Thousands of fish died after toxic train wreck. What it means for humans

Authorities are urging residents to continue using bottled water following the Ohio toxic train derailment, but East Palestine residents still have questions and don't know who to trust. CNN's Jason Caroll reports. Then, CNN's Jake Tapper speaks with Karen Dannemiller, an associate professor of environmental health science at Ohio State University. #CNN #News


  1. This happened about 15 years ago in California. A tank car full of pesticide went off the rails and fell into the upper Sacramento River above Lake Shasta. The wild section of the river fed by the snows of My Shasta. Blue ribbon trout waters. It killed everything downstream.

    1. @Michelle This is not the right way to do it. Spamming annoys people. All caps annoys people. Proselytizing to random strangers on the Internet who are in the process of discussing a really nasty ecological disaster annoys people.

      You don’t win people to Christ by annoying rhem. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but you need to rethink your approach.

  2. Those executives that caused this by shorting maintencance and inspections for the railways need to be arrested/charged/ and excessively fined for gross negligence at the least for this disaster.

    1. @Anon Ymous Trump repealed the safety measures (instituted by Obama) that would have prevented this, You are not an honest person!

    2. @vvvaygbg  First, no one is saying death row. They’re saying prison time for gross negligence. Second, your comparison is crap. If the driver were making fantastic money driving hazardous chemicals down the road and he neglected to do inspections and caused a crash, he 100% ABSOLUTELY should go to prison, and for a long time. Are you really such a corperate tool you want to simp for billionairs who just nuked a town in order to profit more?

    1. But on the plus side, the railroad company was able to continue business as usual and maintain maximum profit for their executives.

  3. Thanks CNN for letting 2 weeks go by before you finally cover this disaster. I realize your priority has been hot air balloons for the past two weeks rather than a hazardous catastrophe.

    1. @Joey Bulford _”But I suppose we should wait even longer to talk about ways to prevent this from happening.”_ Yeah, ‘even longer’…gosh, it’s been a whole two weeks, why aren’t we deciding who is to blame?? Oh, the humanities!!

    2. @aarqa
      Not a peep from CNN on what caused this crash or how it was preventable. They offer no measures to be taken or any blame to be laid. My guess is all corporate lobbyists are the same. Stop simping for these people.

    3. @Joey Bulford You’re looking in the wrong place, investigators determine causes and say how it could have been prevented. Investigators say what measures could be taken and who was at fault. Legislators might get involved in order to write new laws about it. Stop trying to be insulting just because you don’t like this station. Seriously, if you’re that against CNN, just leave. Why would you want to give them so many extra views, anyway? You sound masochistic, coming to a station you don’t like to argue with people that they should also not like the station. Just go to your own station.

    4. Jan 2021 you were losing 3,500 people a day from covid & 40% of your country didn’t care. Now you’re complaining one little train wreck caused by greed didn’t get national attention?

    1. And standard response to corporate avoidance and unaccountability.Corporate Greed is DESTROYING AMERICA. We must vote Against congressional representatives, that support and enable those corporate greed. Stop what they are doing & hold them LEGALLY accountable in court -no matter what it takes.

    2. @Cony Oliva he was turned over by the Jews his own people. This has nothing to do with the incident in East Palestine Ohio, or the Ohio river.

  4. Nearly 1 million pounds of vinyl chloride were on this train. Now, the EPA has confirmed it’s entered the Ohio River basin which is home to 25 million people. This is one of the deadliest environmental emergencies in decades and no one is talking about it.The Ohio River Basin spans more than 200,000 miles across 14 states and a population of nearly 25 million people, according to Ohio University. It includes major cities like Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Indianapolis and Nashville.

    1. @killer bee  I’m excited to see someone blame Trump like he had anything to do with it honestly it’s the truck driver who blocked the road

    2. @Ace Lyve not to mention is was another failure of Trump as he repealed Obamas order for the regulation requiring hazardous trains (trains transporting a certain amount of hazardous materials) to upgrade old civil war era breaking systems to advanced automated electrical braking systems. He also de-regulated what and how much dangerous, explosive, and hazardous materials a train can transport. Also the length and total tonnage limits. This train looked to have at least 90 cars which would make it at least 16kTons , I’m surprised the trains braking system didn’t catch fire and blow the train up like a huge bomb.

