War crimes trial for Russian soldier begins in Kyiv

A 21-year-old soldier became the first Russian to be tried for war crimes at a trial in Kyiv. He is accused of killing a 62-year-old man in Ukraine’s Sumy region, according to the country's prosecutor general's office. CNN’s Melissa Bell reports. #CNN #News


  1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and children who lost their loved ones in Ukraine.

  2. RIP to all the innocent children, women and men who lost their lives in Ukraine.

    1. Dam I thought Trump was bad with lies all the time but he has nothing on Peter Puffin Putin

  3. Good to see that somewhere people are being held accountable for their crimes. America should pay attention.

  4. This is a very right move of Ukraine. The world is seeing, perpetrators of all kinds should not be tolerated! Long live Ukraine!!!

    1. Congratulations Bharat (india)
      It’s the first country to reopen the embassy in Kiev on 17 May even before USA did that’s also the import of Russian oil is 3x
      shows the neutrality of india 💞💞💞🙏

    2. @Captain Win
      Do you forget about the Indigenous bodies under your house???

    1. A proper defence is so important in a case like this. You can see from the reactions to this comment that many people are unable to control their emotions or perhaps just don’t understand the grave implications an unfair trial can have in this circumstance. I hope the Ukrainian people will understand the role of a defence lawyer and not start blasting them as traitors etc.

  5. Charge them as soon as a case has been developed. The Russian soldiers need to know that there will be no waiting for accountability.

    1. @Lucanious Petrenko as Gueterros said, there are sufficient institutions at the UN, to deal with crime and the like

      Putin decided to go his way

    1. A lot of Russian generals are being held accountable at the entrance to the Pearly Gates, which is how I like it.

    1. @donaldlyons17 and it’s taking place in what is essentially an active war zone. That was my point. I’m not so sure it can be fair.

  6. It doesn’t matter how much years in prison he gets. In UA prison it’s matter of days till they find him beaten to death.
    The whole world is supporting you, Glory to Ukraine! 👍

  7. This is a very wise move on Ukraine’s part. It shows accountability for the enemies actions and restraint on their part.

    1. they put one man on trial in a glass cage and show nothing of the thousands of captives claiming to be tortured. and you call it restraint. hook, line, and sinker.

  8. He should be put in an isolation room for life where they can’t even see the people that would bring their food.

  9. I understand war and civilian deaths unfortunately will and do happen but it’s not necessary to shoot someone peacefully riding on a bike around tanks,what the hell threat do they pose on a bicycle

  10. Boo this man!! throws rotten tomatoes lol. na but seriously he needs to pay for his crimes, it’s not fair these men are traind to kill they take advantage of there power .

  11. I can’t stop thinking about all the children, elderly people, woman and innocent Ukrainian people who get their lives destroyed because this stupid operation of stealing land from Ukraine.

  12. That’s how it’s done when you have all the proof needed. Why would you wait for a year or two to take action?

  13. A “fair” trial. He murdered a senior citizen and civilian w/o just cause…how fair is it gonna be when you’re on trial for the horrendous atrocity you’ve commited. IMO “fair” is the fact that the guy is even getting a trial and not just a bullet in the head in the town square. He should be grateful that his “enemies” aren’t barbaric like his fellow countymen

    1. Actually, a lifetime behind bars is worse than a bullet, so if that’s what he gets that will be justice! He will have plenty on time in his cell to reflect on his crimes.

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