1. @Capt’n Dabbin Comrade Dabbin how do you like the ruble crashing, no VISA, Mastercard, no SWIFT banking, numerous companies doing business elsewhere, yachts and properties being seized and the list goes on. In your dreams it’s going well for Putin.

  1. Honestly, it might well be in Beijing’s best interest to see Russia lose. It would mean they could keep Moscow on a shorter leash in future, and have more control over the natural resources within Russia.

    1. china is looking at the situation and analyzing “hmmmm which one be mou resolful for chaaainooo aaaa angpao angpao”. clearly china want both to lose, chinese fetish is money, their life is nothing but money money money. zhadny kitaets blya

    2. @Vincent Agostino the democrat party is not for sale? What they hell do you think puppet Biden was doing sending crackhead Hunter over to Russia, Ukraine and China? Selling us right down River. Why do you think he gave up the border to the cartels? Why do you think he gave the weapons to the taliban? Why did he sniff those little girls?

    3. The don’t want Moscow on a shorter leash they want YOU on a short leash. Like an iv while you’re on life support so they can harvest your organs

    4. Bingo. China NEEDS resources. Russia HAS resources. Why pay Russia billions for it’s resources when China can march 250 million men into Russia and take them? Don’t think for one minute that China hasn’t seen Russia’s pitiful, weakness in Ukraine.

  2. If I’m not mistaken a healthy China economy depends on a healthy American economy and vice-versa. China even with its setbacks is a evolving country that is strengthening economically and military. What would China have to gain with Russia to cut against the grain of its relations with America?

    1. @Anaya Rey before the invasion, Russia and China solidified their economic agreements, and China refused to condemn Russia’s actions after the invasion. They did it so Russia would be obligated to help China against NATO when they retake Taiwan. But, that was before Putin’s total military failure.

    2. Easy answer. China needs further escalation of the conflict, to make NATO involved. WW3 breaks out, all the Russian missiles fly away to the West, and China takes Siberia from Russia as far as the West allows. Kind of a check-mate in three moves.


    2. @PotatoPlayer Made in China.
      Potato why you think Roosia will steal oil from ukraina ?

      You know …USA IS STEALING OIL FROM SYRIA….Therefore we know all about thiefs.

    3. Desperate for what?

      Desperate to deter the aggressive imperialist aims of NATO. Terrifying NATO with it’s pacifist Germany, retreating America or below 1% of GDP on defence France. How scary.

    4. Vladimir Putin is executing a humanitarian peacekeeping initiative to secure Ukraine as a democratic and independent country. The Russians have big hearts! ❤️

  3. The only problem with desperation on his part is when you back a wild crazy animal in the corner he will do what ever to survive, even the unthinkable.


    2. @Ray Ray Dog might get rabbies from him, but like your thinking…..I prefer the drowning method myself.

    3. @Rodgey D: Rabies in rodents is virtually nonexistent but I have seen drowned rats – they tend to do that to themselves in toilet bowls and outdoor buckets. Saves us the bother, lol.

    4. @Jon Redd: Vladimir Putin is not advancing into Ukraine, he’s sent his country’s children to do that job. He’s sitting in his bunker worried sick that Xi Jinping might drop him in favor of the rest of the world, which is probably what will happen. The Chinese aren’t known to be stupid, they know where the money comes from. Russian leaders are well known for stupidity.

    1. @Capt’n Dabbin The Duran has an *_”extreme”_* right bias. And you say “drop the propaganda”. Get lost.

    2. Napoleon, the WW1 and WW2 Germans thought that the Russian Army were pathetic and it didn’t work out too well for them. Russia is NOT good, but they will fight invaders all too well. Russia should be isolated from all Western Tech and left to live their lives in peace and unable to bother anyone else, but punching them in the nose in Ukraine and Georgia are stupid ideas. NATO should just stay away from Ukraine and Georgia.

    3. @Douglas Rundell It’s putin’s choice to live in poverty. If they stay in Ukraine, Russia will be poor as Cuba and New Guinea. Enjoy the show.

  4. It might end soon… But for who ? For those 10s of thousands Russian kids who ware forced to die in Ukraine ? For the heroes in Ukraine who sacrificed they’re lives for they’re home ? Putin and his circle, is responsible for all this suffering and all this DEATH. No one will ever forget this.

    1. @NOTE G BEATZ the same oligarch who funded his servant of the people tv show is the same oligarch who funded the servant of the people political party. The same oligarch linked financially to hunter biden. Coincidence eh.

    2. @Simon Lawther my god, you are so full of it. You keep repeating the same bs lines. No one is buying your shite.

