1. Good then based on that mentality of “Russian land” and “Russian nation”, we would like to kindly ask Mr Putin to return, Kaliningrad ( Königsberg) back to Germany. Also Sant Petersburg back to Sweden and he should also leave all those Caucasus states be separated since they are not Russians and not even close ! Also the vast Siberian and eastern Russia are Asian with Asian looking people.

    1. @Milena Meredith
      Chances are the transaction was made in gold or silver(US Dollars back then were available stamped out in pure metal coins so you can use both metrics) but the price was 1 USD per either acre or hectare and the metal shipped would have been in the form of coins. BTW I’m no Yank, no potato for you today.

    2. @Linards Abolins Why is Putin’s humiliation so important to you? Why not save a few more people from his tender mercies, instead?

  2. “Rebuilding” – I guess no one in Putin’s inner circle has the balls to tell him its real meaning?

  3. It makes sense. Just like love and hate, these feelings start mixing up in certain situations. “If I cannot have you, I destroy you.”

    1. @mjh zen I was about to point that out, but you bet me to it. In the “If I cannot have you, I will destroy you” mentality, there is no love and there never was.

    2. @SCPython You should look at the whole history more fully. Before the US decided to take on a dictator, the dictator already killed tens or even hundreds of thousands of his people and invaded other countries. For example, both Taiwan and Japan got bombed by the US, but we all know that’s for the Japanese Empire.

  4. This makes the issue of his parentage all the more impactful. There’s an old woman in the country of Georgia, a Miss Putina, who claims to be his mother, saying that she reached a point where she couldn’t raise him and so surrendered him to Moscow for adoption. The local elementary school does indeed have a class picture including a child who looks like the Russian leader’s mini-me, identified with the name Vladimir Putin.

    It’s understandable why, in his autobiography, Putin would identify his Russian adoptive parents as simply his parents, and claim to have been born in Moscow. They really were the ones who stepped in to raise him and love him, and in his mind he might have felt reborn in Moscow. Under such a circumstance, the break-up of the Soviet Union would feel like a second abandonment! On the one hand he wants to bring them all back, to reassert himself as Russian, and on the other hand he wants to punish the escaped countries for the rejection that he felt. Or so it looks from my admittedly ignorant armchair position.

    1. You can’t turn monsters into normal ppl no matter how hard you try. You need to face the fact … They’re just monsters period

    2. @Tracy Dupree Only 2% of humanity is incurably psychopathic. The rest can change. Granted, it’s not easy. Yet God doesn’t give up, so neither can I.

  5. Yikes, if he’s rebuilding Mother Russia(the empire), then Georgia, Moldova and Armenia are toast. He already has Belarus, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan under his thumb. The Baltic states were very wise in joining NATO

    1. The Russian Empire was all the way from Poland ro Alaska. If Russia was so for unlimited expansion they would have kept Alaska and not sold it. The empire under Empress Catherine acquired territories and founded sea ports of likevOdessa, Kerson Dnipro along the Black Sea to enable commerce for the hinterland. The Russian Empire and Ottoman Empire continue to control most of the activities in the Black Sea. With the Soviet Union some Soviet leaders gave Russian land like Crimea to Ukraine. Russia has interest in the security of its citizens that found themselves in the Soviet Ukraine Republic and considers the situation of the territories around the Baltic Sea as critical to its commercial activities.

    2. @E ChikaCatherine the Great conquered and annexed territories such as Crimea. Eventually Khrushchev returned Crimea back to Ukraine. Now Putin says Crimea is part of Russia. I’m not following his logic here.

    3. @E Chika Current history: If Putin can retake Mariupol, it will allow Russia to complete a land bridge between Crimea and the Donbas Region, as well as getting full control of more than 80% of Ukraine’s coast line. UKRAINE’S COAST LINE, not Russia’s coast.
      Russia has been “acquiring” territory belonging to others since Ivan.

  6. The United States should “treat Vladimir Putin for what he is: a KGB colonel who wants to restore the Russian empire,” McCain said in 2014.

  7. The *problem* is that far too many can’t tell the difference between capitalism and democracy. One has *_nothing_* inherent to do with the other. Still doesn’t. Russia has never seen a single moment of democracy.

  8. Yeah, yeah whatever. Putin: “I miss Ukraine. I make rubble and occupy rubble. Victory!”
    Sorry, but just stupid, pointless destruction. True evil for evil’s sake.

  9. If he was humiliated by the collapse of the Soviet Union, he must be absolutely cringing at the exposed lack of capability of his military.

