See Ukrainian children released from Russia’s alleged ‘re-education’ camps

CNN's David McKenzie investigates the stories behind a new report from Yale University that describes Ukrainian parents fighting to get their children out of purported Russian "re-education" camps. #CNN #News


  1. It’s frighting watching this type of history repeat itself. My heart go out to the children who have been reunited with their families, and the ones still in these “camps” I hope they will keep up the rescue efforts. I hope these families will heal 😢

    1. @Olivka Guess you missed the part where it’s Against Geneva Conventions to adopt any child from a Nation at war.. not that ruZZia is a Signatory (why not btw? Curious if you comprehend ruZkis tort#re their own citz, well documented what happens with r#ping/mops/electrocution.. completely normal ruZki bullshite behaviour..
      Christ, they don’t even nor allow bare min of allowing the Red Cross in to visit their POW camps.. pathetic
      Next. Did you also miss the Fact pootin changed ruZki laws last year? Yeah, now z ruZZians can instantly change the name of the adoptive child.. and no record has to kept of Original. Thus No Way to Locate vast majority of the over 17k abducted/missing Ukrainian children
      Such an Unbelievable level of Cruelty, yet to your ‘good self’, not a problem with this vileness in the least
      Frankly, you’re one sick puppy.. well, ruZki paid troll, so same same.

    2. @Olivka Solution?
      1. Pootin withdraws all troops
      2. R pay full restitution to U
      3. Pootin submits to war c tribunal.

    3. @R Torres Umm, YouTube is international, it’s not just for American news. Likewise CNN – their reports come from world-wide and it’s not watched just by Americans either. Anyway, if you put ‘cnn + ohio train disaster’ into YT search bar, you should find three CNN articles right at the top.

    1. *Yes we need the 1941 Battle of Kiev again!! With 700, 544 Russian deaths, 465, 000-665,000 captued and 84, 240 wounded!! History always Repeats Itself!!*

    2. @R Torres DJT and the GOP removed an Obama-era safety regulation that could have prevented the train derailment.
      There you go: An update for ya.

    3. @dan dansen thanks Dan, pretty s**tty situation. And they want peace talks? Bulls**t! Can’t ever believe a word they say. Biden and Zelensky would not participate it would be diplomats and Pentagon.

  2. Shame on Russia for reproducing the horrors of the Nazi regime 1:1. As a Western European, I’ve always hoped that from the 90s on, Russia would become a free, democratic and peaceful nation and would even some day (why not?) join the European Union and become a major player in it. I couldn’t be more wrong, the Soviet Union practices are fully back on track in a very Stalin-like way. So damn depressing… 🙁

    1. @tess lake i speak 7 languages,,, one body with 3 différents countries,,,1 cuerpo y 3 corazones,, ,je vais vous faire tourner comme une toupie,, ,,yes im smarter than you, ,,i love judges without papers, or without are one of them,

    1. @Terry McGovern dear oh dear.. get out your vpn and Google what russia was up to, back in 1939 – 1941 when Adolf broke that Treaty 🙄🥴
      Yes dear, hello. You swapped only at the point.. wasn’t by Choice, rather mere Necessity.
      Back then, you lot had zero chance without USA Original Lendlease donations, worth hundreds of billions in todays dollars btw.
      And once again USA is sending aid to a Nation being Obscenely Invaded.
      Seems Nothing changes unfortunately.
      Next. Share with you a little phrase that was going around post ww2,
      ‘To be rescued by Americans meant Safe,
      By russians, meant R#pe’
      You lot haven’t progressed in the least, far as I can tell

    2. Hold “insert ethnicity of caucasians, asians, and europeans” accountable for their war crimes. I suppose that’s WHY this shiit is happening to them – Judgment for their crimes! 🙏🏾 May they continue to suffer

    3. @Marah Judith tribe of Zebulon Vast difference of course being western/progressive/1st world countries learnt hellava lot of lessons in the last 100 years or so, stepping up and prosecuting any soldiers found to commit such.. countries themselves issuing Apology Statements and Stepping Forward to offer reparations.
      So, where the Hell is russia’s Learning Curve? Exactly. Unsighted, just exact same old ruZki bs, medals awarded for Pootin’s little green men who commit the most Heinous Atrocities, NEVER ceasing in trying to conquer Euro via m#rderous terrorising mass invasion, such a sick sick society, vile

      Perhaps if you lot had been held Accountable for aalll your war crimes post ww2, your society would be in a vastly healthier place.. exactly the same as n#zi Germany was btw, who knows, maybe you’d all be enjoying nowdays a similar decent standard of living, with similar longevity to boot 😒

      Btw. No, don’t even try to blame the west for Your Imperialistic childish ambitions. West did EVERYTHING possible to include you lot into World’s Economy, employing millions and millions of russians and lifting a hellava lot of up and out of poverty, offered you all an Actual Future. Good lord knows, your Oligarchs Prospered, pootin became the richest fella to walk the earth, yet somehow managed to convince you all how ‘hard done by’ ruZZia has it, Riiight.. unbelievable the Largest/beyond Abundant in Natural Resources Country in the globe, is STILL Developing!!
      Corruption Corruption Corruption, thy name is russia..

      Here’s an idea, maybe Clean up your Own Country First and Start Tackling Your Own Problems, radical idea ik..🥴😒


      This Entire deranged debacle, just Pathetic my littlest Z ruZki, hideously ridiculous in this day and age of internet especially..
      Jesus Christ on a stick, we’ve seen all this before, we already know how it ends..
      Only This Time around, Ru can’t swap sides at the half way point.
      Good 👍

    1. Exactly the democrats will make you believe anything, that’s why the left thinks there’s more than 2 genders 😂 soon they’ll be rounding people up, cause attacking them for wearing red hats wasn’t enough apparently

    2. They still look up to Stalin in Russia and you can face prosecution if you criticize him. Hard to believe that there’s right wingers who defend that country just because the west is in a bad state.

    1. God bless Afro-Americans,, iraquiens,, Somalie,, Yémen, palestiniens,, syrien,, érythréens, Djboutian ,,children,,

  3. In what way it is “alleged”?
    It’s declared as such by the RF authorities, media, and acknowledged as such by the general public with varied support.

    1. CNN has no problem describing the “inhumane”, “illegal”, “un-American” pactice of segragating unaccompanied minors on the border from their trafficers, though.

  4. Sounds very familiar. China and North-Korea have already had these re-education camps for a long time and still have.

  5. Russian concentration camps for Russification are now called resorts instead of Gulags.I hope more children are reunited and I hope that they will bring back the orphans that were abducted from Ukraine as well. I cannot imagine what those families went through for a year.

  6. 😂 I’m surprised he didn’t levy a hefty tax for the education and board. May the suffering continue in these abominable countries.

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