Ex-Trump Organization CFO willing to testify against Trump Org. if case advances

The former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization is expected to plead guilty to a 15-year tax fraud scheme, and he is willing to testify in a possible future trial but will not enter into a cooperation agreement to aid New York prosecutors in their criminal investigation of the real estate company's finances, a person familiar with the matter said.
Allen Weisselberg, a fiercely loyal, long-time employee of former President Donald Trump's company, is in advanced talks to plead to the indictment, the person said. The judge overseeing the case has set a hearing for Thursday morning.
Under the terms of the deal, which is still being finalized, Weisselberg would receive a five-month prison sentence but would serve about 100 days behind bars, the person said. Weisselberg faced up to 15 years in prison.
Weisselberg will not sign up as a cooperator, the person said, but he will testify at trial — if the case moves forward and the Trump Organization does not itself reach a plea agreement. The judge set the trial for October 24.
The New York Times first reported details of plea deal.
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  1. To hell with Wiesellberg. If he refuses to cooperate fully, let him go to jail for 15 years. He deserves 40 years in prison. He aided and abetted Trump’s crimes all the way.

    1. 💯. Full 15 years for failing to cooperate with the investigation will send a very clear message: Crime doesn’t pay 💰

  2. Is it just me or does it seem as if TFG is being slowly isolated via prosecution of all of his colleagues until he’s all that’s left to prosecute?

    1. He’d be a mobster, too, but he failed their entrance exam. _”Applicant does not meet minimum criteria for intelligence, discretion, and personal integrity. Yes, even we have our standards.”_

  3. WTF? Seems crime pays pretty well, 15 years of tax cheating on millions for 5 months, where do regular folks sign up for that deal? They need bigger thumb screws, make him sing on everything he knows!

    1. The double standard about “white collar” crime versus “street crime” is a serious discredit to the U.S. justice system.

  4. So disturbing when seeing penalties reduced so much for these rich connected people, compared to a mom or dad who steals food to feed his/her kids being held in jail longer. These are taxes, what each citizen is responsible for, $ that goes into the common source of money gathered for public services, social safety nets. Makes me sick seeing rich get away with so much.

  5. With ridiculous sentences like that there is little deterrent for white collar crime. No wonder that there is so much of it.

    1. Yeah, I’d take 100 days in exchange for a decade of tax free compensation worth millions. This prosecutor is sooooooo weak

    1. @Nelson Club There was simply no sense of that from this segment…. tell us more about why you’re professing such optimism.

    2. @Swede McGuire Well the case has yet to be decided on – if it goes to trial he has been cast as a prosecution witness – I googled it

    3. A 75 year old man spending 100 days in Rikers won’t be easy. We also don’t know what the fine will be. White collar crime is never punished appropriately imo but we should wait to see the full result. He won’t testify against trump because his son is also involved

    4. Dude’s probably got five years left. Offering half off 20 wouldn’t motivate him to sing. For him either one is a life sentence.

  6. Over a year ago I said, “I PROMISE YOU, Weiselberg will crack. The only delay will be over the feds grinding him down and then negotiating terms.” I love being right. 😁

  7. “I barely knew him. People say he was a very bad CFO. I heard him was a never Trumper!” – Trump tomorrow

  8. Trump Org. kept two sets of books and the CFO is now flipping and going to sing like a canary. It’s over for that old family business😂

  9. I don’t care how much these criminals cooperate with Authorities, they should be given a substantial sentencing of at least 10 years. The Justice System has fallen to a DARK LOW!

  10. 15 years of crime and tax evasion… 100 days in prison! But yet you’ll put a black man in prison for 15 years for a robbery worth about $500! Disgraceful! 2 justice systems in America.

  11. He should remember the quote from Hill Street Blues when dealing with Trump: “Let’s do it to them before they do it to us!”

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