    1. @Zozo He probably has the manpower to draft thousands of bookeepers, mechanics, teachers, etc. But he doesn’t have the funding to provide them uniforms much less military equipment

  10. Nothing in the past can possibly be more humiliating to Putin than what he is experiencing now.

  11. I don’t understand Putins obsession with increasing Russias territory. It is already an enormous country. If he wants to be remembered as a great statesman he should start by building up his country from within.

    1. @Krystelle Rare No my friend, it’s NATO started it expansiion toward Russia border right after soviet union collapsed in 1991 –ready the history first!

  12. He reminds me of a man who can’t get over the fact that he was dumped and is constantly stalking his ex-girlfriend and threatening her.

  13. It’s an excuse, but not the real reason. Basically it’s a diverson to create “patriotic” support for his actions and to throw dust in the eyes of his opponents and take them out.

    The real reason are the reserves of oil and gas in the Ukraine which are exactly in the south east of Ukraine. In 2014, after the Maidan revolution plans were made to start developping them, shortly after Russia invaded the east of Ukraine and the plans were shelved. In light of the objections of Nord Stream 2, which was planned shortly after the war in 2014 even though it had been rejected by the Russians shortly before that war, and the suspension of the certification on februari 22 2022 the “special military operations” began on februari 24 2022, two days after. Ultimately Russia wanted hegemony on European imports of fuel and had been grooming Europe with cheap oil and gas so it would become completely dependent on Russia. The Ukrainian reserves mean that that position would be in jeopardy and he wouldn’t be able to extort and blackmail Europe which would be the the final plan.

    Putin has no “patriotic” feelings other than his wallet. He doesn’t really care about Russians or Russian speaking people, only if he can use them as cheering drones and cannonfodder. If you look at it this way his actions become crystal clear and you can more or less predict his next moves.

  14. “Every empire tells itself and the world that it is unlike all other empires, that its mission is not to plunder and control but to educate and liberate.”
    ― Edward W. Said (1871-1919, Planet Earth)

    1. @Angelo Pugliese So if say, hypothetically a group of influential people who happen to be of Chinese or Russian nationality or background incite a coup in the US that happen to work in Chinese and Russian interests it has nothing to do with China or Russia?

    2. @Angelo Pugliese 🤣🤣 You’re welcome to settle this intellectually. It appears you have nothing left to say to my responses.

    1. @Jodie Price They wanted peace, but you have to draw the line somewhere. With Hitler, it was Poland. He got away with annexing Austria first, but with dictators no concession is ever enough. They just take more.

  15. Putin should have used his power to make the life of Russians better and forget about old fashion imperialistic ideas.

    1. Instead he and his friends robbed the Russian ppl blind . And that’s what he wants to do in Ukraine as well . It’s not love it’s greed

    2. 1400 years of Russian history is hard to ignore. It’s never been about the citizens, only the hard rule of dictators.

  16. His being put to shame for his own deadly fault is nothing compared to all the destructions, death and sufferings he caused to Ukrain and to the world due to the food a fuel crisis.

    1. @Gilbert Santa Cruz look for competent and honest politicians, the more such the better, regardless of the party

  17. This reminds me of another leader that wanted to restore a fallen empire. And the story started with him marching into neighboring sovereign countries that were in his view part of his empire. I think it all ended in a big disaster because the other countries turned a blind eye for way too long and tried to reason with the emboldened leader.

    1. @B R you know what’s sad, I used to claim myself as a centrist Republican. The kind of person who would gladly vote for Romney or McCain. Today, though, the party is way too ridiculous for me to support them. I donate to some groups that support a Republican party without Trump, but I cannot, in good conscience, donate to or vote for anyone who refuses to denounce Trump. Sadly, I fear the Republican party will continue drifting further from the center line as people like myself, and the far more sane representatives we support, fall away and distance ourselves. I fear what my now-former party will do as it loses voices of reason and instead embraces radicalization 🙁

    2. @Hungus the Fungus Nope! If the world had actually learned anything the west would have acted more decisively in 2014 during the invasion of Crimea; or more importantly the Tieinimen square massacre in 1989!!

    3. @Spencer I consider myself as a moderate conservative (In Canada) but find that the stupidity on both sides requires some kind of centrist party to evolve and pull normal people back into politics,

  18. Hopefully there are still some sane people in Russia, maybe someone in the military leadership, FSB, KGB, GRU or SVR with a grasp of reality. One of them will decide it is better to remove Putin from power than letting him destroy Russia while trying to destroy Ukraine.

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