1. All the social media, news media, and internet giants shut down people who think for themselves and oppose the status quo?

      Did I get it right?

    2. @Jon Johnson nope not even close. Try a political party that attacks and censors their members for going against their deception.

  1. You know… I said this before.. but growing up my mom told me a golden rule. Don’t lie, it will Always come back to Bite you.

    She was always right. When your caught in the lie, your busted..

    1. @Richard Harris Why didn’t we hear the other side of the story from Trump? If Trump neglected to say it was deleted and then restored well, hate to break it to you, he did lie. I wonder how many other politicians and journalists only tell half the story. Food for thought…

    1. @Steve Austin and if it wasn’t cheating in 2016, how is it now? Do you even think before you gass Light… come on!

    2. @Andrew Reynolds there are cameras, armed guards, and bipartisan auditors working with a democrat judge to secure this audit, so whats the issue?

    3. @Steve Austin The Steele Dossier? The one that was originally funded by Fusion GPS, a conservative think tank? That Dossier?

    4. @Mr. Dinner Well, you know… them hiring a lawyer specifically to make the previous judge recuse themselves because that judge wasn’t ruling in their favor. The wild and crazy conspiracy theories they are checking out like “watermarked ballots put there by Trump” and “Bamboo in the paper, because china can’t import paper.” and “checking for dimples in each of the boxes, cause some ballots were xeroxed”

    1. @AnotherLover Well im not one to judge, but calling yourself an old communist on your 3 most resent YouTube posts isn’t helping your point. 🤣

    2. the board answered all ​Senate questions. Ended the meeting stating that they would not respond in the future. The next step would be legal clarification in the form of a suit. Which is proper.

    3. @Gerald Berdynski I agree he surounded himself with cowards backstabbers and he let his mouth run wild but his policies would have put us back on top of the food chain. Pretty obvious 2020 was an orchestrated sham election. Look at pathetic Biden. Its a total embarrassment.

  2. As a Maricopa County resident, I really appreciate that you have kept this “audit” in the news cycle. The local news outlets are not keeping this complete debacle in front of us. Fear maybe–just saying “thanks.”

    1. @Dana Johnson EVEN the demons are starting to wake-up 😀 Not all lefties have completely lost their minds 😀

    2. @Michael Wachendorf The ballots are now tainted. I for one would not be happy at all at the thought of some old grandpa nosehairs “patriot” volunteer putting his grubby booger picking fingers on my sacred ballot.

    3. They literally aired the bipartisan Maricopia County boards scathing remarks about The Cyber Ninja’s not knowing how to access the computer data they are asking for that’s been proported as deleted by delusional Donnie and others. The data banks are available in fact, not deleted. These bipartisan professionals are literally pleading for Republicans to stop spreading unfounded, unsubstantiated, crackpot conspiracy quackery disinformation and propaganda, it’s literally taking them away from their normal responsibilities to incessantly have to dispel pathological lies repeatedly over and over and be publicly defamed, taunted, and threatened.

    4. Yes, Same like I’m embarrassed we are in the news but I’m happy the shenanigans are being exposed 🤪😜😅

  3. There are bamboo shoots in Safeway — a clue! On to something now!!!!

    1. And taking that a step further out in space… there are idiots shoot.ing their mouths off about stuff they know nothing about. So let’s take a look at that

  4. THey are ” partially responsible” so they can be partially guilty of an election crime? Who would be fully responsible? Jus sayin

    1. They REALLY don’t want to stop pointing fingers. Look at CNN’s paid anchor fighting so hard when she would have NO CLUE aside from what her handlers tell her to defend. Look at her pathetic attempt at damage control.

    2. Man Trump just can’t accept defeat. As a former athlete, we were taught to show good sportsmanship. GOP just can’t let it go. Can’t believe Liz Cheney is now one of the good ones now. Wake up people. Trump lost. The more you do this crap the worse it will be. GOP is beating a dead horse. This is asinine

  5. Seems like the more they try and say every thing is fine , the more questions l am starting to have. The more partisan reporters seem to be , the less l believe them.

    1. Yeah like the guy in Colorado who killed his wife then he voted for her. Yep you guessed it voted for trump

    2. It’s just like National Treasure or something! Only you can figure it out because you are super smart.

    3. @Scratchin TX 50’s Theres fraud every election thats why its funny seeing anyone say there was no fraud.

    1. Exactly.🤣🤣 If they are name calling they must be telling the truth. Gonna ignore subpoenas because they have had enough. I didn’t know we had that option. Im gonna cheat like hell on my taxes and when they need to audit me it wont happen cause I’ve had enough.

    1. Part of Republican law. You have to count the mail ins later for some reason. Don’t know why they made that law.

  6. The question now is that Voter Registration Database the same one that existed on November 3rd? 🤔

    1. The information is not just on Twitter, it’s everywhere. The truth will not be silenced.

    2. @Bruce Gender Trans Jenner Once again a voice speaks in the wilderness desperately trying to control others while having no concept of reality.

  7. He said that because they won’t give them passwords to personal information. Lower and lower they go!

  8. Man I seen this coming omg! I was hoping that I was wrong but hole crap damn this needs to Stop! Before it’s toooo late!!

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