Eyewitness Explains Why He 'Called The Police On The Police' | MSNBC 1

Eyewitness Explains Why He ‘Called The Police On The Police’ | MSNBC


On day 2 of former police officer Derek Chauvin’s trial, eyewitness on the scene Donald Williams says that he “called the police on the police,” because he believed he “witnessed a murder.” When asked why he didn’t speak to an officer on the scene he says he didn’t feel a connection of a “human being relationship.” Aired on 03/30/2021.
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Eyewitness Explains Why He 'Called The Police On The Police' | MSNBC


  1. The fact that people have to call the police on the police is enough evidence of something being seriously wrong.

    1. @Allan Burns
      No Way!! Not a Republican!!
      They don’t do violence, they’re Patriots!!
      He’s ANTIFA for sure.

    2. Hahahahaha. Ok. So the police are bad unless you need to call the police

      A quote from you…

      Do you feel smarter now? Does your ego feel better?

    1. All energy.. When one is paralyzed.. everyone is.. I can tell you this.. the energy of rage seeing this LYNCHING was so intense.. if ONE person rushed this Asian cop.. ALL of them would.. The cops would NEVER start shooting bystanders..

    2. @Scott Mika If he tried ALONE chauvin would have shot him..BUT if MANY in the crowd rushed jackie chan anc chauvin… They would have been done. The public needs to realize WE outnumber the cops

    3. @mohamed said Neither do I in fact, I support them being shot, if the so called justice system, allows them to get away with killing and brutalizing people.

  2. Every single Black person watching the defense attorney asking this witness if he had been “angry” over and over again knew EXACTLY what that line of questioning meant. Smh…!

    1. @Simply Tamanisha What a beautiful wise soul you are. You made me feel ok for crying that the law prevented this man from receiving medical attention. No matter what he was still a human. They say they knew of his drug problem but denied him help with clear evidence he may be overdosing.

    2. @BLUE ANONMy Beloved father who so sweetly kissed me on my cheek the day before he died of cancer & was laid to rest 9 days later in the Veterans’ Cemetery would disagree with you. Whatever sunken place you’re living in, here’s your out. See you in the sunshine boo.

    3. @River Paz Thank you for asking me “why?”. I had not heard this 911 call before. The witness was forced to not just call the police on the police but to demand the chief hear him. The caller risked his life for another man’s life. That’s courage. Brokenness isn’t always about weakness but moreso about the human connection.
      He said there was no human connection which is why he called vs talking to the two officers there. Black men are always seen as the black bear thay must me tamed or killed. The devaluing of Black people is sickening. The caller felt defenseless & powerless to save Mr Floyd’s life. It hurt him & I empathize with that as well as relating to his helplessness.

    4. @BLUE ANON Darling did someone accuse you of being 350 lbs? I haven’t seen you so IDK if you are male or female or your stature. Even of you are I’m sure you’re beautiful. Thanks for taking so much time out of your day to watch & comment to me! I’m finding social media so interesting. Do you have a channel? Let me click your name. Don’t forget to subscribe boo!

  3. I don’t know why they are going through this we saw the videos , Derek chauvin should be locked up for life.

    1. Their monetizing GF’s rural murder. His fam was paid $27 million- so that’s added to our fake economy. Which means a debt.

  4. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to hold it together under the pressure at the moment of the call, after seeing another Black man be murdered by the police, and then having to answer questions in court about it. A true patriot right here.

    1. @TRUMP 2024 hey, hey, hey! I thought you guys were friends? There’s plenty of false narratives for both of you to spread around. Sharing is caring!

  5. Damning! The witness even teared up listening to the recording of himself calling the police on the police!

    1. He should talked to a lawyer to see if he can sue the police because that is a clear sign of PTSD. He will remember that for the rest of his life

    2. This court case is cut and dry. The only hard part is that it’s so public that there could be a loaded jury. I would sincerely hope that family members of police officers are expelled from the court and unable to act as jury members, but knowing what I know about the legal system even just in my state, I doubt that’s the case.

    3. Note how detached that beast chauvin was.. (just like in the video).. He sat there actin new like he was trying to figure out a lunch menu…

    1. @TRUMP 2024 coming from A seditionists treason Trumper is a absolutely joke. Lock him up lock him up lock him up. Trump and this killer cop Dump Trump 2024 just like 2020

  6. The defense says that Chauvin did what he did because he was intimidated by the crowd. I would suggest that he did what he did because he wanted to make a point to the crowd. That defense argument will backfire.

    1. Exactly. The racist fb posts, the beating and berating ON CAMERA, the open police gangs who wear patches telling you who they are… All of this is to send a message. This is why they don’t care when exposed, they know their racist, traitorous supporters will take care of them. I bet there is not one fired cop who is hurting.

