‘Explosive’ : House Releases Records From Lev Parnas | Hardball | MSNBC

‘Explosive’ : House Releases Records From Lev Parnas | Hardball | MSNBC 1


  1. Lol so Russian agents who where giving Russian money to Republicans where retained by trump as lawyers? And had letter from the president lololololol

    1. Right, and Red Hats will still stand with Trump against America.

      I will give the GOP credit. They have figured out how to weaponize our 1/3rd least educated. It’s scary how easy it is to get Conservatives to turn traitor to our great country.

    2. @Jeremy Backup I bet you Putin was surprised about that. They were eager to commit treason it seems. They wear T shirts that say they’d rather be Russian than Democrat. I shudder to think that such scum exist.

  2. The funny thing is that we only know what isn’t classified. God knows what else there is. It’s an ice crystal on the tip of the iceberg

    1. @PixelPhobiac with all the server mumbo jumbo that trump made about Hillary’s server, and he does 10 fold worse. He accuses everyone of exactly what he is doing

    2. Russ Martin exactly. There’s probably been so much destroyed and classified that we know nothing about…smdh

    3. @Blessed One hes awake almost 24 hours a day. Without his babysitters around, God knows what else he’s doing

  3. Lie, Deny, Defy….its been working for this corrupt zoo of traitors. If they can’t win legally, win illegally and claim victory…..


    2. @Jake Baba – He said he had the largest EC victory since Reagan and, when called out for his blatant BS, he says that it was the information he was given… by himself. 😀

  4. It’s clear that Trump, Rudy, Pompeo, and Mulvaney, intentionally put the life of a US Ambassador in danger. And they did because she was in the way of Trump’s bribery scheme. Not only should Trump be impeached, they should all be imprisoned.

    America’s Ambassadors serving overseas at our embassies aren’t under threat from Iran, but they could very well be under imminent threat from our own sitting President. Let that sink in for a moment. Ambassador Yovanovitch should sue Trump, Rudy, and everyone who was involved in putting her very life in danger, and for having her removed from her posting in Ukraine.

    1. Don’t forget Barr – he’s been running around the world too – and attending courthouses trying to get laws passed for Trump.

    2. Trump wanted a hit on Yovanovitch so that Ukraine would get the blame, and he would then deny them aid as Putin told him to do so.

  5. If you want explosive….just swing by the White House residence when you start hearing the sound of multiple flushes coming from upstairs! 🚽💦 💦 💦

    1. Trump standing over the toilet, red faced, snot dripping from his nose in an Adderall induced frenzy, yelling in a slurred incoherent language at his turd because it won’t go down.

    1. @Jax James Every single word you just referred to as nonsense…..is actually rather sensible. A guilty impeachment verdict is doomed. The Senate trial will leave Nadler even more pasty complected and physically contorted. Adam Schiff will be reduced to a blithering crying Cub Scout by the same gavel pounding he practiced in December 2019…..and ONCE AGAIN…..YOU consumers of MSNBC’s “products” will find yourselves standing in the aisle of losers…..WITH NOTHING. Three plus years of snarling leftism right down the tubes.

  6. Trump associates and administration is nothing but a criminal syndicate, Trump is cancer and we all know how to deal with cancer, remove it or die!

  7. How thick must the political porridge be cooked before the hand stirring the pot makes it impossible to swallow? At this point, it’s cement!

  8. How did Parnas still have these documents to give? Because William Barr blocked the justice dept investigation, otherwise they would have been seized already. It is only through Parnas’ bravery in defying Trump and Putin that we have this info at all. I hope Parnas has the highest level protection, and not via the “justice” dept or we will see another “Epstein”.

    1. Parnas being brave is a bit of a stretch. He’s been given a sweetheart deal from the government and he’s looking to retire comfortably somewhere in Idaho away from prying Russian eyes. (Or he can go to prison where things might not work out so well for him. )

    1. A lot of people in Canada and all over the world are in solidarity with you. Good luck. The alternate reality Republicans and Trump’s vile base live in doesn’t exist here. They look totally deranged. If someone talked like that in public in Canada someone would take them to the hospital.

    1. And he cheats on wives, he cheats those who work for him out of money and God knows what will be found when his taxes come to light. Just the kind of morals and family values conservative Christians love.

    2. trump cheats at EVERYTHING . Grades, the Draft,  ‘bidness’, marriage, ‘charities’, elections .

    1. yeah sure. Obomber bombed Africa for 8 years and called himself a civil-rights hero… Democrats have the blue-flavored BS, and republicans have the red. It’s one happy hyperreality.

    2. @Tim Bey Can you hold two thoughts in your head at once? It’s possible to be pro-civil rights, and follow UN resolutions and wage authorized war at the same time. Muppet.

    3. Obomber was a warmonger and corporatist. He never said he was left-wing or liberal. That’s your fantasy. He got a peace prize for bombing Africa for 8 years. BS walks, man. The only prizes he deserved was his marketing awards.

  9. He’s been caught red handed. Can you imagine what the Dotard will do in his 2nd term with nothing to lose if he was willing to be this corrupt in his 1st term?

    1. I’ve been saying this from the beginning. If he gets re-elected, there is absolutely nothing holding him back. There would be no reason to want the support of the American people. Things would get a lot worse. It could spell the end of… well everything.😔

    2. And the Republican cults are willing to risk everything, even the world, rather than facing the fact that they have been Duped in the end, by Donald trump.

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