Experts urge for climate emergency declaration as temperatures soar | USA TODAY

As heat waves scorch throughout the United States, similar weather patterns are crippling western European countries.

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President Joe Biden will announce new executive actions to address climate change as his legislative agenda to combat the crisis faced a setback in Congress.

Biden’s actions will include new funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) program to protect communities facing extreme heat. Projects under the program aim to reduce the risks communities face from disasters and natural hazards.

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  1. “Ex” meaning past, “Spurt” meaning small drip under pressure. That’s the appropriate description of a climate expert.

    Climate emergency???? Bullshit. You haven’t lived long enough to have worked in -40F to +120 F conditions,. Hell, you’ve probably never worked a hard day’s work in your entire life, so don’t presume to lecture those who have been doing science for 45 years.

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