1. @Carlos Abram Carlos, I hope you always tell a person who has lost a loved one that you are sorry for their loss. If you outlive your loved ones, I hope people tell you they are sorry for your loss.

  1. I’m starting to like the new format CNN newscasts.
    I for one, am certain we can depend on Congress to focus on this and other bipartisan issues and provide funding to make the system more robust. Yea….sure 🙂

  2. I’ve been retired for awhile, but NOTAMs were brought out with the predeparture paperwork, so a flight would never take off with known bad info, then ATC could update enroute, if necessary.
    This doesn’t sound like an outage. Something has happened. I suspect hack/sabotage, that has injected bad info.

    1. @E Mail You are so far from baseline mental health. I hope you get a good psychiatrist and good mental illness medication.

    2. I can tell you from Military experience – a FALSE FLAG attack is happening RIGHT NOW ~ the Gov is hiding something going on in the skies.

    3. Netgen atc hacked by China?

      Let’s see the receipts for this nationwide upgrade.. and let’s see CNN lead the effort.

  3. CNNs producers and research reporters should do a little basic googling on what the NOTAMs system actually does and how it’s role in the National Airspace System, so the on-camera talent doesn’t have to look so ignorant.

    Good thing they got the consumer interest angle though. The one question everyone was asking was about refunds and restitution.

    1. “CNNs producers and research reporters should do a little basic googling…” – You could say this about any topic being reported on any given day. Sadly, there are no major news agencies/programs (regardless of owner or political leaning) that do proper research anymore, especially in breaking-news cases like this. The thinking appears to always be “We need to get the information out there NOW so people watch US! We can think about correcting any mistakes later.” The general public is ignorant about most things, so they won’t know whether the information being reported is completely accurate, and sadly, I fear that most of them don’t really care, either.

  4. I wish the reporters would understand, the departure delays allow ATC to have sufficiently reduced burden, that they are free to use the manual focus to attend to inbound flights, for matters normally handled by automation.
    I am still mortified that such a crisis would occur after a certain party had refused larger infrastructure funding over the last few years, right before deliberate acts of sabotage have begun around the country. The timing is disquieting.

    1. The coup idntifies the lockdown against our citizens proves the destruction of food plants , cows dying and deisal fuel constructed shortage

    2. Well, once a plane is in the air, they can only delay it’s landing so long before it runs out of fuel. Planes on the ground can be delayed. Those already flying have to be landed of any way they can.

    3. While I understand and agree with your thoughts, I also have mild concern about ATC having to relay information they do not normally handle because it is easy to overlook something if you are not used to doing it on a routine basis. In this case, they may overlook something that should be mentioned. It almost surely would not lead to anything catastrophic, but could, under certain circumstances, lead to dangerous situations. Having said that, I trust that the pilots will handle any issues that arise, even during approach, and go to their alternate if needed.

  5. Those who were catching their flights today from Atlanta, Chicago, DFW, or other major hubs, brace for major departure delays!

    1. Ever-decreasing circles! Ever-decreasing circles! Climb! Dive! Bank left! Noooo, bank RIGHT, I said! WHY OH WHY HAVE WE RUN OUT OF *SICK BAGS* ???

    2. @Johnny S
      Biden only got the Infrastructure Bill passed last February. It can take years to upgrade the FAA computer systems.

    3. @Crystal Dawn mainly flights start from 6 am so west coast won’t be affected much as compared to east coast. Coz 9 am et is 7 am pacific

    4. @Simon Multiverse The death spiral. If you don’t know how to pull out of it, it’s Dome, Kinda like the way things around here are being run.

  6. Directly related to the X class solar flare that hit our atmosphere, thankfully there was no CME related to this flare.

  7. Politicians are not taking our dependance on technology seriously. Businesses are doing whatever the hell they want with our data, government does not care about implementing and legislating for better protections for companies nor individuals.
    Carl Sagan said it better: “WE’VE ARRANGED A society based on science and technology, in which nobody understands anything about science technology. And this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces. Who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it?”

    FIX IT!

  8. Thankfully in America, in times like this we can always rely on our robust system of nationwide high-speed trains /s

  9. Infrastructure maintenance and renewal including security has a cost. Most Americans don’t want to pay this and companies/ organisations will push it down list of priorities so it is something to be mandated at federal level.

  10. Stop depending on airlines/FAA for inter city travel! We need alternatives like high speed rail! This is insanity!

  11. As a retired pilot I know how essential NOTAMs are for flight safety, actually one of the cornerstones. Still, it is not the “airliners raining from the skies” scenario that new-staff sometimes seem to yearn for, it simply changes the momentary workload for the approach ATC staff that will have to directly relay the few pertinent current NOTAMs to arriving pilots, like “This approach is so-and-so degraded” or “that taxiway is weight limited”. In cases like this, the degradation to departures will also serve to lessen the workload. In aviation there is ALWAYS backup capacity, relief plans, escape routes. No need to worry about catastrophes, only irritating delays.

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