  5. Shame that we don’t have a proper legal system, otherwise a LOT of executives would be in jail these last 20-30 years, along with their sock-puppets in government.

    1. USA Chernobyl .Toxic chemical is real threat for USA not ballon. USA government should tell Oilo resident the truth and evacuate more people .

    1. Just like CNN put all those lab coats on all those doctors to lie about how effective the vaccines were. Now we know that CNN and all those doctors were lying and they withheld life-saving medicines from the public. Once again CNN has cost millions of peoples lives.

    1. Jan2021 you were losing 3,500 people a day from covid & 40% of your country didn’t care.
      100 dead a day from firearms & half your country doesn’t care.
      A ‘health system’ that puts profit ahead of patient outcome & 40% of your country doesn’t care.
      The only western country with a decreasing life expectancy & you don’t care.
      The only first world country where many people don’t feel safe unless they carry a gun.
      This is life in the USA. As you said ‘very telling’.

  6. I am an Ohio resident and I don’t really watch your network, but I have to say, I really appreciate the reporters ‘work that you sent to the site. He did an impressive job exposing how dirty this company is. Thank you.

    1. Hey Deplorables, keep voting Republicans, de-regulation makes Billionaires richer.
      And what do you get out of this, scarred lungs and tumors.
      Oh yeah……..Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma…..

    2. @Pegasus Winterguard Ironic how the members of the self proclaimed accepting/caring and progressive side are often quick to dismiss true disaster because they are so blinded by an obsessive hatred while screaming others are in a cult. People may be seriously harmed and you’re the only one with orange man on your mind.

    3. I heard this actually happened a few days ago, but the media failed to report it until very recently. Maybe the government was embarrassed and suppressed it, but nevertheless it was a failure to report such an event so late.

    4. @AndyX  You sound like a typical brainwashed, close-minded, far-left progressive lunatic who refuses to search for the truth.

    5. @upholst productions  Mainstream Media works for the Democrats and that is the reason you’re just hearing about it…just as they suppressed Hunter Biden’s laptop and Hillary Clinton’s emails, I could go on but we as citizens whether you’re a Democrat or Republican we must search for the truth.

  7. Notice how no one was willing to tell the truth and just skate around the severity. Wouldn’t want to help our fellow man and animal and lose that job. How 😔

  8. It’s sad many of those first responders who were at the scene of the fire will likely suffer major health consequences in the future because of this toxic gas.

  9. I’ve seen this before. Reminds me of the 1991 Cantara Loop Spill near Dunsmuir, CA. A 97 car Southern Pacific train partially derailed due to a flange greaser malfunction and dumped several carloads of herbicide into the Sacramento River. Killed fish and wildlife for miles. I lived in Redding at the time.

  10. I’d like to know how the burnoff can effect others surrounding counties and towns. That burnoff went all over and traveled into clouds and we have had rain since in the surrounding areas. Though north, NE, and NW of this town might not have as much to worry about water wise in lets say Lake Erie or or other small ponds and lakes. What about any health risks specifially linked to the burn off and the clouds north of this town following the crash and burn off?

  11. About darn time you picked up this story. I’ve been following it since day 1.. It’s a huge tragedy and environmental disaster. How they could only evacuate one mile around this and then let people go back into their homes so soon is ridiculous. 15 miles away people’s dogs were dying outside. Farmers chickens were dead, huge fish kills, only one day later.. the EPA is a joke.

    1. @Henry So, what are Biden and the railroad doing???? These people are being LIED to. Dogs and cats are also dying!!

  12. I remember when I was studying to be a first responder. My teacher said to let the cops go in first and if any of them keeled over, you knew that the incident had some serious problems. He called them “Blue Canaries”. Congrats CNN for waiting a week and a half before reporting on this disaster. What took you so long?

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