‘This is sick’: Anderson Cooper reacts to new Russia report

According to American and European governments – and a new report by Yale investigators, backed by the US State Department – the Russian government is behind a scheme to forcibly deport thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, often to a network of dozens of camps, where the minors undergo political reeducation. Russia has characterized reports of forcible relocation as “absurd” and said it does its “best” to keep minors with their families. CNN's Anderson Cooper speaks with Nathaniel Raymond, the executive director of the Yale Humanitarian Research Lab about the details of the report.
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    1. @Michael Morningstar obviously you are the victim of the Judas goat and don’t do a lot of reading/ analysing for yourself. Just a denier who calls people names. 🤭🤭🤭

    1. @Tim Eames current U.S. government is indoctrinating children today… That’s why a lot of parents pulled their kids out of public schools

    2. @Tim Eames those schools operated as recently as the 80s in some areas, and the systems of indoctrination are/were exactly the same.

  1. That what they resort to since they can’t win with military force like the amateurs they are

    They turn to underhanded tactics

  2. I used to feel bad watching stranger things about the way they represented the Russians. They were bang on. It’s even worse in real life though.

    1. You wanna know whats bad? Ukraine’s version of Hitlers junge – do a search on Azov children camps and you will see how Ukraine government was brainwashing their children into Military neo nazi propaganda.

    2. M$M were never ‘bang on’ about Russia – they’re still running propaganda, which is what this is – connection is this: Anderson Cooper, B.A. in political science (1989) from Yale University, followed by a so-called ‘internship’ with the CIA before joining CNN + Yale Humanitarian Research Lab investigators, backed by the US State Department – Yale, of course, is home of Skull and Bones, literal CIA fraternity – this narrative is a continuation of the Russiagate propaganda to gin up support and cover for the US/UK Moscow regime-change project, which is a bust – will end soon – don’t cry over these children – they’re probably better off than they were in Ukraine before the war, e.g., […] “Prior to Russia’s invasion in February 2022, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Mission in Ukraine[1] estimated that more than 300,000 Ukrainians had suffered from human trafficking since 1991. An estimated 46,000 Ukrainians were trafficked during 2019-2021; 29,000 abroad and 17,000 in Ukraine.” – https://www.usaid.gov/ukraine/fact-sheet/dec-16-2022-trafficking-persons

    3. Publicly admitting you watch a TV program aimed at teenagers is bad enough but going one step further and admitting you use said show to form an opinion about a group of tens of millions of people is even more pathetic. Even worse – you’re too dense to realize you are literally being programmed by a bunch of perverted sickos in Hollywood. Your comment is peak cringe.

  3. This is true, they were doing with Polish kids of highly educated parents but also sent a lot of Polish people to Syberia 😞

    1. We don’t need no annexation. We don’t need no Kremlin control.
      No reviving the Soviet Union. Putin leave them kids alone.
      Hey, Vladdy! Leave Ukraine alone!!!

  4. I just don’t understand how this can happen in these times. Totally screwed up, and there is not much we can do about it. Even more screwed up.

  5. I just feel sick, I want to believe in the scripture “if you hurt one of these little ones, you will be punished “. I know that is not an exact quote, but really it says it all!

  6. Thank you CNN. Thank-you Mr. Cooper. There is a real possibility (though small) that these bastards will see their day in prison. Support all arms(newer) for Ukraine. They can win, it’s real. Long Live Ukraine.

  7. As parents/fathers this is truly sick. It’s horrifying to consider the possible unfathomable choices that might have to be made to rescue these children… This appears to have been done with blackmail in mind… …just when this terrible situation couldn’t get any worse, then this comes up… leadership knows about this and what is likely waiting… this is truly awful.

    1. Not blackmail. Stalin had a policy of the relocating populations in order to Russify territories. They are essentially stealing Ukrainian children and ‘re-educating’ them to make them into ‘good Russians’. Some are being adopted out to Russian families and some will be made to fight in Ukraine against their own people. It is part of Russia’s strategy to get rid of Ukrainians. Russia is also heading for a huge demographic collapse so ‘free children’.

  8. I’m asking. If thousands of children have been taken wouldn’t we have heard about it from Ukraine before now. It doesn’t just happen overnight.

  9. It’s been known since last summer and so revolting. When they first opened the safe corridors in Mariupol Russia made sure to target any other places except corridors to Russia only. Than they took away their passports, their phones and even took some Ukrainian men to go right at the first line to fight and if not they were threatening to kill their wives and kids. While stuck to go at the first line of combat, Russians took away their wives and kids. But many kids were separated from their moms in Russia. Some moms were sent far in the east of Russia while their kids were given for adoption while their fathers were killed at the front lines.
    After that they forced the kids in each villages and cities they occupied to go to Russia…some were deceived when Russia were promising the parents or moms to only send their kids in a safer place for a small period of time in a summer camp…but than many parents could never have access to their kids after.
    This one of the elements describing what is a genocide!
    Russian stealing kids to condition and reform them to what they believe is the superiority of the Russian culture in the world.

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