    2. There wasn’t a crowd in the beginning…. And I bet if he would have gotten up when people first started saying something, that crowd wouldn’t have been so hostile either.

    3. If he/they were actually intimidated he/they would have kept their mouths shut and/or walked away.

    4. Gold-in- Melanin why do you assume his hand was in his pocket? He was wearing a glove that made it *appear* his hand was in his pocket but it wasn’t. If you can’t even see this simple fact, maybe you can’t believe your lying eyes with facts of the rest of this case. You’re not alone. Mainstream media doesn’t know much about it either and it sounds like you are gobbling up their poo poo.

    5. I hadn’t considered that previously. That is an excellent insight. The look on Chauvin’s face said everything.

  7. Remembering that guy trying to reason with the cops, telling them that George had already died and they ignored him. Thinking about the frustration of that witness makes me cry.

    1. @Cecil Brisley You: I’m going to support people like MJ AND PRINCE who ended early b/c of fentanyl. But uhhhhh I need someone to hang!!! Like a white person

      Also you: I’m not racist

    2. @Cecil Brisley A random worker is told to do a thing


      Normal Person: Why? He was just doing as he was told…

    3. @druu jenkins interesting how you avoid the issue. So are you going to answer the question about forcibly detaining a handcuffed person with no pulse? Or perhaps you are just going to throw in an example of another random black person who died of an over dose. Why do you keep using black people as your examples? Thought I was somehow being the racist one here. Curious if the medical examiners declared Prince or Michael Jackson to have died by asphyxiation as the medical examiners here did. Your inability to think with even an ounce of logic is humorous. Keep trying though, someday you have got to get a win!

  8. After the police chief testify that a knee on the neck is not standard procedure for choke holds. That murderous cop might as well change his plea to guilty.

    1. Of course lawyer’s are going to milk every penny out of this case. Appeal after appeal if he’s found guilty.
      If they just let him plead guilty, they’d have no ca$e.

    2. You: I support workers
      Also you: If the workers disagree with my politics, then EFF THEM
      Me: the police department under the evil white cop told him knee holds are good

  9. “Why didn’t you just talk to them about it?”

    Hmm. Talking to murderers about the murder. Never heard that one before. Maybe they should’ve tried that in Colorado.

    1. Well for the Atlanta shooter, they were able to determine the shootings were not racially motivated in a brilliant display of investigative police work, asking the shooter if he was racially motivated. Clearly, a person cannot be both a liar and a murderer, so race was not an issue. Not even a hint of subterfuge there..

    2. This is why he asked the question, to expose how ridiculous it was. You can tell he was hoping the witness would say “because they were committing the crime”, that’s why he follows it up with a clarifying question. It’s a good sign that the question sparks a strong response; it was supposed to.

  10. Never have I been so infuriated sitting helplessly in front of my TV watching the murder of George. I know George made a lot of poor choices and terrible mistakes in his life, but no one, and I mean no one deserves to be put down like a junkyard dog. Hopefully the jury does the right thing and convict him of second degree murder and every other cop present should be convicted of aiding and abetting that murder. Justice needs to be served

    1. Let’s be realistic about this.he took pleaded guilty 1st .going to take a plea deal William Barr stepped in and told him not to. Don’t be surprised!

    2. @J Morris I know, but we can always hope. The entire American justice system is on trial on this one.

  11. This guy really held his own in the witness videos – he really was saying everything he could to get them to stop.

    1. @kanuk the hunter Sure racist. That gibberish is totally proving the murderer isn’t a murderer and that you aren’t stupid.

    2. what is GALLING TO ME.. if this was a BLACK cop torturing a WHITE male like this.. I feel the whites would attack the Black cop NO question..

  12. This is so re-traumatizing for me. I cannot imagine what this is like for George Floyd’s family. Dear God.

  13. His reaction to his own 911 call was very telling. Witnessing a murder by a police officer and not being able to do anything about it, you call another police officer because you feel completely hopeless. He had to re-live through this traumatic event by listening to his own 911 call and couldn’t hold back his tears. My eyes got watery watching him wiping his tears so i can’t even imagine what this was like for him during his testimony.

  14. This witness, this good man, has the kind of courage we ALL need! God bless him and everyone he loves.

  15. My heart aches seeing him cry, knowing that he is reliving that moment… We know right from wrong and claiming that a victim somehow deserves it because he was a drug addict is not an excuse. Chauvin was not justified in his actions no matter the outcome of this trial.

  16. If he would of physically intervened he would of either been dead or in jail and showed up for this court appearing in an Orange jump suite. He did everything that he could do.

  17. Defense lawyer claiming that George Floyd’s death is due to preexisting conditions and not kneeling on the neck for over 9 minutes is like saying someone shoot you dead with a gun is not their fault, because it’s your fault due to your body is vulnerable to bullets.

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