1. I have the greatest respect for them both for this decision. If they could take the rest of the windsors with them I would be so happy.

  2. Good on you Harry, is your life and your family. The Brits have been total jerks to Megan they can blame themselves.

    1. @Popek Misak you uncultured swine, unless you’re part of the British royal family or various other royal family I would suggest you keep your racist bigotry to yourself. Royal families behind closed doors are a complete nightmare and there is always fighting for power positions. You have no idea how it is to be part of a royal family let alone hold a royal title.

    1. “…Harry has always been non conformist.” Not to mention the fact that he is not a real “Royal” by blood.

  3. Very smart to look out for themselves *_and_* to get as far away from Prince Andrew’s name as possible.

    1. kay armstrong I agree – they want their cake and to eat it too. Like they said in the video, they want the best of both worlds. UK taxpayers paid around $2 million so they could renovate their official UK home, Frogmore Cottage — I wouldn’t be surprised if they get some backlash from the U.K. public about that (since Harry and Megan won’t be living there full-time). This is a tricky situation. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  4. The host thought she was getting an interview with a air head. But sista was up on it. She called out the truth. Kudos

    1. @sp808801 p whoa. No way, thats nuts
      I mean we just barely got done with ww1, outdated? Lets see what happens first, all those other monarchys ending is probably a bad idea. And the US Stock Market will never fall. And that painter Adolf Hitler will probably have a succesful, yet humble and localized career as an artist.

    1. It’s because Royal isn’t as famous as one thinks. Hollyweird provides a much more exploitation. Just being Royal guarantees conspiracy theory mags only!!!

    1. @Abhishek Mhatre
      Why should they do so?
      Because YOU say so?
      Here’s a novel idea….
      Why don’t YOU, go f*ck yourself!

    2. @kay armstrong his mom left him Millions, so that’s why they SAID, OUT LOUD, they want to be financially independent. They are both brilliant, so they will have no problem with that. Britian can keep their 1 pound per individual. I doubt it makes up for the money they WILL lose by kicking Harry and Megan out!

    3. They want to have their own careers and to make money doing what they love. Still, they are only giving up 5% of the royal money (which is the income they receive from Harry’s father, Prince Charles. Prince Charles pays them with money from the duchy of Cornwall).

  5. I guess money doesn’t control everything. I hope they do well and find their own success 🙂

    1. @Comment Highlighted
      Money does control.
      They will be making a ton of it from Netflix deals and ‘endorsements’ by merchandising their titled positions.

    2. I hope they find happiness Prince William and kate are welcome to it all I hope they will be ☺ happy but there are times when i fear Happiness and Royalty dont mix well Sod the money Jenny

  6. I respect him your wife sanity means more then holding up to standards that are fake anyways, everyone knows they run amok behind closed doors.

    1. Yes sadly a lot of royal families run amok behind closed doors; it’s a complete nightmare in all honesty, there’s always so much fighting it comes to power positions and royal duties that generate free press that so many members of various oral families try to fight over. It’s very self-destructive. Usually it’s a cycle and after all the bad weeds are plucked out because of their own stupidity and greed only the good ones are left; but usually that’s only for a short while.

    2. Black Mountain Social Music & Media -Um no she didn’t know what she signed up for! She might have had an idea and I’m sure Harry warned her but she didn’t grow up in the UK. There’s no way she could have known what it meant to have the tabloids scrutinize every little thing you do. She even said so herself that she knew the media would be tough but she thought they would be fair.

  7. Right on sister! Thanks for speaking truth and backing up Harry and Meghan. The Interviewer on the other hand is a hypocrite!

  8. I support what the couple is doing. They don’t deserve the bad treatment they get from the british media. They are good people!

  9. I agree with everything you have said Ms Shola Mos-Shagbamimu. Perfectly said. Thanks for checking that reporter. Her opinions seemed biased.

    1. Nicholas Jones yes she was clearly bias all her points were juvenile and without merit.🤦‍♀️

    2. Yea the interviewer didnt want to go there but that women Ms Shola wow she made her.. Watch it again she made her go that route.. Her words have so much conviction.. She telling the truth and im sitting here in america and can see that you feel it she’s not lying she’s done her homework… Dam stupid racist making this great couple trying to do good in the world go into almost hiding for privacy..

  10. Go Harry your my favorite dude, and may you and Meghan and lil Baby Archie have a better life.

    1. Yeah, but Prince Harry is still a royalty. I think that the Duchess of Sussex is using Prince Harry to step back from his royal duties. I don’t know for sure.

    1. You would think that Dianas death would be shouting out loud Well it has to Harry and if it means stepping back down or sideways I say what price sanity and happiness Kate is bitter that Harry married Meghan it then meant she didnt have both brothers at her beck and call Little green monster maybe ……Lo and behold the brothers fall out odd that Jenny

  11. I’ve never seen a person receiving so much hate as Meghan has. Not one royal, from the Queen, William, Kate or Charles.. have come to their defense.

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