    3. @dDnNDd one third only are dumpies watching fox. The rest of us knew about fake WMDs a YEAR b4 the invasion from New Yorker Magazine!! Colin Powell himself!! Dumpies wouldn’t know about “articles” because that entails reading

    1. @Ask Why Many philosophers put it more elegantly than I do… they say it was man that created God, not the other way round.

  5. Lies were told to the Russian troops. They were told they were going on training or peacekeeping missions and were prepared for those situations. They were never prepared for an all-out invasion of another country, the poor devils. Slava Ukraini! Ukraine has proven itself worthy of its sovereignty. They’ve proven to the world that Democracy is worth fighting for!

    1. That is done sometimes in war, to help preserve the lives of the soldiers if they get captured. They are viewed as innocent by the captors.

    2. @casper191985 Anyone believing anything a POW is saying when he is captured by the enemy is an idiot.

    3. @David Stephen Give me a break, the West is the empire of lies, I’ve never witnessed that much garbage propaganda than today. What about the fake bombardment of the Nuclear facility of Zaporojia, the “Ghost of Kiev” who supposedly shot down 7 russian aircrafts, what about the “serpent island” Ukrainian heroes who sacrifice themselves, what about the fake bombardment of a maternity in Mariupol with actress/actors faking being injured, and so on… this is all coming from Western media propaganda. Go put any US president but Trump in prison then, America is the biggest murderer in the world for the past 50 years.

    4. @Turbo999be Translation…stop watching the eye witness accounts.. footage and looking at the pictures of the horror in Ukraine because it contradicts the BS i have swallowed from the Kremlin. .

    5. @Turbo999be Yes we know the ghost is most likely propaganda but it gives hope… But remember the Russians saying the army is out on training exercises near the border and they arent targeting civilians… The maternity hospital bombardment happened weather you believe it or not is irrelevant. You are a Puppet on strings and the Kremlin are holding them. No one believes your propaganda lies as the Russians have been shown to be completely untrustworthy.

  6. He would have to be desperate. If China smells weakness they’re just as, if not more, likely to take back western Manchuria — which would include their former “City of Light” – Vladivostok.

    1. @J C. don’t tell us you didn’t know China has nukes too? Russians economy is the size of Italy. 
      The difference being that Italy is selling products everyone wants, Russia… is selling gas and oil, which they don’t even know hot to refine properly, or have you seen ANY other Russian product anyone would pay something for?

    2. @Alex Multimodalpackrafting Yes I’m aware. But it’s assured destruction. I don’t think either side would poke around with that. They’ll pick on non nuclear powers.

    3. Don’t think, for one second, that China hasn’t seen Russia’s weakness and failure to take Ukraine as quickly as Russia said they would. Russia is ranked #2 by Global Firepower. Ukraine is ranked #23 and Russia has struggled against Ukraine. Russia talked alot of bravado and now the truth has been revealed and left Russia humiliated on the battlefield.

  7. Russia is losing everyday, Putin is desperate everyday, Ukraine is winning everyday, Zelensky is asking for help everyday, Russia tanks, Russian soldiers are surendering and confessing about their true situation everyday, i summed up the news since the war i think

    1. @Dumper Steiner nah this was coming, to pull out only drives more fear with NATO who largely depend on the US. The perfect move to further turn to the US for arms dealing and pleading for help from the biggest military spending power by far!

      The smart thing is to bleed Russia out on this war and sadly they will use Ukraine as the site to weaken Russia. Military intelligence gets a glimpse at their tactics, equipment and continued information war with the masses about the atrocities Putin! Not russia, is doing, attacking also their core population. He has already lost. This fight only needs to extend over long periods of time

    2. @User User Exactly. Your are susceptible to suggestion, which is why you’re so easily manipulated by CNN. You’ll “just go with” anything presented to you. You were told the truth and you refused to believe it because the media didn’t tell you yet.

    1. @Edward Valivonis that was on Donald, not helping Ukraine some years back to give his sugar daddy the green light, when other NATO countries like the UK were already training Ukrainian forces

    2. @Henry Mak but a nuclear war would effect china too. The whole planet would die. President Xi would be a hero if he can stop Putin. A nuclear war cannot be in his interest either

  8. Save Ukraine at all costs. Putin cannot be allowed to seem like a savior or a conqueror or even a winner for that matter. He must be shunned and shamed globally.

    1. @LessFluff That “agreement” you’re talking about was a verbal agreement between the US’s Secretary of State James Baker and Mikail Gorbachev in 1990/1991, nothing was ever put into writing. Also, All the NATO countries east of Germany all joined on their own accord, they were not forced, they all just wanted to get away from Russia.

