How will the GOP handle its Marjorie Taylor Greene problem? 1

How will the GOP handle its Marjorie Taylor Greene problem?


Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to shock and offend many Americans with her latest comments comparing life under Covid-19 to living in Nazi Germany, but will these remarks force GOP leadership to actually hold her accountable? In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why Republicans are not likely to punish MTG anytime soon.


'Beyond reprehensible': GOP lawmaker condemns Marjorie Taylor Greene's comparison of mask mandates to Holocaust

What will Republicans do next on Marjorie Taylor Greene?

House votes to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committee assignments

Marjorie Taylor Greene just sank to a new low

Leader McCarthy Condemns Comparisons to the Holocaust

List of Individuals Expelled, Censured, or Reprimanded in the U.S. House of Representatives

House censures Rangel

House votes to reprimand GOP Rep. Schweikert for 11 ethics violations

How Marjorie Taylor Greene is actually winning

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    1. @Friend Funny how those things aren’t Biden’s fault, but everything is Trump’s fault…. and you pretend to be interested in facts? you leftists can’t even see your own hypocrisy right in front of your eyes because of your obsessive hatred of Trump. That’s just sad if it weren’t so hilarious!

    2. @Hagg Bisquette
      that’s nice.
      Now go wash your hands before your fingers stick together.
      And clean off granny’s laptop before she wakes.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff I am not your enemy. The only fraud committed was against the naive and gullible by Murdoch and Trump. Trump has always been a fraud but ignorant people fell for a commercial advertising a “reality show”portraying him as a wealthy businessman. Get over it, he’s a fraud.

  1. ANSWER :
    by elevating her to an even more powerful position…because right now, no one else in their party raising more money…

    1. I’m hoping the reason the GOP can’t raise as much $ is because the “normal” Republican rank-and-file are not OK with January 6th. I hope they’re losing their party.
      Hopefully it’s only the loony Republicans giving all their money to Green. Probably some rich Koch types too.

  2. “If we nominate t, we will get destroyed …and we will deserve it”
    ~ Lindsey “Shapeshifter” Graham

    1. @United the Democrats are the communist brainwashed clowns. Worried about punishing those who speak, banning speech, banning guns, hyper inflation and wealth redistribution, and a mass migration invasion.

    2. @Belly Dancer Em GOP getting destroyed? HAHA. Biden is setting us up for a great win next year, what the hell are you talking about? Biden, keep up the good work, Congress will flip big next year. TRUMP 2024!

  3. Censure amounts to nothing more than vapid words and finger wagging, it’s toothless and not punishment for misbehavior.

    1. @Crispin Fornoff I’m unfamiliar with Ilhan’s anti-Semitic remarks. If Republicans removed radical members, Trump, Boebert, Greene, Hawley, McConnell, Graham, and others would be GONE, BABY GONE.

    2. @Jan Hankins and that says a lot. The fact that you don’t know about Ilhan Omar being a rabid anti-Semite and think that all major leaders of the Republican Party are radicals is a good sign that you have been indoctrinated by the media. Try doing your own research instead of trusting mainstream media.

    3. Crispin Fornoff I may at times be a joker but as to being a “joke,” you are way off the mark with your random cheap shot.

    4. Scott Mceathron Surprised you could muster the word “vetted” from what appears to be an otherwise limited vocabulary. Which dictionary did you use?

  4. The Cow says: moo
    The pig says: oink
    The republican says something appalling to make libs mad
    This is just the way the world is now I suppose

  5. They won’t handle it. In the last few years the GOP has become a person drinking a cup of coffee sitting in a burning house saying ‘This is fine.’

  6. I and my kids have vaccination record cards that we presented to attend school and also to teach! She’s wrong

    1. @evensteve284 this just opens up the door for more needless government control and overreach. We need to move in the opposite direction given the huge failure the government is.

    2. @evensteve284 of course it is. It isn’t going to help and it’s only an infringement on our rights. If this is allowed, it won’t stop at covid.

  7. Ah , you must remember that the ”E” in ”M A G A” stands for ”EDUCATION” , right Marg ?

  8. Their problem isn’t Greene. It’s that the majority of their voting base likes her and thinks she’s making good points.

    1. Yes, True American Patriots, and the U.S. Constitution that backs them, is a problem for Communist Marxists.

      Marjorie, and millions like her aren’t going anywhere…myself included.

    2. @Scott Mceathron It’s always extraordinary to hear people say things like that without a hint of irony, or understanding for that matter.

    3. @renideo Yes…not even a hint of irony.

      As for “understanding” allow me to ask you what you’ll be eating for dinner tonight, or have already eaten for dinner…go ahead, don’t be shy renideo…
      What did you have for dinner.?
      How did you aquire (did you buy it, someone brought it over, you went out..etc) whatever it was that you ate.?

  9. they’ve realized that you can get a lot of support by telling people that it’s ok to be a garbage human being

  10. She’s complaining because people have to show their vax records to go to school . I’m over here signing my 5 year old up for school … having to show his vax records. It’s one of the dumbest arguments yet.

  11. We need to be talking about her *DONORS* . In this country, the only thing that talks is MONEY.

    1. We’re her donors. Regular people like me and we’re gonna vote for people just like her.

    2. @Richard Granati, if you are voting for people like Greene, then you are not regular people.

  12. Having been stripped of her committee assignments, MTG is left with acting crazy to get her 15 minutes of infamy which she craves. Pathetic really.

  13. Why even ask? She represents the repub party. The era of pretend is over. The party is in the process of purging those not down with the ideology.

  14. This series should be revised to: Biased Points.

    Republicans always bad. Democrats always good & if not good, ignore and focus on bad Republicans.

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