Exclusive report on death of activist suggests abuse 1

Exclusive report on death of activist suggests abuse


Human rights groups fear the worst for the dissident journalist detained while traveling on a Ryanair flight after another Belarusian activist, Witold Ashurok, died in custody, suggesting abuse. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh reports. #CNN #News


    1. @Kewlzter TC “Get off their butts?” I guess you aren’t aware of the many protests that have been happening in Belarus? Once a dictator is in power it’s almost impossible to get rid of them. Of course it’s our business. We are all part of the same world. If the US was in trouble, you wouldn’t want one of our allies to be aware and help? If you don’t think a dictatorship couldn’t happen here, events of the last 5 years should open your eyes to how vulnerable we are. Your logic is extremely narrow and sad. There is life outside of the US borders.

    2. @M A more technologically advanced cultures should uplift less advanced ones, and yes, resources are a human and global thing, not a local or tribal one.
      The human race needs resources, I don’t believe in one country or people getting to hoard a resource, even knowledge.
      Don’t care if you don’t like that, but some humans are like toddlers and need mature people to handle their affairs for them, as they are incompetent


    1. Has Lukashenko ethnically cleansed Belarus? Has he used chemical weapons on his own people? No. So, while a vile tyrant, he’s still not as bad as Assad.

  2. This is what happens when you have a wannabe dictator who hates democracy/freedom in the WH for 4 years.

  3. Remember when violence never produced afterlives? Are you ready/allowed to mention that in the mainstream media? No? Why i$ that?

  4. – “Fear Sells”
    – “We are Propaganda” – CharLie Chester (cnn)
    Where’s Charlie?? It’s not gonna go away!!

    1. @My True Crime Library it’s hard to deny the evidence when producers from CNN are on film bragging about spreading propaganda.

    2. @The Cheese Factor only CNN’s producer was filmed bragging bout deceiving the public with COVID-19 propaganda. There’s no way to spin this.

  5. Lord Have Mercy on all those people that says they are Managers going around scamming people, I was scammed 6 times until I met Mrs Patricia Thornton she traded for me and returned my Profit without any Percentage, she has really been a good help to me in settling my debts.

    1. I totally agree. Enough is enough now with these criminal states. Trump’s favorite types of countries.

  6. The rest of the world: Could you stop using other countries leaders as puppets, Mr. Putin? You failed to get the Cheeto President re-elected and you’ve got a country full of people who hate you. Give it up and face the music before you start WW3 to stay in power.

  7. There is such kind of a torture in russian and belarus prison – the prisoner is not allowed to sit and must stand for 20 hours a day – if seats he is beaten by the guards.
    Russian state system is worse than nazi regime.

  8. Oh my God the things people have to go through hate and anger is a powerful emotion but must we live our lives to kill one another

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