‘Extremely Irresponsible’: Texas Will Not Require Schools To Contact Trace 1

‘Extremely Irresponsible’: Texas Will Not Require Schools To Contact Trace

Dr. Christina Propst, a pediatrician in Houston, tells Jonathan Capehart about the children with Covid-19 she has treated, including a 5-week-old infant. Dr. Lipi Roy says it's "beyond infuriating" that Texas will not require schools to contact trace when students get infected.
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  1. We didn’t get a baseline on the effect of covid on children because the schools were closed at the onset of the pandemic.

    1. @Nick L Part of the problem if you can call it that is that now that elderly people are vaccinated (for the most part, I hope) the virus is going where it can find a host & that means kids. But yes the variant first came from India.

    2. Exactly! Now for the great experiment; “let’s see what happens and how the children will respond to Delta.” This experiment cannot be allowed to take place.

    1. @Julie Ring
      Hey Julie. Thanks for keeping me company last night. I have to return some videos. But I want to give you this before I leave:

      It’s supposed to be a Nazi SS skull with Coronavirus batwings. Pretty snazzy, huh?
      Wear it proudly.

    2. @Tweety Bird Rabies requires direct contact like gonorrhea, covid is airborne and do not need other than that you inhale the liquid droplets a sick exhale.

    1. @Hard Rocker – I don’t know what you are complaining about. Immigrants from south of the border have always contributed to our society by taking jobs that most Americans are unwilling to do. Lately this has meant infecting unvaccinated trump morons with covid. But don’t worry. I hear there is something like a 99.99999999999% survival rate. And if you are afraid of them, you can always stay at home.

    1. Antivaxxers will not trust the FDA, CDC, or WHO.
      They will not trust Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical, or Mayo Clinic.
      But they will trust some random Facebook conspiracy theorist.
      I just don’t know what can be done with people like that…

    2. @S McDonald They won’t take a vaccine made by a major pharmaceutical company that’s been around for decades but they’ll happily buy and inject their pets deworming medicine, Ivermecton that they’ve bought at the local feed store.

    3. @BidenForRetirementLiving Death rate for infected in Texas, Florida is 1.6%. Worldwide, the minimum is 2.1%, there are thousands of unregistered covid deaths in Brazil (officially 2.8%) and especially India.
      You repeat yourself; you have really run out of swear words.

    1. @I Voted – totally…. and during those decades of pre-existing conditions, where were all these Americans who wanted UHC? Oh that’s right, theyre doing exactly what I was saying: not caring who has to die as long as they get their money.
      The funny thing about history is it already happened. The world already witnessed Americans do nothing about murder for profit. Arguing about how many people support UHC now only serves one purpose: to shield your bruised ego and to deflect the facts; exactly what Trump would do.

    2. @Octavius Chan The poll that showed the majority of Americans want some form of universal healthcare was taken in 2018, prior to Covid-19. Try again troll.

    3. @I Voted – he’s right you know. the reason why UHC never got implemented earlier is because americans would rather let people die than admit they have a problem. now with covid and children, your solution is again, never admit you have a problem. what’s with you americans? it’s like you all graduated from trump university or something. quit pretending like not admitting reality is the equivalent of a solution. it’s your country, your politics and your civic responsibility to participate in your own country’s politics. quit deflecting blame for once in your life and maybe you’ll actually get around to creating a solution. no, you all have to act like cry baby trump, every second of every day – demanding people say nice things of you and getting defensive over every little bit of reality that critical of yourselves.

    4. @Deborah Freedman lol and that poll magically rewrote history and suddenly America had UHC for the last 5 decades? Oh wait magic doesn’t exist. Those people that suffered and died are still dead, Americans still don’t care who has to die for money, but at least you got to defend you ego with an argument based on zero substance.

    1. They tried to blame the power grid failure, which killed many including children, on windmills and the Green New Deal – so there is no telling what BS they will attempt.

    2. The schools. And lawsuits will happen and shut downs will result and online learning will be forced to come back. But why do we need to go that route when we know it’s going to happen. Just skip the whole thing and get vaccinated.

    3. @Kaitlyn Livingston My God, she’s right. Google “Polk County elementary school closes …” Eight staff members are down.

    4. @Angela Siegfried “Polk County Elementary School Closes …” Angela, thank you for your post! I put in the google line for anyone who cares enough to look – or who wants to know. Heartbreaking.

    1. @Gordon Peacman I’m pretty sure they have been but DeSantis’ children all under 4 obviously have not. Someone should ask him if he would send them into a room 5 days a week with unmasked children.

    1. I live in Texad and I’m in the minority. I am vaccinated and wear a mask everywhere. None of my immediate cow6are vaccinated and none have been vaccinated. I have to wear two masks because they won’t wear one. My kids are starting school with no mask mandate and there is nothing I can do. Texas children are about to suffer hard because of our stupid leaders..

    2. @Soild Ground just remember this when it’s time to vote! Teach your children wearing a mask will keep them healthy.

    1. Even if you are vaccinated. More deadly variants are about to come out. Imagine the millions of infected children and the amount variance that will come from that!!

  2. Doesn’t this follow this governor’s irresponsible behaivor since the beginning of the pandemic. Will he be satisfied when more lives are lost. I guess the question is more does he truly care for Texans in general.

  3. I feel sorry for those kids and their families but I think it’s going to be real bad .. The kids dont yet have the ability to get the vaccine and parents are putting politics in front of there own kids health. America is headed for a rude awakening in the next few weeks.. God bless all the poor kids with CLUELESS parents…

    1. Being a progressive Democrat, losing Republican voters is a good thing. Being a human being, loss of life, whether adult or child is not acceptable.

  4. If the stupid want to die let them but the problem is the innocent go with them. It’s child abuse and murder through stupidity.

  5. What has become of people? This virus is not an individual threat. It needs a collective response from everyone. These people need to become “TEAM PLAYERS”! Putting the health of children ahead of some political ideology is imperative.

    1. Unfortunately we’re dealing with the ones who always slacked on the class group project, dragging the group down with them. Mask up, wash your hands, and stay away from people and going in stores as much as possible. We’re unfortunately going to have to let them chase their Darwin Award.

  6. The crazy part is, some of the parents think that these Governors are heroes, saving their freedoms and keeping the federal government from imposing health mandates. Unfortunately, these will be the same parents that will say “the federal government is not doing enough to keep us safe” when their children get ill from covid and possibly die. It is so sad to watch the same mistakes play out over and over again.

  7. This is insane, how ignorant can you be? God forbid this starts hitting children like it has adults.

    1. it is. pediatric ICUs are filling fast. Our kids had to go back to school. we are in a southern state where the gov is refusing any mitigation whatsoever. the kids weren’t in school one week before there were 300 covid cases and counting. they went remote for two weeks. I am hoping they stay remote. we are seriously thinking about homeschooling. the kids have been double masking. they feel afraid and anxious all day they sit in school. it feels like kids are being used as weapons in this battle. not cool, totally lame.

    2. @Damselflies my heart goes out to you and all the families out there that just want to protect their children. I would not want to be raising children in this toxic politicized environment. Hope you all stay safe.

  8. The first instinct of any human is to protect the young. But not the Republicans. A ship goes down and all you hear is “Women and children first” Not the Republicans. They’ll be on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd lifeboats..

    1. Yes…what happened to their shouts of save the childern…now their willing to have their children die of covid, in any form…this one is taking out children.

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