1. We have the most freshwater of any country on the planet.
    We _must_ protect it!!

    1. That’s where all the sewage treatment plants are. By Lake Ontario and it all flows to there from as far north as you can imagine. The toilet bowl that is Ontario all gets flushed down to the lake. There is an alluring fragrance in the air in Toronto from as far up as Bloor or more coming up from the sewer system below lol 🤣😂🤣😂

  2. We all knew in Hamilton yet no one cared. They cannot say that they had no idea about it, they can’t say that couldn’t see it, they can’t say that they could not fit it years ago…

  3. I went Wingsurfing in Hamilton harbour a couple of months ago and was shocked at how bad the water quality was. I had worked with the Hamilton Harbour remedial action program in the early 90’s and was under the impression the water quality would improve. It was just as bad as in the 90’s. Definitely more leaks to be found.

  4. Doha, Qatar is ranked 31 in Air quality and pollution city ranking worldwide, meanwhile, Toronto, Canada is ranked 25 !!

  5. Not only the water quality but also the air quality in Hamilton is awful, the air sometimes smells like burning rubber

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