1. So going to trade people responsible for thousands of deaths for a couple potheads? That’s messed up.

    1. @Pal Hachi Any US citizen that is arrested and imprisoned in a foreign country is not hands off by the U.S.. You ever heard of US Embassy’s and consulates? What do you think one of their functions is? So you are very wrong on that account. The story of your so called friend is absolutely irrelevant to this conversation. You wasted your time. The story starts when they are imprisoned. And you still can’t prove that is what really happened. Story sounds fishy to me. I lived in South Korea for two years by the way and crimes committed by Americans ALWAYS make the news especially if they are imprisoned. You say you had “friends” arrested and then you say a “friend”. Which is it and what year was this? The incentive thing is bunk also. What, so if a country has a political motive and want to use an American as leverage you think they wont do it because of how we treated prisoners in the past? Lol Americans live in just about every country in the world and at one time or another the US had issues with those countries. By your ridiculous assertion Americans would be getting kidnapped and jailed every day because we attempt to repatriate our citizens. The US also has other foreign citizens here. Look up the word deterrent. Lol do you think Russia is going to just start throwing US citizens in jail while tens of thousands of their citizens are here? Another one that blows your statement out the water! The sad part about this you can’t even recognize every country in the world does this. Lol sad

    2. @Elmosweed
      I do not care if you take offense to my comments. Is what it is. A pothead is a pothead. For medicinal reasons or not. I don’t think hers was medical.

  2. This is a massive slap in the face to everyone serving BS weed possession sentences here stateside if this goes through.

    1. @Liam B Russian law says she can’t have weed dosent matter if it’s prescription she broke the law she should stay there

    2. Yeah , the poppy is a plant ,the grows in the ground , mushrooms, coca….all plants …..🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    3. @Maria Maria Although i agree about weed. Im pretty sure Heroin and cocaine also grows”in the ground”

  3. Am I the only one that asks why we get so involved when these Americans go overseas and break all kinds of rules then want bailed out by the government.

    1. @TheWaterDude it’s no just weed possession tho. She’s a non citizen of Russia bringing in weed threw the plane. No matter how small it’s trafficking and also being a non citizen is a factor possibly for the worse.

  4. Funny how their was no urgency to get the former Marine out who’s been in a Russian prison for two years but all of sudden the basketball player changed all that.

  5. Asking for the impossible is the same as rejecting any prisoner swap whatsoever. Germany is not going to release that prisoner.

  6. The merchant of death for a basketball player…seems like a bad deal. I don’t like the idea of anybody being trapped in Russia but this trade is ridiculous.

    1. Are you serious?
      Really! Brittany has been forced to wear Make-up and lipstick to court.
      Oh the humanity!

  7. Oh gosh anybody in their right mind would not pack anything in their bags having to be checked at the airport for drugs. My goodness where was this woman’s mind in the first place.
    People who carry even drugs into airports…. Stay in jail prisons for years. She knowingly packed this stuff herself…it being planted on her? If she is a user here.. why is that the drug found there and not another substance?

    1. @potato pie I believe the russians more than I believe her, yes. Especially since she plead guilty and admitted that she brought them

  8. Nobody even wants to talk about the fact that she broke US law when she brought the drugs on to an international flight. What color privilege will it be when she gets away with breaking the law in Russia and the US?

    1. @Flower Pow actually you are the one who brought up when republicans took guns on planes and never was charged. I was just stating the hypocrisy of that statement.

    2. @Flower Pow the Russian law dosent care about your mistakes if I made a mistake what if I killed someone with my car they would put me in jail they also don’t care about your back pain break the law face the consequences

  9. Trade a murderer and a merchant of death for an ignorant basketball player? That’s absurd! Our government has lost its combined mind !

  10. You gotta be kidding me. An arms dealer and a murderer for a basketball player??????? This country has gone to hell 🙄

    1. @George Crawford meanwhile we have a marine over there, who’s been over there longer and nobody gives a shirt. GTFO

    2. @Raymond Phillips yeah dude we legit have a guy over there that served our country to protect our land and the lives of Americans and these wokesters care more about a basketball player that they probably don’t even watch anyways. Sad times we living here

  11. Not a diplomat, but i assumed that they announced the proposal openly because they thought Russia wouldn’t accept. I have to appreciate how shameless this reply is. Even one of these murderers for Griner was crazy.

  12. This is insane. She got herself into that situation and we’re willing to release a man responsible for so many deaths in exchange for her? Now they’re demanding more??? This is crazy I hope they don’t go through with it. She should’ve known better and that’s her mistake. This guy is gonna get out and start committing crimes again and she’s gonna be kicking her feet up while people die.

    1. I lived in the UAE for 15 years. He lived in RAK and one of victors Antanovs is still on display in UM AL QUAIN. It’s right next door to the barracuda a huge booze warehouse. We went there regularly. Lol

    2. if she were white youd 10000000% be singing like a bird signing petitions to bring her home bc the idea of being jailed in harsh conditions for personal possession of a PLANT is absolutely ridiculous.

    3. @Wilfredo Lopez No she had marijuana wax and it’s illegal in Russia, plus she smuggled it in. It doesn’t matter how YOU feel about it or what American laws are. She committed a crime in Russia and she will pay the price there

    4. We shouldn’t be negotiating any kind of trade! This is bs. Give an inch they will take a mile!

  13. Griner, you caused America more trouble than you’re worth. Russia, you keep Griner behind bars over there, and we will keep the Merchant of Death behind bars here.

    1. WBNA players are paid and treated much better in other countries. Your comment is an example— you legitimately believe a totalitarian government’s narrative about an Olympic gold medalist in the midst of a war and think this wasn’t set up so that Russia could benefit? Man, I would love to be as naive as you one day!

  14. Trading an arms dealer responsible for deaths and a murderer, for a basketball player?
    Bad deal.

  15. Anyone else think it’s questionable that a WNBA player rates with murderers and arms dealers when it comes to this deal. Who is Griner again?

    1. I hope people remember that their taxpayer dollars bailed her out of something she clearly planned.

  16. I was always told “ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking the law”

    Wondering why out of all US citizens held captive around the world why would we want a law breaking basketball player back so damn badly?

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