FAA Warns Of Dramatic Spike In Dangerous Passenger Behavior On Planes | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

FAA Warns Of Dramatic Spike In Dangerous Passenger Behavior On Planes | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


The Federal Aviation Administration is warning air travelers about what it describes as a dramatic increase in unruly or dangerous behavior aboard passenger airplanes. NBC's Tom Costello reports.

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FAA Warns Of Dramatic Spike In Dangerous Passenger Behavior On Planes | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @Michael Dollar you parrots can’t stop with the cliches. Way to think for yourself cattle

    2. @Gevowavemagnet lol I wonder how many times the tangerine dumpster fire actually paid somebody’s legal fees.

    1. Had to avoid an epic Karen yesterday who had a piece of flimsy gauze over her mouth. It kept talking down. I just made fun of her the whole time and finally she was shamed into covering her mouth. Shame does work with some of them publicly. Some of them are just violent. Cops can deal with them.

    2. @Google User no one wants you to fly or even be in public if you’re going to be an extremist and hurt others, that’s not freedom that’s tyranny and you proudly display it…

  1. You can Thank Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and all those rude out of order people telling people to act like garbage. Congratulations USA!!

    1. Forgot a few names.. Kamala who told us not to get vaccinated. Or Fauchi who said masks wouldn’t help. Pelosi who was celebrating your upcoming death in chinatown.

    2. @T Electronix yes but normally they would control themselves but now they feel they have permission to act out.

    3. @Paula Dixon Insurance Broker It’s a nice idea that there weren’t folk who already had the gop-entitlement-karen mindset before now. It’s more blatant now, for sure.

  2. This is the best news of the week. Zero tolerance is the right answer. Your “freedom” ends where my nose begins.

    1. @splashmt99 All joking aside, when I see death threats from MAGA cult members, I save the screenshots and then gather more information. You never know what report to the authorities will make a difference.

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT That’s such a childish thing to say. We all talk through masks all the time. Also, please note that SHEEP DO NOT WEAR PROTECTIVE FACE COVERINGS

  3. As someone who works in customer service, I agree. Customers have been ruder and the rudeness happens more frequently. I get yelled at about once a week because a guest can’t check in @700am for their reservation. Before the pandemic, everyone understood hotel check in times.

    1. @Gemini Moon I agree. Trump set the bad example. His tweets were often disgusting. His rhetoric was always directed at causing anger and disagreement. Unfortunately he won’t shut up and people are still willing to listen to him. What a mess America is in.

    2. @M G Why can’t more people use their brain like you. lol That’s exactly the only way we can guarantee an early check in.

      Plus, you calling ahead and letting them know what’s up makes our life our much easier.

    3. @MG
      I do the same and reserve A room for the day/night before. Let them know ahead of time. It is quick it is easy. So you pay for an extra day, no biggie. It’s paying for a convenience.

    4. @Deborah Freedman people don’t treat others the way they want to be treated because they look down on them. I won’t say it’s a new problem but it is becoming a great deal more apparent how bad of a problem it is. Three decades of dealing with the public has taught me that people that behave this way (and even some people who don’t) just feel like certain jobs or careers make people less valuable. Restaurants/fast food, retail, customer service and travel/hospitality jobs are all seen a menial and “easy” work where only the stupidest or laziest people end up when they have no other choice. Such people who believe this nonsense often has some BS paper pushing job in an office somewhere which translates in their minds as making them smarter or better than the people who work in service industries that wait on them. Since they look down on these people like servants they feel no guilt about treating them like subhuman garbage. It’s disgusting entitled and narcissistic in the worst possible way and it makes me sick to witness how horrible people can be to other human beings.

    1. @Nathaniel Erskine So, it’s only people wearing masks at airports are Nazi’s? Do they stop being Nazi’s once they step outside the airport or once they’ve cleared customs? You’re not making much sense.

    2. @Gwen Stone What is reasonable about burning down your own community and looting stores? Or is this what you call a summer of love?

    3. @Matthew Keenan first you cry that Antifa and the protester also need to be held accountable and when I point out that they were you change your crying to how is biting and looting reasonable. How is it reasonable to believe the election was stolen, storm the Capital, erect a gallows, chant hang mike Penske? The right are nothing but drama queens snowflakes that love to play victim

  4. McDonald’s: No shirt, no shoes, no service.
    Airplanes: No mask, no service.

    I guess that’s just too complex for most anti-maskers to understand.

    1. @May May Somner It is pure selfishness and an inability to think on multiple levels or have compassion. A lack of emotional intelligence. There is anti-authority and then there’s someone saying don’t bring a bomb on a bus…and they reply with nobody tells me what to do…that’s what children do as they aren’t as developed intellectually yet.

    2. @Phillip Rogers no, India’s lack of hygienic practices, caste system, and over population got them the situation they’re in now.

