1. Funny. I have also watched the video depicting an American man renouncing America to go to China seeking his China dream.🤣

  2. A Chinese man walking across the border to Vietnam to travel to America that gangster

  3. 03:24 that bus route crosses right through El Salvador (before Guatemala) but the commentator doesn’t mention it 🎙

  4. Wow, i feel for his family hope he does well here USA,, there’s so many amazing people and their stories are beyond our imaginations. God is with him its not coincidence this happened for reasons.

  5. My God 🥺 he probably had a very serious talk with his wife before leaving and promised her once he is doing well he will take his family in China and bring them to the U.S. I hope everything goes well for the guy. Godbless

    1. If that’s true, then it’s even more tragic. Removing 4.6 million pieces of dross would have been a net gain for the world.

  6. These are the people that will make America great Those that love freedom and entrepreneurship are those who need to be allowed to enter the US

  7. Just another husband abandoned his family with a fantastic excuse and a marvellous journey exciting enough to be sold to CNN🙃

  8. A story as old as time, people escaping bad situations in hopes of working hard to take care of their families. I wish him much luck. There is a large community of Chinese expats here to guide him along the way.

  9. Great. He just exposed the only paths for the others and just made it harder. Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing at this point.

  10. That was a really cool story. He looked so hopeful when he smiled at the end. Welcome to America, we wish you the best!

    1. why cant you welcome the 2 billion rest of india and china ? why only him ? If you are encouraging breaking the law, do it for remaining people too.

    2. It’s nice that you feel compassion for this man. But shouldn’t we be just as welcoming to all these people who flee hunger, extreme poverty and life threatening situations like war? So many other stories at the Mexican border are never told, they even put these poor people into cages for trying to live the so-called American dream. I am puzzled by a lot of these comments that welcome this refugee 🤔 – although they are nice

  11. C’mon la. One out of 1.5billion people, serious? Cant you be more decently credible, and not letting hatred blind your professionalism and objectivity?

  12. Parents at Pelosi’s own district in San Francisco
    are expressing growing frustrations over homeless encampment blocking pavement near schools
    that’s is problem that has been building for decades.

    One in 10 Americans can’t afford their water bills anymore.
    Prices have been surging for the past 10 years,
    and thousands of families are threatened
    with home foreclosure for unpaid utility bills every year.

    But the US spent billions of US taxpayers money in military costs
    for a photo op for Pelosi in Taiwan,
    while American have been screaming for the government
    to fix education and healthcare system,
    bridges, tunnels, schools
    but when the Pentagon wasted taxpayers’ money
    there’s no question asked.
    What’s the point?

  13. Hearing more and more stories of people abandoning their families just to get out, not exactly something I would do but I won’t judge. Fake developed country is literally hell on earth these days

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