Elon Musk tweets that his Twitter deal is on hold

Twitter shares dropped after Elon Musk tweeted he was putting the $44 billion deal on hold. CNN’s Rahel Solomon and Brian Stelter weigh in on what Musk's motivation could be. #CNN #News


  1. He’s playing y’all like a harp from hell. It’s not Twitter he wants, it’s the attention. He’s just like Trump.
    Th limelight is what he loves, and you do not hesitate to report on his every move.

    1. @Shadow Doc haha yes he had a laptop which the shop owner has locked away and can’t access. Read the whole article don’t take quotes u can use in your favor. And once again you are wrong Tesla isn’t making affordable cars. Plenty of ev cars including the lightning f150 are cheaper. And fyi teslas won’t even be available for purchase anymore, Lease only. Stop worrying about who is invited and start researching facts. Anything else u want me to dunk on?

    2. @Harold Moore the offer still stands .. he is awaiting more information about the company.
      And how many bots are on the platform.

    1. Breaking news, people that fully believe climate change, REALLY REALLY hate the person leading the fight against climate change ^^

  2. I would suspect that he’s trying to drive the price down enough so that he could buy them for $42 flat

    1. @Deb N doubt it. I am sure there are strings attached to the investment money he has secured.

  3. Either way Elon Musk made a terrible decision to buy Twitter at his own expense. Personally I don’t care. I never used it & never will like Facebook.
    These networks costed people’s lives.

    1. One of the best things I did was to stop using Facebook. When I first got on many many years ago, I thought it was great to connect with old friends and school mates. Then over time people started to post about their political or religious beliefs. I took the bait and decided to give people my opinions on these things. The engagements were civil, but you could tell that certain people that had differing views probably looked at me a lot differently (in a negative way) and their is no doubt I looked at many of my old friends and classmates in a more negative light because of their views. About 3-4 times a year when I am bored, usually when I stuck someplace, I might look at FB but I try to just skip over all of the political BS. I think what bugged me the most was all of the outright wrong and misleading information that is posted. For those that were most outspoken, they posted the most false information.

    2. @MusicByJC so instead you come to youtube to do it? Less personal this way?

      I just dont like twitter and facebook, cause nothing is real. Everyone tries to one up the “perfect life” meanwhile their reality is compleetly detached from what you see on twitter and facebook.

    1. @Venus ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ so yo say musk isn’t lying l, he’s bluffing… and that you’re uneducated if you can’t see this… but you can’t seem to tell us yourself? 🤥

  4. As the WP wrote on 15 April 2022: “…keep one thing in mind: Musk’s promises often need an edit button of their own.”

    1. When a Company lies about the Bot makeup of the user base there should be room for pause, CNN and WP. SMH!

  5. He just thinks it’s amazing how he can send the stock market up or down with a single tweet. Who cares about the millions of people who lose their shirts or their savings accounts while he plays like a child with his power.

    1. I lose my saving account by democrats. And you worry about those rich people lose shareholders.
      You clearly don’t care about Americans

    2. It’s illegal for him to do it, but the SEC nor any part of the federal government will hold him accountable.

  6. Quitter…..Now that Elon is insanely rich he seems to have lost his work ethic.
    The truck with the monster blindspots has been on and off
    Starlink still hasn’t delivered to Alaskan customers and is still holding deposits.

    1. Lol you forgot the people that payed their 50k deposit for their roadster… still waiting for about 3/4 years

    1. You can follow it..
      So twitter inflating their user count with bots is perfectly fine? I wonder what the companies think that had to pay more money for ads because of these bots haha.

  7. Why does he need to buy Twitter when he needs to finish the job of manufacturing safe, reliable, electric cars that real working families can afford?

    1. @Susan C they cant afford any electric car. Still why the hate on the absolute front runner against climate change?

    2. @Susan Cmade electric cars. Inventing new ways of fuel, trying to make re usable rockets. Working on a way to make a forest in a desert area.

      Cant name anyone that has done more.

    3. That’s right. Before Elon the democrats were well on their way to helping the working class …let alone helping them buy efficient vehicles 🥴

  8. NONE of what Stelter said is based on any facts (purely conjecture). This guys the worst !!!

    1. @Clinton Kildepsteen Good grief. He didn’t start any of the companies he has enriched himself with, including Payl Pal. Tesla etc that he likes to fashion himself as founder of. You should really do a bit of research.

  9. This guy keep playing with everyone. He doesn’t respect the shareholders and he care who loses money with each of his tweet.

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