    3. As aHotel Manager, I already thrown out guess for not wearing mask
      …+ files charges for 1000$ fine

  5. *Seriously…people need to just accept Reality. YES, IM GLAD THEY ARE ISSUING PERMANENT BANS!!*

    1. @30.06 on a Grassy Knoll I think I may have missed a post. You may be referring to my question to Andre about being a Christian. That was for some research I’m doing on extremism and religious priming. I’m increasingly convinced that certain ideologies that champion a lack of critical thinking skills and directly attack facts and reason play a huge role in the reason why MAGA cult members tend to be so gullible. There is a prior indoctrination that prepares their minds to receive cognitive dissonance as fact superior to facts. Sorry if I confused you earlier. Not my intention to be ambiguous. I should have clarified.

    1. It’s a tragedy for people to be this willfully stupid. If we had this mindset 100 years ago- with idiots babbling on about their psy op conspiracies from their goofy little podunk echo chambers we’d still be dying of german measles, yellow fever, scarlet fever, polio, tuberculosis etc:. It’s a trash culture that serves no point. It’s people wanting so badly to feel like they are being oppressed or controlled so they can martyr their stupid behavior.

    2. @Corey Wilson , A better solution if only it were possible: put the plane in hover mode, jettison the passenger and have them make their own way from there. I guarantee the every passenger that goes through that will never be a problem again (for obvious reasons ).

    3. Best part is: They are doing this to themselves! They are literally behaving so badly to put THEMSELVES on a no fly list.

    4. @Christian Stone yet the Republican Party are also the same people to recently question if democracy is any good….do conservatives not see how the hypocrisy…they would be the first to lead the world to communism, not socialism straight to communism and not a good one, where at least Democratic Party is implementing socialism ideas and not full out communism.

      The blind keep turning their eyes to the trans and climate issues while claiming voter ID is reasonable and Texas claiming gun ID and training isn’t a thing they should have.

      10/10 America you played yourselfs.

  6. Stop saying we’re better than this. We are not. This is exactly why videos are so important. They prove what we really are!

    1. I laugh every time someone says “we’re better than this”..clearly we are NOT. Just look at all the moronic behavior just in the last year regarding the pandemic, never mind all the other xenophobic daily assaults. Ugh.

    2. It is not “we” I have always been polite and respectful every time I have flown, I’m not an ignorant Trump Nazi all high and mighty on drinking his special sauce laced Koolaid.

    1. I was on a plane and the pilot said if you don’t like the rules, we can help you off the plane.

    2. @Kat Televised but you already knew
      That’s how you’re here to tell your story

    3. @Random Internet User yup.
      In their own vehicles they don’t have to wear masks. Those people are a threat to the public and shouldn’t be allowed around people.

    4. There’s documented proof that airline travel is safer than car travel. Randominternetuser was right,these people are a scourge in any method of travel
      @T H

  7. A virus doesn’t care about your “freedom”. Wear a mask, get vaccinated, and be respectful to each other. We can do this!

    1. It’s what the world has become…..people are rude and obnoxious everywhere…..it just isn’t advertised like the Americans.

    2. When people are encouraged
      to act upon ANY impulse or behavior. . .
      No matter how bad or how great. . .
      Then a minor annoyance becomes
      An excuse for a physical fight.
      And that perfectly describes the past 5 years.

    3. @Patricia Bajcer correct.
      Although “good“ behavior, for example helping someone in need, is rarely taken the wrong way.
      Bad behavior is quite clear, by general societal agreement.

  8. Sadly, we are not better than this. We are now seeing who these people always have been and they are legion.

    1. Some of us are. The despicables are following Russian plotlines to destabilize this country.

    2. Hiveminded mentalities fully indoctrinated, and used as pawns for the wealthy and powerful in the GOP.

      Their fauxnews networks and media goons clockwork orange them with Propaganda for hoursdaysweeksyearsdecades and then drop the codewords to set them off “sir, please weak a mask””miss, you have to stay in your seat and keep your mask on”

    3. Yes, they are legion…, revealing to the world what many have been deceived into not seeing, hearing, comprehending, or believing. However, not all have been veiled, and we are still seeking and knowing truth.

    4. They are not that legion…

      “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” -Anonymous

  9. I remember when people took planes partially to avoid the random wild behavior you might find on a Greyhound.

    1. @MrSpeedDemon72 what about good ole fashion road trip cars and greyhound buses n we deal with unruly behavior in our friends cars.

    2. I used to love greyhound and peter pan’s no dogs, no real security. Perfect for smgglng exotic flowers

  10. We did little to stop the cultists. That empowered them. This won’t end until we start removing the threat.

    1. you don’t really need to fly though. that no-fly list should just include the entire world.

  11. Something that a few generations of people missed out on. . .

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