Ukraine blows up Russian helicopter on Snake Island

Ukraine's armed forces released video showing Ukrainian troops destroying a Russian helicopter on Snake Island. Retired US Army Major Mike Lyons analyzes how Ukraine will fight Russia in the Black Sea. #CNN #News


  1. This one of the most inspiring moments in history. A smaller country driving back a larger and authoritarian corrupt country. Go Ukraine!

    1. @Ben LOL, where did you get 150k??? That is total Russian force, they have 170 BTGs, not more 😉
      I assure you they did not deploy their whole army ;))
      The most they had in Ukraine or around Ukraine is 120 BTGs, today they have 92+20 BTGs.

      1. Why Russia did not take Mykolaiv, Sumy, Cherniv – that one is easy.
      Mykolaiv is about the same size as Mariupol. To take a city even if you are Russian, you need at least 3x the force, preferably at least 5x and if you are American then 10x. If Mykolaiv was defended by same # of troops as Mariupol that would mean using at the very minimum 3x (2000 – 3000 + 1 marine brigade) which depends on what you believe is at least 15k troops up to over 21k troops. At lower bound that is far more then troops deployed right now on the whole kherson side.

      Sumy / Chernichiev – similar to above but even more loop sided. The entire right hand side of Kiev was at most 20k troops. the sheer superb figthing that was needed to surround Chernichiev with such tiny force AND go to Browary is … astounding.

      2. it does not take a genius to figure this out – at the very most you have 100k troops – basic unit placements are provided on numerous maps. All your militia forces start in Donbass. So it does not take a genius to figure out what was max troop level where. Its not that hard – you can do it as well.

      Regarding Ukrainian army, it started re-calling reserves before the war. It started the war with 250k troops. Reservists recalled increased that number by 50k. At this point Ukraine finished 3rd round of mobilization. Ukraine had tiny airforce and even smaller navy, thus most of these 250k are army troops.

      So what that you say Ukraine only had say 50k in Donbass at the start – that is still more then Russia plus allies at that front line!

      Similar situation is now – Ukraine out numbers Russians and allies at least two to one as I am sure they deployed most of their forces to the front. Even if we account for tons of troops not in the war zone its still 2 to 1. There is just no other way to slice and dice the numbers.

      After less then 1 month of war we get “Ukrainian army mobilized both its first and second echelons of reserve forces, together totaling 150,000 troops. Kyiv is doubling its army.”

      So 150k troops per month. After over 2 months lets say only 300k. That is still a lot of troops!

      Of course west could be lying and there are far fewer Ukrainian troops.

  2. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers and children who lost their loved ones in Ukraine.

  3. WW2 outdated 21st, century in action!! that mi say🤣🤣🤣🤣💙💛 🇺🇦 to the world!! glory to Ukraine

  4. Now would be a good time for Russia to get out before they take this to a new level there is too much advanced equipment for them.

    1. @Omnizid Z is a tactical marking of equipment in exercises meaning Zapad – West. That is, the troops of the western region of Russia. And the letter V is Vostok – East, that is, the troops of the eastern region! So don’t make up myths. The troops were on exercises when they received an order to go to the territory of Ukraine to prevent its attack on the recognized republics of Donbass, the LPR and the DPR!

  5. It takes about a year for a nation to join NATO but it will still bring relief to the Ukrainian fight.

    1. It will be the same as Tanks.. they still have their uses, but man it gets ugly when a small mobile weapon that costs a tiny fraction of the cost of ship/tank/plane can kill a bunch of them pretty easily.

  6. Bravo Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
    I love hearing such news .
    The bully Tiger (Russia ) is going to learn and respect the Rabbit (Ukraine )for a very long time

    1. Even if it’s fake? Actually Ukranian army lost lots of resourses there just a couple days ago, trying to recapture the island

    2. @An American that is a story for little kids. When you grow up you realise that big fish eat small

  7. It’s amazing to see …how the war is being fought with drones ..with precision…and guess what young teenage gamers are being used for their experience playing war games..with no real army or soldiering experience whatsoever..😳

    1. @Juan Barus bingo. I’m sorry to our brave soilders but just like the air plane dominates the field so will the future tech.

    2. Been happening for at least 15 years ya. If you called in a fire mission in even early Afghanistan it would be either a predator drone with a hellfire missile, or an A-10.
      We actually used an Israeli surveillance system. When the $20,000 joystick broke we ended up rigging an xbox controller to it, and just used that.
      Fun fact a lot of the drones can be piloted from the USA despite flying around in numerous parts of the world.

    3. @Dave Mckolanis the Ukrainians aren’t exposing their young nerd drone operators to front lines. They keep them 4 or 5 kilometres back .

    4. @Dave Mckolanis that’s probably the same thinking Russia has, but yet they keep getting rocked by young people with drones

    5. @Dave Mckolanis whaats funny is that you are wrong,, they are. Getting kid who had played video games to control the newer generation drones , the controls are like Xbox Playstation like, the military noticed this and saw the older guys didn’t know much about using drones , but one guy that had gaming experience is now a drones operator.

      That’s what we mean stay up to date on the things happening

  8. The hilarious part of this entire war is that Ukraine is now receiving more international military aid than the size of the Russian military budget.

  9. Russia: “We have a Navy, you don’t!”
    Ukraine: “Hold my Bayraktar, we have missiles!”

    1. ⚡On Snake Island English and American high-ranking officers disappeared during the landing. For their sake, the Ukrainian military fought for two days. But it was not possible to return the officers, or at least their bodies.

      According to sources in the General Staff, an American marine lieutenant colonel, as well as an English major from the commando brigade of the marine corps, landed on Snake Island together with Ukrainian fighters. They coordinated the work of NATO intelligence assets and the Ukrainian landing forces. Both officers landed in the first wave. But then the Russians shot down three helicopters and one landing craft was sunk. The remaining boats withdrew, leaving the first wave of landing on the shore.

      London and Washington demanded that Zelensky make every effort to return their officers. Despite several attempts to re-land on the island, it was not possible to find out the fate of the English and American marines. It is assumed that they died in battle with the Russians. But so far there is no confirmation of this information. It is possible that both were captured.

      In turn, the attempt to return their bodies cost the Ukrainian forces several planes and helicopters shot down, as well as dozens of several dead marines and special forces.

    2. When your navy exists in a big lake, you really do not need a navy. There are so many ways to defeat a navy in a bathtub, and Ukraine is only now discovering the options. No doubt they are talking to the U.S. Navy about strategies to eliminate Russian – toot toot navy. Long live Ukraine forever.

  10. Its a land invasion and you loosing half of your NAVAL equipment. That has to be the biggest L a European country has taken in nearly a century.

  11. I am always amused by the notion that Putin never thinks “Huh, I wonder why all our neighbors want to join NATO”?

    1. Exactly. So many countries want to be in NATO, but why. Maybe none of them have swallowed the BS from Vladimir Putin? Somebody needs to figure out a way to help the average Russian figure out that they have been played. Long live Ukraine, forever.

  12. Definitely the US’s intel, 21st century tactics and weapons using highly motivated Ukrainian fighters vs. Russia’s WWII era tactics, weapons and undisciplined, unmotivated troops.

  13. Drones armed with missiles could go a long way toward neutralizing the Russian navy off Odessa. Now if Rand Paul would just stop grandstanding and allow the Ukraine military aid package to get passed in the Senate……Time is of the essence when these heroic Ukrainian’s are trying to defend their country.

  14. Guys, it was a Ukranian helicopter and was blown by the Russians. This happened 2 days ago, and at this point Ukraine admitted they attempted to take it but failed.

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