1. She won’t answer simple, straightforward questions. She’s a politician. I wouldn’t trust her to carry my dog’s poop.

    1. @Cornpop is a good dude I respect your right to disagree with Joe Biden. However, I’m glad that you acknowledge that he beat Donnie Boy like a drum.

  2. If these republican electorate is getting older, why do they keep voting for people who want to deny seniors their social security benefits? Every time someone says “party of Reagan” all I can think of is his brilliant “trickle down” theory that has wiped out our middle class and made the poor destitute.

    1. @Dominic Johnson Whenever they bring up Hunter all they need to do is be reminded of junior, ivanka, and little eric.

  3. There was a time when I would have vote for a Republican based on the issues but today there is not one Republican left I would vote for. They all are living in a different reality.

  4. Anytime you displease a Trumpster with your commentary, you’re on the right track. Please continue.

    1. not really. im in beverly hills. shopping for a rolls royce in a 600$ beanie and 200$ Nikes. where am i and where are you?

    2. @STIIIZY JONES you people are always lying. Trying to position your life like it’s better than others troll.

  5. Basically, she won’t say the quiet parts out loud, but her opponent will. And when she runs out of things to say, she’ll talk about her experience while her opponent will attack her and start name calling. No difference in policy or position. This is the GOP.

    1. @Art Ellis lets get rid of districting/gerrymandering and the electoral college and see how many seats the GOP would actually win.

    2. @Art Ellis Canada is actually more similar to Western Democratic nations with a Parliamentary system than the US is. And when you say the government “does this” what are you referring to?

      You said the Republicans still win elections even though their platform and candidates are weak and I said it was because our system of districts and electoral systems make it possible. Democrats are at the end of the day more popular than Republicans.

      I’m not sure what speculating on a name change of the United States has anything to do anything.

  6. GOP lineup is miserable. Every candidate is bad. I watched the GOP debate and they are all inept.

    1. True! I only wish we had some great candidates like Joe the sock puppet Biden, or Kamilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. LOL

    2. Wow successful business woman that led teams and cut checks. Yup excellent qualifications to be a GOP candidate. Oh yeah avoid answering basic simple questions so I don’t ignite the wrath of Donnie.

  7. A clownish denier is a clownish denier whether he/she is supported by one circus owner or another. Do Arizonans want to be represented by clowns?

  8. Pathetic. And this is the “less crazy” candidate in AZ?

    God help us all if this is the best we can do.

  9. She’s another coward that can’t give a straight answer. We need new leaders that have a backbone.

    1. There’s a world of difference between having an actual brain in your head and having a teleprompter mimicking a brain in your head.

    1. Slightly reminds me of a Jeremy Paxman interview where he asked a Tory minister the same question multiple times until it was answered to his satisfaction. I forget how many times but something like 14. Keilar should have done the same “We’re glad to hear that you think you’re qualified for the job, but now please answer my actual question.”
      If you can’t give a straight question a straight answer you are not someone I want in office. I may not like the answer, but I’d like some honesty.

    2. @Paul Richards That was the one.
      As far as I recall that pretty much finished Howard’s political career. If he’d just straight out admitted he lost his temper, threatened the guy, but had no power to back up his threats, he might have come out looking better, or at least human, but he looked such a slimy weasel that was it.

  10. Dance around the question, Karrin! As a resident of Arizona, I’m appalled by the two Republican candidates.

  11. She can’t say whether she would certify the result of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona. She is also a clear and present danger as well.

    1. By not “saying” it…she said it..
      They are not as smart as they think they are🤬🙄..

    2. If a governor of every state refuses to certify the winner of an election other than the candidate of its own party,then this practice is no different from that of a Banana Republic. If a party thinks the election is not fair, then don’t participate in it.

    3. I get the impression she would have…but she is trying to get through a republican primary so she has the win over some of their deranged primary voters. Not exactly a profile in courage.

  12. So reading between the lines her answer is a strong NO. She would not have certified the election. Listen to her tone, she is determined to do “Anything and Everything”. Arizona is in a bad position if both these candidates are their only choices.

    1. The best and most obvious person to be the president of the United States is the person elected. The entire country used to know that you Don’t have to Like the person who is elected. However, you and all of the voters do have to show respect. The slippery slope we are going down is nearly impossible to recover from. The Republicans and the Democrats, the Whigs and the independent candidate, whoever is elected does not in any way give people the right to behave so badly. I don’t like Trump but I never thought that so many people would act like children who did not get their way.

  13. As an Arizonan and Phoenician, PLEASE AZ get out there and vote blue !! Katie Hobbs!!!! This woman is bat S**T crazy! We already had one just like her. Remember the finger shake?!?

  14. Asking Republican candidates to honestly admit that the 2020 election wasn’t “stolen” is an exhausting and futile pursuit.

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