Pete Buttigieg asked if FAA system is out of date. Hear his reply

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg talks with CNN's Kate Bolduan about the Federal Aviation Administration ground stop that it issued following an outage to a system that provides pilots with notices they need before flying. The group stop caused more than 6,700 US flight delays. #CNN #News


  1. “Are things out of date?”

    Yes. This is what happens when people elect so many “government doesn’t work” people. They make it so the government can’t work.

    1. Yea, gotta agree with you there!! Buttigieg is breathtakingly inept on this and many other disasters that have occurred in the past two years with transportation.

    2. @J R More than said, it is in the process of happening. The bipartisan infrastructure bill signed into law by President Biden in November guarantees at least $850 billion of spending over the next five years. Pete Buttigieg’s Department of Transportation will be the largest recipient of funds, distributing more than $560 billion over five years to improve everything from tunnels, bridges, and roads to mass transit, ports, and airports.

      There hasn’t been this much infrastructure spending since the *_Eisenhower_* administration which ended 62 years ago. Republicans promise, Democrats do.

    3. ​@Construimus Batuimus agreed. Ironic that some of the recipients of this money so far is welcomed by the same people taking credit for it after voting against this bill.

    4. @J R
      Lol it’s been time to upgrade it for 30 years 😂 they need to put into a place a system to maintain it so it doesn’t fall into disrepair.

      But they will never do that because they want it to fall into disrepair. They want all of us to get sick and injured and then not be able to get adequate healthcare for our sickness and injuries.

    5. @Queen T Yes, the infrastructure bill passed. But there is always more to do. And while it passed, it should have been done a decade ago.

  2. Refreshing to have a politician who is direct,knows what is talking about and is honest. A very unusual person let’s hope he is made president while he still young and not over the hill

    1. @richard ellis Integrity? Nobody who goes against what nature intended has anything call integrity. Go away you Democrat buffoon

    2. @Black And Proud of what do you speak. The donalds rapes, or maybe Matt Gaetz and young girls is what you refer to.
      It’s unnatural to continue believing the donald, supporting space laser MTG.

      That would so Piss you off if a gay man or black woman was more intelligent than you, have better ideas, actually make a difference for the people.

    3. @Black And Proud also how the feck do you draw the conclusion I’m democrat ?, just because I think someone is talking sense doesn’t mean I have to follow or support other ideas he may have.

      I don’t care who has good ideas, as long as they are good ideas.

  3. I’m always impressed with Pete’s ability to explain things – which means that the people working for him are good. Messages from the troops on the ground often get garbled going up the chain.

    1. ​@tixximmi1 Not going to argue competence. Most people in charge are underwhelming at most thing they handle. But, when you start off as a snark, you lack credence. I am going to keep on preaching to people who behave that way. You can choose to continue and just ignore me, or like many others stop and converse.

    2. @digiryde But you indirectly accused me of not agreeing with peoples lifestyle. You lied. Sounds like you’re the ______phobe. That’s also called preaching.

    3. @tixximmi1 So, yeah. You are definitely trolling now. You snarked/trolled. You werer called out. Now you are trying to draw me in. Last response from me. Grow up and get a life.

    4. thats why there’s been 2 transportation catastrophes in as many months with Buttigieg in charge, word salads seem to impress anyone who need a vague inept response.

    1. @Barbara Ann What exactly did he do??? It was handed to him. He did nothing. That’s why I’m so pissed. He lies. We have problems that need to get solved today.

  4. The good news is that the system didn’t spew out incorrect NOTAMs which could have caused even more chaos and possibly tragedy

  5. Not a big Biden guy myself even though I voted for him. But every time Pete is interviewed by whomever, he continues to impress me on how he communicates and articulates certain important information

    1. Yeah he did a great job answering questions i thought. Not easy defending the ancient infrastructure and equipment that protects us while we fly.

  6. When massively complex systems fail, or get shut down to prevent failure, it is useful to ask why it happened. At the same time, we should remind ourselves of how incredible it is that these issues don’t occur more frequently.

    1. Agreed.
      Also.. shouldn’t our most important question be why now?
      Adding to your remark that it doesn’t and hasn’t happened more?
      A question such as mine does go through your mind at some point while you typed that yes?