    2. @Adam Goor It was not just a verbal agreement. Look it up.
      They are free to join them on their own accord. But every single person in power knew that Ukraine is one country that should never be in the nato or russian side. Always be neutral.
      Watch Ukraine on fire expalins it well.
      gonna turn off notifications here since people on here have zero knowledge on history.

    3. @LessFluff No, you’re going to turn off notifications (or pretend to more like) because you know your argument is weak and makes you look like a despicable human being. You think you sound educated but you actually sound like a nasty, attention-seeking little turd with no humanity. I’m sorry you were a disappointment to your family but that’s no reason to support the murder of innocent people.

    4. @LessFluff You’re talking to blank walls, just let them be stationary and blank people are writing on them and they’re just taking in every word because they’re stuck where they are and they’re filled with so much rubbish they can’t comprehend any knew information or bother to seek it.

  9. Vladimir Putin visit a primary school one day and he gives a lecture about how great the government is and how Russia is the best country in the world.
    At the end of the lecture he invites people to ask questions and one kid stands up and says
    “Hello my name is Sasha and I have two questions”
    Putin: “go ahead”
    Sasha: “Why did Russia sent troops to Ukraine and why did Russia annex Crimea? ”
    At that moment the bell rang and everyone went to lunch.
    At the end of lunch the Q&A continued and another kid stood up
    “My name is boris and I have four questions”
    Putin: “Yes?”
    Boris: “Why did Russia sent troops to Ukraine, why did Russia annex Crimea, why was the bell 20 minutes early and where is Sasha?

    1. @tokyo peking We have no idea because there has never been one signed with a bear or even talked about. Next question?

  10. Prayers and respect to the Ukrainian people and all those who are supporting 🇺🇦 Ukraine and the Russian people who are against PUTIN’S WAR. SLAVI UKRAINI! We in the USA are praying for Ukraine 🇺🇦 and for PEACE!!

    1. @Moses KongI What arrogance and delusion. How dare you insult followers of all other 32,005,000 gods that people follow, This includes the 32,000,000 Hindi gods. My heart and mind is full of my families, friends, loved ones, kindness, goodness and happiness and pity for those that are blinded and delusional. I do not need a god. This is a short life, I’m not wasting it by dreaming.

    2. @Paul Furey Sorry bud, but there is only one God. All the other so- called “Gods” are fake gods or wannabes. You should accept the son of God, Jesus as your savior and you will live in eternal paradise of unimaginable beauty. Search and watch all the videos of people who “died” briefly and saw heaven. It is real and God is real.

    3. @Moses KongI This is confusing, everyone else says their god is the true god. It’s all a bit mad…isn’t it? No one died and saw “heaven”. But good old me will never change the mind of the deluded. Learn to live this life, there is no afterlife. Make the most of now and be happy.

    4. @Paul Furey So if you’ve lived a life of evil where you lied, cheated, stole, raped, molested, killed, etc, you get to have a nice blissful eternal sleep after death? You don’t receive a comeuppance for your sins? And those who received the savior and lived a moral good life have no salvation after death? I want to know what you think happens after death to all.

    1. @Justin Webb something that is a fundamental right cannot be the prize, but this right needs to be guarded sometimes by diplomacy, sometimes by force

    2. @Daniel DPA In order for us to have this Right, MANY American’s have perished, therefore, we are living in the winnings, hence, the prize is and has endured.
      Maybe read some History.
      I do agree it needs to be protected, to ensure even longer longevity.

  11. China’s exports to the US in 2020: $450 billion. Exports to Russia: $50 billion. You do the math on who’s more important to China.

    1. Exports to europe was at least 442 billion dollars. They import a lot too. This is goods, not services, so you would need to add that too.

      I live in the Netherlands. Which is part of the benelux. And to give a comparison, the economy size of russia was the same size as the benelux. We aren’t poor, quite the opposite, but compare sizes……

      Nato also has 3x the army than Russia, with 10x the budget. So if that idiot goes too far (imo already has), russia is going to get squashed.

      My guess is China will try to stay friendly with all sides, which seems the wiser choice. The less aggression the better.

    2. Let me repeat it here. China needs further escalation of the conflict, to make NATO involved. WW3 breaks out, all the Russian missiles fly away to the West, and China takes Siberia from Russia as far as the West allows. Kind of a check-mate in three moves.

  12. Can we just take a moment to listen to the Ukraine ambassador that Trump fired and threw under the bus. Remember him at the impeachment? This guy is a former Marine and paratrooper.

    1. The former US Ambassador to the Ukraine that Trump fired was Marie Yovanovitch, a career State Department diplomat and was NOT a former Marine and Paratrooper. I have NO idea who you are thinking of. Trump was right – Ukraine was paying Hunter Biden $80,000 USD per month for political connections.

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