lmao

    3. @James M a russian bot like you isn’t going to talk about the truth so crawl back to your Siberian ice cave Putin is waiting for his sponge bath. 😀😂😏

    4. @James M I get it. Trumptards will only reject Trump for purposes of winning an argument. Do research on who? Justin Amash or Qasem Solemani? I am well researched on both of them. Your comments make no sense.

    5. @James M you can’t even write a proper sentence in English and you want us to believe you are not a fake account? Ok buddy whatever you say.. Also where is you profile pic?

    1. @bantayan island life How true, They do way more damage than the Iranians. I’m just glad the Dems don’t have their own Air Defense Missiles.

  6. Hmm then who shot the plane down then 🤔 Iran should change their name to IRUN 🏃🏽‍♀️ 🏃

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