    2. I think I’ll go with why is everyone else in the world NOT having these problems and never had these problems, and after receiving millions from the recent Omnibus bill that was passed. Your excuse is too broad and accounts for any mistake or maleficence that took place without really understanding the problems that has now occurred twice in as many months

  7. hey, for all the old “airpeople” like me, NOTAMS was changed from “airmen” to “air missions” in Dec 2021, FAA Order 7930.2S. Look it up if you don’t believe me–thats what I did when I heard it. For non airpeople, NOTAMS is short for “Notices to Air Missions.” Been around since 1947 as “Notices to Airmen.”

    1. My ears perked up when he said air missions, I thought perhaps he had made a mistake. Thank you for the clarification.

    2. I’ve been a pilot since 1969 and was a controller for 26 years. I thought NOTAM meant Not A Morning Person.

  8. Every time I see an interview with Pete Buttigieg I can’t help but think what are terrific president he’s going to make some day

    1. @manbtm1 I don’t give 2 sh*ts about title, but rather what you actually do that helps others. He was a horrible mayor who couldn’t even solve a basic pothole problem on his city streets.

    2. @Potato Joe And again your ignorance is showing, Pete was so popular that he won reelection WITH EIGHTY PERCENT OF THE VOTE, so put your BS where the Sun don’t shine Bubbah!

    3. @Potato Joe One quote that shows how far Bend improved under Buttigieg:
      “In 2020, the website “Best Cities” ranked South Bend number 39 on its list of the 100 best small cities in the United States, giving much credit to the progress made under Buttigieg.”

    4. @Potato Joe He’s an excellent administrator and communicator; that’s about 90% of the job right there. The rest is knowing which policies and programs to sell and that is a matter of party platform. You don’t know what he has accomplished becaue you don’t *_look_* for what he has accomplished.

  9. This is an extremely large network of computer systems and is hugely complex. Requires proper monitoring, updates as necessary, security monitoring and updates, and maintenance to keep it stable. The big issue is the people who are in charge and determine the budgets are not properly qualified to be in position of authority to make decisions about the type of equipment and allowable maintenance because of budgets, and or political reasons. There are many administrators in charge of technology that have no clue to how things work. They only know terminology and how to impress and talk to others who also have very little knowledge.

    Many of these high positions are filled by friends of people in higher up positions rather than selecting ones who are properly qualified and giving them the authority to do what is necessary to keep the systems up and running properly. This is in many services throughout government and also in many types of industries.

    1. PeterB62…. How long has held the title of Sec. Of Transportation? Long enough when things like this happens it’s on him. But no, he rambles on how Southwest is using outdated equipment and all of the sudden no planes are taking off. Tell you what Einstein, the next time you get a job, let something go wrong you’re responsible for and blame faulty equipment or the other guy and see how that works out for you.

    2. PeterB62…. As for your comment on the former administration, who blamed first, Republicans, then MAGA Republicans, then Russia, back to Republicans for this country’s inflation problem. Who blamed this country’s high gas prices on Russia and Republicans when this walking corpse closed down pipelines and drilling in the US?

    3. @Chad Burks how can a computer fault be blamed on him FFS. You lot are fecking amazing. Say Jan 6th was nothing, yet an honest politician must go, fecking joke you lot are truly bonkers

    4. @Chad Burks so you sack EVERY leader of any dept when anything goes wrong, even if it could not be foreseen. And you want the donald as president, with the likes of MTG. Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordon, Gregg Abbott, L Boebart. K Lake etc etc. And you think your opinion and judgement are to be believed LMFAO !!!! Your nuts

  10. It is a stark contrast to compare how Pete Buttigieg takes on such interviews and responds for a 1 hour disruption to US flight schedules, to how Greg Abbott handles assuring public following repeats of TX power grid failure from lack of preparation for extreme or extended cold weather under his watch.

  11. I’m confused. I didn’t think politicians were allowed to admit fault to anything. Wasn’t he supposed to lie and blame it on the fake news?

    1. Yes, he will never make it as a president. Needs to talk incoherently and grope guys half his age. Then he will meet the 2016 threshold of presidential material.

  12. Crisis Management…. I had a client once that required us to do a disaster recovery exercise every year. The day would start with them presenting the disaster scenario to us and we’d have to show them how we’d access the situation/damage, that tell us what the damage was and we’d assess our systems and determine if there were any facilities effected that stored client servers. We had a disaster recovery guru who worked with us and he was awesome. I thought it was kind of interesting and I learned so much. Sorry, random memory.

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