Ex-Trump defense chief: Pelosi should go to Taiwan if she wants

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper joins CNN to discuss Chinese espionage in the United States as well as a potential trip to Taiwan by US Speaker Nancy Pelosi. #CNN #News


  1. First of all, if you think it’s a right thing to do to visit Taiwan as an elected official, why didn’t you go as a defense minister?

    1. Was thinking the same thing. This should be more of a VP job. Not sure who put the House in charge of handling foreign relations…

    2. Granny Polosi go visit your own San Francisco city sake hands and photo op with the homeless. Chat with the homeless see what they need get off the streets. waste time go visit Taiwan what that going to help the homeless in your city of San Francisco or just for Granny Polosi vacation and self proficy?

  2. Mark esper is a lobbyist for Raytheon yeah you need to follow the money when this guy speak traveling to all these countries

  3. What is the point for her to visit Taiwan? Does it reduce the number of poor people living in the streets of US cities inside a box? Go around the US and help eradicate problems at home

    1. @benjamin taine
      It’s obvious we are on our own. This current Government doesn’t care about real Americans.
      Meanwhile, my daughter and I have been practicing saying “mine” like the seagulls do in the movie “Finding Nemo”
      According to United States law, they cannot discriminate against age. So, we thought about standing in front of our local Social Security office saying “mine” in unison like the seagulls do.
      Others may join us if they wish.
      Have a blessed day. 😁

  4. Must be tough! Poor guy can’t watch the hearings on YouTube. Must not have a cellphone nor computer.

  5. Hopefully the plane she flies in and the cars she takes are battery powered. Because Global Warming and stuff.

  6. Don’t get sanctimonious. Every country does these things. The US most of all. This is NEVER going to stop.

  7. She should IF Taiwan is really to be accepted as a sovereign nation. Re-read the agreement with China if in doubt ….

  8. Term and age limits for Congress are desperately needed.
    The problem is only Congress can make those things happen.

  9. So this guys a former defense secretary and he just said he doesn’t know if guards overlooking what the UN just declared the world’s deadliest border should be armed or not. What a jebrone

  10. Jesus, as if things in America can’t get more embarrassing. Let’s send Nancy and her Martini kit to a foreign country. 🤦‍♂️

  11. Fact: Taiwan and the U.S. do not have extradition treaties, probably just a coincidence after Pelosi’s insider trading scandal…

  12. I hope she comes. I, as a Taiwanese Chinese, have been waiting for China to come and deal with US lapdogs for a long time.

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