Facebook’s Decision To Uphold Trump Ban ‘Not A Total Shock’ To Trump Team: Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Facebook’s Decision To Uphold Trump Ban ‘Not A Total Shock’ To Trump Team: Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


NBC News' Hallie Jackson reports the Trump team wasn't "super optimistic" that Facebook's ban of former Pres. Trump would be reversed.

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  1. Donard Trunt uses the word “disgrace” so often you’d think it was his dad’s nickname for him

    1. Add to that “nasty” and “unfair.” You know, the vocabulary level of a third-grader.

  2. There’s always a chance he’ll get a Big Mac stuck as it tries to pass thru his heart.

    1. One had that same thought, but the trouble is that he would become an instant martyr. Then the GQP could use his “memory” to incite even more horrors.

  3. T***p called Twitter and Facebook “boring” so just as well the decision to uphold the decision to ban T***p. He’s clearly setting up one of his own to fail, so let’s see what happens.

  4. Baby Cheesus can just sign up on MyPillowSpace… if it ever starts working properly!

  5. Stable Genius better get that social media platform running like he said he was going to start….before AOL is completely shut down and his cult can’t get on the Internet.

  6. trump created so much anger I had to suspend my account. I will completely delete it if he allowed to do that again.

    1. There are doctors to help you will your obvious dilusions and your disconnect with reality. I’ll be praying you get the help you so desperately need

  7. These Trumpsters pay their bills yet they follow a guy who never pays his, he still owes millions to their city and state governments. He is just rotten fruit.

    1. Thank God people like you won’t be on there spreading your constant lies and hate speech. Today is a great day now. Thanks. I will sign back up.

  8. So basically the GOP is now threatening any company that does not do as they say?

    Because this borders on govt control of private companies… “Socialism” in other words.

  9. He should definitely be permanently banned! He causes hate and division, and omg the lies!

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