Experts Reject Alan Dershowitz’s Claim Abuse Of Power Isn’t Impeachable | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

One member of Trump's legal team is arguing that abuse of power is not an impeachable offense, but many legal experts are roundly rejecting that claim. Aired on 01/20/20.
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Experts Reject Alan Dershowitz's Claim Abuse Of Power Isn't Impeachable | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @1108 Studios Executive/Promotions OK, you can’t say I tried to reach out. As I said, KKK, Nazi, Jim Crow, Slavery have always been right-wing. Stop projecting, fool.

    2. @1108 Studios Executive/Promotions Well I have given my sources, what have you provided? I would suggest you gather your evidence if you want to accuse someone of being a liar.

    3. @Utha lol you act like just because you state some bogus klan source that makes you right. I don’t site sources because i am my own sources i trust myself to do research from all sides and then form my own opinion and i stand by them like a man. I don’t need validation from liars. The proof is in the pudding i said democrats you said right wing so i guess you meant republicans but history’ shows it was always republicans standing up for the Constitution and the democrats who tried to destroy the union. If your research has not revealed that to you than i don’t know what history your researching but its definitely not American history. So maybe you need to open your mind and your eyes and ears and get off these misinformation campaign’s and actually learn the truth before long you become part of the problem following in the same steps and shadow of the confederation whom which tried to dissolve the union and those we’re democrats. you might think they switched but they never did that is. Why every big city run by democrats are imploding with crime homelessness and illegal immigration but you choose to ignore the truth and the truth shall set you free my friend.

  1. This is how an adversarial judicial system works. Pray to god that the other side has competent lawyers, or your way of life is history.

    1. lawyer are kidding republicans dont believe in facts, video tape, their own eyes and ears, a lawyer is not gonna change their tribes mantra.

    2. Jeremy Kothe, please do not use your ” god” or “magic man” to come to the aid of America. It is absurd to invoke the supernatural as a remedy for corrupt politics.

    3. Jeremy Kothe what the heck are other lawyers, good or bad, going to matter? The judges and jury have already proclaimed the innocence of the crook.

  2. Dershowitz literally said the exact opposite prior to the Clinton trial. His opinion is a joke…

    1. Jim Biden again, Barr has every right to investigate Biden, why hasn’t he?.. NO EVIDENCE! I have no delusions about corruption in this and past governments… Doesn’t change anything about this impeachment. And despite all the investigations by republicans did on Obama, NO IMPEACHMENT!
      Bernie 2020!!!

    2. @Ken Rimmer Who says Barr isn’t investigating Biden? Remember Michael Avenatti? They said no one was investigating him too, but then boom! He’s in jail! You don’t have to announce you’re investigating anyone for the indictments to be dropped.

    3. Rodney Boehner well if he is trump would have been wise to let hm do his job.. but no, Biden would be bigger news than Avenatti, especially now.

    4. @rudolfo sand Dershowitz isn’t a good lawyer, at least not now, because his argument is inconsistent and illogical.

  3. Are these Lawyers part of the Epstein clan?? If they are how does that gauge for a fair trial? They all have something on the others. This is what happens when they are all rolling in the dirt together.

    1. Your very wrong about Allen. Allen is a wonderful person. He is a senior of yours and very authorized in his profession ! You need a role model its Allen. Allen admiration will help you. Learn how not to convict people with a mob mentality for example !! Learn it from Allen ! Coming to a theater in you !

    1. Trump’s attorney’s are no longer denying his actions, instead they are now arguing that Bribery and Extortion (Abuse of Power), isn’t impeachable. Many of these people making this argument, are the same idiots that argued the exact opposite point in the 90’s during Clinton’s Impeachment. SMH

  4. During the writing of the Constitution the British parliament was considering impeachment of a Governor-General of India, that had been much in the newspapers even in the US. The accusations against him were what would now be called abuse of power. He was impeached for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. That is precisely where the term comes from.

  5. But, they just determined that holding back funds allocated by Congress IS ILLEGAL.
    …game, set and Match…

    1. @Meta Tegra okay that is nice you accept the elections you have so many trump supporters that threat with a civil war ‘if’ trump would lose in November

    2. you wish it was like that they held up the funds but then released them by date required govt watchdog that is often very biased

    3. @Muddy Water : There is no such thing as “on time”. There is a deadline by which, if the money isn’t released, Congress has to reappropriate the funds. BY LAW, it is supposed to be released as soon as all certifications have been met, which was sent to Trump back in April. From that point forward, his refusal to release the aid was a violation of the law.

  6. Alan Dershowitz who was one of Epstein clients. Alan tried to defend himself by saying that he had his underwear on so he couldn’t possibly sexually abused anyone…kinda like’ I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman’ defense.

