Expert: Jan. 6 Committee Requests Show Fears Trump Used DOJ As ‘Coup Agent’

The Jan. 6 select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection has requested materials on dozens of subjects. Joy Reid and her panel discuss the numerous individuals this entails, and what these requests say about the direction of the probe.

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  1. Unless the FCC can provide the committee with recordings of what they said, what will the recores prove? We know they all talked to each other and Trump, but I wanna hear WHAT THEY SAID.

    1. You don’t understand what the FCC is at all. They wouldn’t have recordings of anyone. That would be the FBI or the NSA.

    2. The phone calls will link Trump to whoever else was involved and whe nhe was contacted like if Roger Stone called him just before or just after calling his security links him to the security guards if they want a conspiracy charge or Rico or Mini Rico charge. But yeah recordings would be better.

    3. @RL Days – If you’ve ever endured the ‘pleasure’ of reading one of #45✳’s ghost-written autobiographies, you’ll know *he has a ‘fetish’ for surreptitious recordings* of *all* kinds…audio *AND* video. 🤔

    4. @CynAnne1 Then that’s all they need to back up the phone records. Might even find the pee tapes lol. Although as I said somewhere else, it is like he is so guilty they can’t believe all of the evidence in front of them and they need to find one more thing to be sure and they are getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

  2. I recall a “Trial by Combat” was requested by Rudy, he really should be on suicide watch by his friends or family.

    1. @Jerry Beloin voter fraud is 0.0003% no need to stop black folks from voting ya racist…see that didn’t take long.

    2. @Jerry Beloin absolutely the 2 nd should be taken away you don’t deserve it, we let our republic get bought and paid for right under our noses Congress doesn’t right laws for the people they haven’t for the last 60 years, now 13 year old pick up gun and slaughter everyone they see, yea keep one gun for personal protection let’s say any flintlock you want.

    1. The *same* Boris Johnson who claimed covid-19 “…was just like the flu…”, right before *he almost DIED from it?*
      *That* Boris Johnson, jill…?!? 🙄

    2. @catalinacurio Remembered visual aids, built a multi billion dollar empire. Let me know when Biden gets rich off something other than tax money and can remember where hes at at any given moment. I already know he will never take a mental aquity test.

    3. @Nick You are talking about the orange “Person, women, man, camera, tv” – guy? Really a very stable genius…;-))))

    4. Umm do you not see who TF is president? Talk about mental stability, Joe Bidens FAR from it. Trump was GREAT.

  3. i recall the 80s.. when the Iran-Contra commission requested any documents related to iran contra.. and Bush replied.. we already have staffers going thru the archives looking for those. that was at the same time the congress requested them.. bush had his people going thru removing the incriminating files.

    1. @Lys Mykyta Bush pulled off the iran part of it before the 1980 primary where he traded the iranians parts for their american made military aircraft to HOLD THE HOSTAGES till after the election.. the iranians payed for the stuff.. the cash was then used to fund the contras who were trying to over throw Ortega in Nicaragua who had thrown standard oil out of Nicaragua .. the oil companies had cut Nicaragua off completely from imported oil. so ortega needed to buy oil direct from Russia who could only ship in the summer months do to no pipe line thru Afghanistan and Pakistan to a warm water port.. just this year. Russia completed its pipe line to Europe which is what the GOP is screaming about Biden not following sanctions to stop the pipe line to europe which will cut into oil company profits.

    2. @doggo Bork-Bork there were in los angeles Reagan 80/Bush 81 bumper stickers before the November election.. john Hinkleys father was the leading contributor to the GHBush for president primary campaign. hinkleys brothers were doing business with one of the bush boys on the day their brother shot reagan. i want to know how john Hinkley was able to hang around outside the kitchen entrance without getting frisk by secret service.. or was it a Coup.. i have always wanted to know who invited Reagan out to eat lunch instead of inviting people into the white house..

    3. @jimmy mack from ronkonkoma long island. Hall. Fawn Hall. She later admitted smuggling some of the documents out in her underwear. And Lt. Col. Ollie North claimed he never, ever, boinked her. I didn’t believe it. Ollie later went on to lie for Fox News as some kind of “expert patriot” or something. Anybody see the early parts of a pattern forming?

  4. There’s no doubt in my mind that many things trump and company said, wrote or did were never documented or placed in the national Archives.

