Ex-Trump official on why he thinks Trump will lose in 2024

Former President Donald Trump's acting Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney joins CNN's Kasie Hunt to discuss the future of the GOP and possible 2024 Republican nominees.


    1. @sgtwrench69 Living very well as evidenced by my lack of whining. BTW, you can be homeless living on the beach, or residing in a home on wheels on the beach So….

    2. @sgtwrench69 Hey Sarge, I already posted to you but just for the record,, how much have you donated to your god’s legal fund? Let us know just how much you support him.

    3. @sgtwrench69 I fully blame trumps base for the loss when you rile that many people up bitching out everyone and everything for not just a year but 4 years consecutively causing civil unrest, being divisive, treating your fellow Americans like they are your enemy. Of course people are going to come in records numbers just to make it stop and bring peace. As a swing voter and the group of swing voters that I help run even helped your cause in 2016 (big mistake) we wanted the rhetoric and divisiveness to slow down. Even if you slightly disagreed with something trump did it bought you automatic enemy status and people jumped down your throat. It was way too intense trump broke our country apart. The biggest repellant was when you guys started drooling for civil war that showed who the true America haters really are for fucks sake people were willing to tear our beautiful country to shreds and burn it all because of one man it’s like where did the qualities of the Conservative party that I admired go? That’s what did it in for me and so many others. Being so quick to jump down someone’s throat especially online and continuing to troll them without bothering to check where these people stood first CATASTROPHICALLY hurt your cause. How could people honestly be surprised that this is the outcome. It didn’t have to be this way if people would have kept their American values and treat people with some decency. Don’t make the same mistake again for the love of God please these people are fellow Americans don’t be so quick to get in there face. Dial down the intensity.

    1. @Richard So are you saying we are in a better situation now as apposed to just a few months ago? You know, with the Best Economy in over 67 years, Energy Independence and Peace in the Middle East, as apposed to a full blown Recession, Historic Gas Prices and Brand New Wars with the threat of Nuclear Annihilation for Ukraine?
      I’d just like to hear you say, “No, it’s totally phuched up right now. This Biden Economy is is worse than the Obummer years!” Com’on Richard, you can say it. You know it’s true!

    2. @Jay Jay That was caused by the China Virus and good ‘ol Dr. Fauci’s lying ars. And the Demshits were cheering it on. There were profits to be, “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” is the Demshits moto.

    3. @Richard What Republicans want to take your SSI? I’m in the same boat. Where I live, Blue State of Washington, everytime there’s an increase in SSI, the State reduces the food allowance by the same. I have friends in Red States where that’s not effected. So it seems that we both should move to a Red State, right? The cost of living is much much higher here too.

  1. Well here I got a question for him what makes him think Trump is not going to be able to run after he’s convicted of espionage and not allowed to run for any office ever. And that can quite possibly happen very feasibly before 2024. And God willing hopefully so along with the conviction of him in all his crimes including high treason.

  2. Gee, Mick’s a real “visionary” anyone with half a brain knows that Trump and the Republicans will lose in ’24.

    1. @sgtwrench69did you not notice how trump lost? Got destroyed. By millions of votes. Wasn’t even close. Wasn’t even close when he won in 2016, without the electoral college he was dead in the water. You think he’s winning voters and fans now? Cmon Jack, fat chance. No malarkey.

    1. Smashed his use of a common dodge: “I haven’t read it” “I haven’t actually seen it.” Oops didn’t work this time because she’s quick on her feet

  3. So happy to see Kacie again. Thank you. The other stuff about Vice President Mike Pence is slippery… at best. (Regardless, of what Pence says, he needs to step up and testify about the January 6th situation. It’s time.) 💛..⭐️..🇺🇸Thanks Kacie and CNN tonight.

  4. Who is this Kasie Hunt! I have instant respect and admiration.Sickening to listen to Mulvaney, but her questions were riveting.

    1. @Slothy Trump got 74.2 million votes, and that’s not half of 332 million.
      No reason why he’d win another election, when he’s lost the last three. (2 midterms and 1 presidential). Pretty sure folks have made it clear, they’ve had enough of Trump and his non-stop bullshit.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣even then hahahhaaa. actually, you cannot win without the base which is trump’s voters. really, i don’t even consider him….blessings to all

    1. I don’t like gotcha journalism. CNN was notorious for it for many years. It doesn’t benefit anyone except the anchors. That’s not what I saw in this interview at all. It seemed to me they were just trying to get his insight. Great interview.

  5. Trump is done! Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, Georgia and especially Pennsylvania overwhelmingly support Democratic Senators and Governors, zero chance for the loser.

  6. Viewing an elected candidate’s tax returns CAN BE related to legislative matters because if a tax evader is placed in a position to manipulate the law to his personal advantage AND to deceive the IRS, then Congress has the DUTY to prevent it from occuring. We are traversing uncharted territory with 45.

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