Expect To Immunize 20 Million Americans Between Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Expect To Immunize 20 Million Americans Between Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Chief adviser of Operation Warp Speed, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, says the FDA will be reviewing the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine expecting to be approved on Friday. He says between the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines he expects to immunize 20 million Americans in the month of December. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Expect To Immunize 20 Million Americans Between Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @John Lee still over 70 mill MAGAt trumpetts out there and they are complaining that there’s an ammunition shortage and defending a runoff senator taking selfies with klan member.
      There’s still MAGA.
      You should look into the origins of MAGA. It was around before trump

    2. E Soy, Rotting Corpse Pelosi admitted she won’t let a stimulus Bill pass until Dementia Joe Kid Touch can take credit for it!

    1. so 6 million now, but what’s their distribution like after that? Is it the same as pfizer, with no more until the middle of next year?

  1. We need more progressives and people who believe in modern monetary theory.  Period.  We NEED to put the pressure on president joe biden for executive action on student loan forgiveness on day one.  As the law allows.  Studentloanjustice.org

    1. Rona will get you to 265 million immune well before the vaccine at this rate! (16 million recorded cases so far, experts all say real numbers are 10 times that, that’s 160 million immunised by Rona, with another 2 million positive tests per week & growing, that’s 20 million cases per week, you’ll be at 265 million infected by the end of the year!)

  2. The best part is that Louis Farrakhan is convincing more black people not to take the vaccine more effectively than any “celebrity” they bring out to try and convince them otherwise.

  3. It should alarm you that we are headed toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your bloodstream in exchange for permission to live a normal life.

  4. Is it only me who thinks there’s something fishy about Dr. Slaoui’s facial expressions? Pfizer’s CEO did not get the Pfizer vaccine (his own company) because he did not want to cut the line !!!

    1. Pro vaxxers are going to be depopulated over the next decade thanks to these guys. By mid decade, expect them to start dropping like flies.

    1. wtf? stop the nonsense! there’s enough issues with these vaccines & confidence in them without ridiculous made up claims by attention seekers!

  5. “Flu vaccine efficacy varies season to season, but on average over the past 10 years in the U.S., flu vaccines have been about 44% effective.” Approve all vaccines immediately after efficacy and safety standards have been met.

  6. The vaccine is less effective in older people, the FDA analysis finds. For people ages 18 to less than 65, the effectiveness is 96%, compared with 86% for people 65 and older.

  7. I don’t trust Moderna antibody results have not been published for the Placebo Vs Active Arm . It should have been done to illustrate if long term immunity is likely

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