Experts say ‘glaring’ loopholes exist in gun purchase policies | USA TODAY

Experts say 'glaring' loopholes exist in gun purchase policies | USA TODAY 1


  1. You mean experts weren’t clued in earlier that the fact a wacked 18 year old could buy guns, ammo faster than I can buy a pack of batteries from Amazon with 2 day shipping???

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  3. 02:13 “here you go America you get what you asked for” funny how so many Americans no longer want God in schools, even the idea of any prayers in government, God in their private lives and yet still wonder why the country is the way it is. That man answered it himself. “There you go America you get what you asked for.”

  4. My nstional rifle asosation is not guilty what happen inside the families members violence at home in schools we need Review what happen in the families before speak to N R A

  5. These “loopholes” mean very little for these mass shootings, considering that most of the time the perpetrators have no criminal records and usually pass these background checks. HIPAA laws prevent the FBI from knowing that someone has a long history of mental illlness, and more often than not most people with severe mental illnesses or histories of violence and aggression are very young and have no paper trails outside of high school records. Biggest hurdle to a well rounded database for such information is how fragmented the data gathering for things such as criminal history and mental health evaluations are. It would rely on potentially dozens of institutions to keep this database updated on a constant basis.

    Canada handles this by running their entire national criminal information system through the RCMP, in the U.S. even within the same county you potentially have 3-5 different institutions doing this task.

  6. Criminals do not care about laws,you can make all the laws you like and it will only hurt the people trying to protect their families!! DUMB….

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