‘Extremely painful’: Annamie Paul resigns as Green Party leader

Annamie Paul says she went through the 'worst period of her life' during her time as Green Party leader.

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  1. Whyd she run in Toronto LMAO. Huge L for the greens. They need to start focusing on their core beliefs than trying to smear other parties. They had so much momentum for the past few elections. No they trail the PPC in popular support.

    1. @Sebastian Cuadros how bad was your public school education that you think LESS government intrusion in the economy is a recipe for disaster?

    2. @albertannationalist oh I see, you’re the “big government bad” kind of person. If that’s all you have to say then I don’t have anything to say to you

    1. I figure there is a schism now happening in the Liberal party. When 2/3 of the population votes against you and literally hate Trudeau they’re seeing the writing on the wall.

    2. @Dave A the liberal party has no choice but to stick with justin. think what will happen once he steps down. they were a fringe party after the NDP wiped them out and they will be again with out him as leader.

  2. This lady has terrible judgement and would have made a disastrous Prime Minister. In a few months she destroyed what Elizabeth May had created over the past decade. Sure the Greens love to back stab, but don’t all political parties? It’s the nature of politics.

  3. I cant believe the justin worshipers in toronto did not give her a seat in the place she grew up

  4. The Greens seem to be in such a turmoil, and one has to ask why. In Langley Cloverdale the Greens ran a contestant in 2015 and in 2019. In 2021 the Greens chose NOT to run anyone, and at the same time the former Leader of the Greens Federally and Provincially came out to support the Liberal candidate. Consequently the Liberal took the seat away from the Conservative incumbent. Is this a coincident that the Greens did not run candidates in key ridings where Liberals were threatened with losses in the 2021 election? How much were the Greens paid? Are Canadians being cheated, and by who? Deja vu anyone?

  5. For the past 10 months, Healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, scientists engineers teachers are waiting for FEDERAL SKILLS WORKERS DRAWS but NO NEWS NO UPDATE FROM @marcomendicino BESIDES THIS IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES ARE NOT SHARING ANY POLICY @alexanderecohen @CitImmCanada 😢😢

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