  5. The “Trump demands” on the justice department…you may remember this department telling It’s three Flynn prosecutors to stand down. They all quit in protest. Maybe we can hear from them.

  6. THEY OBVIOUSLY DID. We were in the middle of a coup as soon as it was official trump lost. They thought they could do it again cause they did it in florida!

  7. These gov’t agencies should just cede all the pertinent records it has in its possession to the select committee and deal with the lawsuits later on. At least the information from these records would already have been made public before they are tied up by the temporary injunctions filed by the Trump camp.

  8. We will finally know why Trump went to Walter Reed 2 yrs ago. (Mental instability). I understand WH counsel (Cippolone et al) were ready to resign and hold a news conf should Trump go further in his attempts to overthrow the election.

    1. There are two major shredder truck companies in DC. Iron Mountain and Shred-It. They are always busy in dc. Some mornings there are more Iron Mountain trucks double parked on K street than beer distributors making deliveries, and food trucks.

    2. This is a well-known Irish ballad which seems appropriate somehow:

      O Donny Boy, the clamour now is rising
      Within the land, and in the Senate too
      For punishment, or some accountability
      It’s coming soon, it’s coming soon for you

      But plead ye now your party is so popular
      Or lie so bold with never any shame
      No sympathy from those in the judiciary
      O Donny Boy, you’ll take full measure of the blame

    3. Why would the heads of these departments, who are democrats now, want to hide evidence of a prior republican cover up? I dont think you fully understand what is happening.

  9. Of course he used them as a “coup agent,” as well as any other institution he could corrupt, intimidate, and manipulate.
    And he would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling voters!

    1. @Gerardo Franco It’s not a rant, it’s shared post, if you even read it.The American dream was an idea.

    2. @Clubber Lang I would love, and I think democracy needs, a credible and sane right-wing media. Unfortunately, most of them are more interested in weaponizing facts than simply reporting them.

  10. It’s like he swamped the people in charge by doing so many things wrong that it was just too overwhelming to investigate all the things he did. He completely swarmed and swamped and overwhelmed every good person with garbage and he almost drowned out everybody’s will to fight for what it’s right. I’ve never seen anybody do it this way. And He almost got away with it to. And the scary thing is, he was just too incompetent, bring somebody just as rich but this time good looking and a “real genius” and we have a problem.. Congress needs to initiate some kind of mechanism to be looking out for this in the next Presidential candidate. This is single-handedly the biggest threat to democracy there has ever been.

  11. They’ll probably find a page titled, “my secret plan to take over the government, by the best president, me, donald j trump.” 🤣🤣

    1. soda – At the moment, however…
      #45✳ gazes happily at his *crayon-illustrated “Dayz Untill I Are Presidented Again” advent calendar,* perched in the middle of his replica ‘Resolute Desk’…with his sippy-cup of “Diet Coke” nearby. 😏

    1. This is why I think they shouldn’t have banned him from tweeter .. he always televise his punches ..

  12. What would you do if your boss ordered you to break the law? I would turn them in, probably get fired and now I have wrongful dismissal suit.

    1. Oh no a person with actual morals! I just wish there were more people like you. sometimes it feels like the evil, demented people are taking over. thanks for helping me not (Entirely) give up on people!

  13. The hard part is going to be, is being patient, for this whole process, that will probably take months? The truth will come out.

    1. Months? More like years. I’m 69. I don’t want to die before I see at least some of Trump’s ilk shuffling off to prison cells.

    2. There is a good chance trump kicks off before this investigation ends. Being in your mid/late 70s with a diet almost entirely consisting of McD’s and a severe anger problem combined with american beurocracy… This could be almost a decade with the correct systemic abuse

    3. @Ken Albertsen Man, you probably need to find a hobby. If you’re 69, and you don’t want to die before “I see at least some of Trump’s ilk shuffling off to prison cells”, then you have problems. That TDS may be eating away at your brain..

  14. In the end……nothing will be done regardless of the evidence!
    Americas “ justice” system protects those with money and stature.

    1. That snow flake is with these traitors and playing his part to justify this home grown terrorists attack at the capital.

    2. @Cranberry Chronicles ‘Traitors.’
      Exactly WHO has been charged with ‘treason?’
      It’s a good thing we have a 6th amendment, isn’t it? But…why would any of you really care about the Constitution, when you can point your finger, and come up with whatever charge you want to, right?

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