Exclusive: Video shows volunteer medics targeted by Russian missile

Volunteer medics working in Bakhmut in Ukraine are no strangers to the extreme violence ravaging the city. A video obtained by CNN shows how medical aid workers are being targeted by Russian missiles. CNN's Matthew Chance reports

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    1. @Bobos Doyle They were turned into enemies of their own fathers, what to explain here? Previous generation was still predominantly friendly towards Russia, younger people chanted “kill Russians” on the Maidan square in December 2013, well before Russia started its preemptive attack in Crimea. Their “kids” murdered dozens of innocent civilians in Odesa, May, 2 2014, when the war didn’t break out yet. It shocked Russian society and was completely ignored by the Western media. Now they are lying that they hate Russia because of the war. In fact, it’s mere excuse for the people who were taught to hate Russia since their childhood. Now there are men who is fighting against Kyiv in DPR militia while their sons are fighting on the other side.

    2. @Levon Yes Z-ombie is a bot, there’s more Ukrainian bots than there are Russian bots now, it’s more important for Ukraine to maintain strong support from the west

    1. @Karol Młot ))) You understand russian language to listen russian people and make a diagnosis about their “normality”?

    2. @Karol Młot And how do you distinguish it from ukranina/baltic “misog”, a lot of even native russians are anble to do such thing?

    3. Rumor has it that an algorithm has been introduced in Russia to search for jokes about Putin. Penalty of about 5 years imprisonment. A madhause .. the times of Stalin are back.

  1. This volontiers from United States, from other countries are doing enormous amounts of good to the AFU (c).
    Here, correct an error for you)

  2. Американцам не впервой убивать мирных жителей особенно они любят стрелять с вертолётов по свадьбам , вы согласны американцы?.

  3. Explain to some unprofessional cnn journalists that the mercenaries’ car is without red crosses and is not considered medical, but is considered a legitimate military target

  4. Hes lying there is a way for it to be mistaken for some type of military vehicle. Not smart to be riding around in unmarked vehicles in a warzone

  5. Medic is just a cover, they are mostly fighters, an ex marine was there to fight against the Russians not there as a medic, karma

  6. I love the way you tell us Russia denies targeting civilians after showing us a video where Russia doesn’t target civilians.

    1. Where did you see civilians in this video?There were no red cross markings on the white car, you’re lying. And people with machine guns are not doctors, but foreign mercenaries, they came in vain and found their death for a foreign country. This is if you call a spade a spade.

    2. @Mne Ne Vse Ravno I’m saying they didn’t target civilians as there are none in the video. They didn’t even target the van with the red cross.

  7. This war needs to be stopped by every single democratic country ! How long can we wait to see what is happening with the people in Ukraine ?

  8. Pete Reed was killed in Artemovsk by the APU – Prigozhin

    “The Wagner PMCs has no information about the means by which Peter Reed was destroyed. We also have no information about the presence of foreign volunteers in Bakhmut. Usually, in the conditions of military operations, such volunteers clearly inform the media in what colors they work and comply with these rules. In addition, the presence of foreign volunteers does not prevent the Ukrainian forces from using chemical weapons in the area of Bakhmut.

    It raises questions about why Estonian Erko Laidinen filmed Reed before his death. The investigation will have to figure this out if such a thing is carried out.

    Peter Reed died at the intersection of Polevaya Street and 1st Pushkin Lane. If you put this point on the map, you can see that it was at least 5 km to the positions of the Wagner PMCs and there is a high-rise building on all sides (the map is attached). Therefore, any military expert will confirm that it was almost impossible to detect this point and strike from our positions. Alas, it was much more convenient to do this from the Ukrainian position.

    I can say with confidence that Peter Reed was killed by his own people. And the report on this murder was prepared by Estonian Laidinen.
    Therefore, the accusations against the Wagner PMCs have no confirmation. You have already tried to accuse the Russians, and possibly the Wagner PMCs, of the assassination of John F. Kennedy with the same success.”

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