    Also, Ken Starr has his own creepy side too. Ken Starr was ousted as president of Baylor University during a sexual assault coverup scandal in 2016. Monica Lewinsky recently retold the story when she saw Starr at a restaurant and he was rubbing her arm and wouldn’t let go.

    Pam Bondi is the Florida AG who Trump gave 25,000 from his charity as a bribe to dismiss the Florida case against Trump University.

    1. @hugedwarffu it comes down to orange man bad or creepy Joe. Pick your poison. I myself can overlook arrogance and ignorance in comparison joes compilation videos of him being, well, creepy. Not to mention the lengths the media has taken not to even talk about his hunters dealings with ukrain

  7. For the American voters, it will come down to one question: Do you want a king who is above the Law or do you want a POTUS who follows the Consitution?

    1. The problem of equating Trump to a King is supposes all Kings were tyrants who only looked out for themselves and their families. Some kings were better than that. So we might as well use the word that most fits. The question is do you want a tyrant who is above the law and is beholden to no one and no principles or do you want a President who answers to the people, follows the constitution, and allows Congress to provide the Presidential oversight set down in the Constitution?

    1. There needs to be actual concrete proof it was Attempted !! Where is the real solid proof ? It is required for removal !!!!

    2. @Meta Tegra omg, THEY ADMITTED IT ON TELEVISION!!!!!! What is wrong with you? Trump, Mulvaney, Sondland and Giuliani all admitted to it on television. Half a dozen witnesses and ACCOMPLICES also confirmed it. Trump ILLEGALLY withheld the aid, without cause or reason. And only released the aid after he got caught.
      What more do you want?

    1. @Rodney Boehner so you are missing out the bit about holding back money that had been allotted which wasn’t his job to do untill the Ukrainians got him political dirt. That’s the crime.

    2. @Meta Tegra “Highest number of Records with the stockmarket which is up over 10000 points since his election(which has no bearing on average citizens income and is following a decade long trend). American workers have jobs with his exellent work creating policies that put the people back to work including all women(false, his policies have created huge debt and he is falling behind the pace set by Obama’s policies and the jobs are low paying). His rebuilding of US Military in a time of weakness his decisions have built strength(more money for the MIC not equal to better protection). No quick or push for all out war with our adversaries(nearly started war with Iran on a whim). No wars is a good policy to strive for(but everything he has done works against it). On the other hand wiping ISIS off the face of the earth instead of letting them post videos(thanks to major help from the guy he assassinated). Keeping the western alliance strong with NATO(by . Confronting the unfair trade totalitarian Ethno state of the Chinazi Communist Party( 7 billion bailout for farmers paid by you). Having the common sense to realize we dont owe our country to the rest of the world to inherit as their birth right then they were not born here. Protecting the rights of natural born Americans(white ones anyway). Trying to confront endless infinate illegal immigration and the lack of jobs(immigration is a net gain for the economy and they do jobs YOU wont)…building the walls (with military money stolen from the defense you said he was helping and he said Mexico would pay for)thereby building 2 of them !! Producing jobs for those that are already here….You should look deeper and not just parrot GOP talking points.

    1. @Smoke Rise This so-called booming economy is smoke and mirrors. More fake than the fake economy under Obama. Trump knows it as well but he won’t let it be publicly known as he mentioned in 2016 while campaigning.

  8. underwear dude is a big phony just like his client, the Golden(orange) cow …….. he must owe trump a favor after trump had Epstein killed…

  9. I am desperate to know whether dershowitz got cash up front for this job or whether he’s willing to be unpaid As Trump is famous even when the work’s done.

  10. Does he remember trumps praise of the β€œvery fine people” who were chanting Jews will not replace us ?

    1. Hitler wasn’t as bad as many people claim – they should read how Hitler was drawn into war and of him being a pacifist. You put Trump in place of him and you’d have another Stalin.

    2. @Real Economy he literally ordered and was involved in the attempt to committ absolute genocide on an entire ideologue/race.

      Whether he accidentally tripped and fell into war as you are basically saying, is a joke. The acts themselves deserve intervention.

      Also, your comparisons on what would have happened are a joke. Because nobody knows what would have happened.

      All I know, is I hate the “Hitler wasn’t so bad” statement with a passion. Because even the most common sense people from either side of whatever isle would say the man was an absolute monster.

      He may have believed his intentions were good, just as he may have believed in pacifism. But, pacifism doesn’t allow you to attempt genocide on an entire gene pool.

  11. another of dershoshitz’s defenses:
    i kept my underwear on while the 14 year-old gave me a massage. nothing wrong with that.

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