Experts: Popular Chinese shopping app can spy on users

CNN’s Kristie Lou Stout looks at allegations that the Chinese shopping app Pinduoduo contains malware that could be used to bypass users’ security, change settings, read private messages, and obtain user data.
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  1. Why ban any app? Users should have a choice. If they’re informed of spying, users can decide to use or not. No one is forcing them.

  2. Almost every big US IT company is banned in China, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, ……, you name it, I don’t know why does the US government keep allowing Chinese IT companies to operate in the US. That seems quite unfair to me.

    1. No US tech company is banned in China. They were told to comply with Chinese laws to be able to operate in China, they chose not to do that.

  3. Amazon does the same .so does the Facebook apps. All the Google apps . Twitter app .
    Walmart app . The calculator app. All the banking apps . And don’t forget Pinterest.

  4. United States gov been doing it without an app to its own citizens for almost 3 decades.. freedom of information act????

  5. LOL, gotta love all the Chinese apologists. Not at all transparent who they are. I hope someone is making note of their accounts.

  6. Not only does every app do this, but so does every website you visit. And even your ISP. Welcome to the year 1990, guys.

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  8. It really helps to have such experts at CNN. Thanks 🙏🏻 i never imagined internet is spying people.

  9. Hate to speak in support of this thing..but literally every service xbox live or alexa, or google translate can do this within half a second…in fact there is almost no app on the play store that cant do this. I mean google chrome saves entire deleted texts and comments on youtube tracks every single website youv visited, can turn on your webcam at will. Im not sure what your talking about in this segment.

  10. This is why everytime I need to install an app, I look first for where the publisher resides.
    There is not much you can do if the publisher resides in the hostile region. They bound to the hostile law. Even if the developers is angel, but lives in hell, evil they are..

  11. all Apps can do that if you allow permission to it. The best way to not be spied on is not to use third party Apps..stay with you phone’s default apps.

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