Jon Favreau On How Democrats Can Beat President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

Jon Favreau On How Democrats Can Beat President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. It has become clear as day. The only way to have a government that can function correctly is to get rid of all bought and paid for politician s.

    1. Then go to and just follow the prompts and you’ll find out right down to the dollar amounts which corporations your congressional critters *really* work for and it isn’t you nor me. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m *including* dems in this since most people tell themselves ‘it’s not *my* rep’ when indeed it usually is. We have the oldest Congress in the history of this country and during the meantime, we have been slowly evolving into a facist country.

    2. @Jason Perez Thank You! Furthermore, they are the critters that are actually writing the bills that the congress debates (if you can call it that) and votes on and passes into law.

  2. Do Democrat’s have a time machine or any other way to stop themselves from going full on America hating radical socialists …because if not….they have no chance.

    1. Because YouTube manipulates the algorithms that have the corporate media trend. look at all MSNBC Washington Post CNN videos compare the likes to dislikes ratio always a negative ratio yet they trend

    2. Paul Boccuti thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know it was a thing until now. Maybe I’ll start hammering too 🔨

  3. Yeap, when asked people will tell you that they “absolutely” will not vote for Trump. Did that ever happened before, uh…. , let me seeee…,…, oh yes! In 2016 😄!

    1. Same two comments as the previous comment.

      Shut up Russia and “trumpanzees”
      Weak minded morons

    2. And yet another cowardly follower of a cowardly clown repeat everything it says. That makes you look very intelligent.

  4. How absolutely pathetic. Sure we have no message, no reason for you to vote for us other than just don’t vote Trump.

  5. The dislikes on this channel signify the attitude of the country right now! Can you spell L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E?

    1. Independent here, I will never vote blue again for the rest of my life. They have exposed themselves completely

  6. It looked to me you all completely missed the point. 7 out of 10 said they did not want to vote for Trump and but also did not want to vote Democratic. That tells me that the Democratic party can still lose via the electorial college again. The party and the media needs to wake up and start supporting canidates who will actually work for the people and not party agenda that has been so blatant for the last 20yrs

  7. Dems have to start a new impeachment inquiry and hold more public hearings to inform the stupid doubters before and until at least october

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