Facebook Decision To Uphold Trump Ban Protected By Section 230 | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Facebook Decision To Uphold Trump Ban Protected By Section 230 | MTP Daily | MSNBC


If former President Trump sued Facebook for banning him from the platform, the lawsuit will likely not succeed.
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  1. Hopefully Trump will be raised by the fbi soon, and be in court by the time this comes up in a few months for the next decision.

  2. If they try to adjust Facebook rules to suit Trumpian supporters then Mark Zuckerberg will simply up and move the head office to any country that wants to offer him the best TAX break! It’s his company and he will do what he wants! Even the GOP will back down when they grow up and realise that he can and would move his TAX and Revenue base overseas

    1. I’m still surprised you are still around trump big lie? why do I ask? well you got what you wish for and now you are reaping the rewards.. right ? have you
      go to buy supplies to fix your home lately? the standard of living has skyrocket.. wood up 3 times, steel 8 times..food and shelter is what people need and it ain’t affordable and they are printing more money as I type… we are 52 trillion dollars in debt we don’t rack in enough taxes to pay the 1 trillion dollar interest per year to pay for it… the last stimulus the people got 6 percent and this new 3 trillion dollars infrastructure only 8 percent of it goes to help built America…hum… make you want to say f/k it… I feel sorry for those who are clueless but hey they will learn soon enough…

    2. Denny the first amendment doesn’t let us say whatever we want, whenever we want and we’re free from any consequence. There are limitations to the the first amendment and it doesn’t require private companies to guarantee everyone an account on their social media site. Typing in “limitations to the first amendment” to google could be beneficial.

    3. This is Not a freedom of speech issue this is all about encouraging violence and sedition using a media source to spread his vial words. Keep this off Facebook, impressionable people read posts as we can see from the results

    1. That’s an insult to MySpace… Trump lacks the creativity and artistic ability to ever become popular on that platform…

  3. WHEW.
    That was a bullet dodged.
    Don’t let your guards down people. At the very least, that’s a start.

  4. Trump has a far better chance of seeking asylum in Russia than ever running for office again in this country.

    1. If SDNY convicts him for tax fraud, his political “career” is finished.
      Felons can’t hold office.

    1. pro trick: you can watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching all kinds of movies these days.

  5. He thinks it s his right to be on face book. Nope it’s like driving a car it’s not your right it’s a privilege.

  6. Hope he doesn’t sue. His track record for winning lawsuits since November 2020 has been pretty dismal.

  7. trump created so much anger I had to suspend my account. I will completely delete it if he allowed to do that again.

  8. He didn’t have an intelligent thing to say with 4 years in the highest office in the land, what makes him think he has something to say now?

    Oh that’s right, Narcissism!

  9. When I read this headline I let out a deep sigh of relief couldn’t be happier that we will not be bombarded by his toxic rhetoric.

    1. Obviously you haven’t watched the retractions by msnbc or cnn. Loved the Technical Director at CNN on video admitting it was purely propaganda to prevent Trump from being reelected. Propaganda equals lies. Oh, and Going Woke is racisit. It violates Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 preventing discrimination against anyone because of race, color, religion, national origin, political beliefs. Can’t believe all this people claiming new rules like laws preventing racism never existed, but the Republican party had Civil Rights Act in place 57 years ago. They are trying to erase history for the same reason. Do you support babies being thrown in the Rio Grand by the drug cartel, or 85% of the women and children crossing the border having been abused, Kamala and Joe don’t care, and refuse to let the media talk about that. .

    2. @Danni Hardy Trump openly and often talked about physically hurting other people at his rallies on multiple occasions. He was stupid yet dangerous and did not act in America’s interests when he repeatedly did this. These are public statements he made, not your partisan feelings but actual facts.

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