Facebook Faces Growing Pressure To Counteract Hate Speech On Its Platform | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Facebook is facing its biggest backlash yet, as advertiser boycott gains momentum with brands like Eileen Fisher, Ben & Jerry's joining Eddie Bauer, Patagonia, and The North Face in forcing the social network to counteract hate speech on its platform. Aired on 6/25/2020.
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Facebook Faces Growing Pressure To Counteract Hate Speech On Its Platform | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. I wish my business wasn’t so connected to it. I’ve been slowly moving what I can to YouTube but doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough.

    1. @RyGuy polls say a totally different story.
      You are a noisy Trump rump.
      You losers lose(it’s what losers do)

    2. @Higgs Boson the Corrupt DemocRATS know All about Losing the last 4 years! And when President TRUMP Beats Creepy Joe In November they Will Be Screaming at the Sky another 4 Glorious years! I Love the Taste of salty Liberal Tears! MAGA/KAG!

    3. @Derek Brandell I don’t think you do. There is no point of free speech if you ban “hate speech”

  1. Facebook would rather censor people explaining why these hate groups are targeting America, or working with our enemies then they would rather censored them. Facebook works with our enemies.

    1. We had some of our posts removed for “violating their TOS regarding hate speech”” for posting threats made against our group by a white supremacist organization. The hate speech was theirs, making death threats to us, and they removed those posts, but their profiles and pages are still there uncensored.

    2. That is a fact Sean. I posted an actual pic of a woman being beaten by nazi youth during WWII. FB informed me that I wasnt adhering to their “policies”. Why? Because they were also tearing the woman’s clothes and part of her nipple was showing. I was simply warning my citizens as to where all this discourse will lead if we dont act. THAT is how I knew that zuckerberg was working with the kkkriminals in DC.

  2. I can’t wait until we have a legitimate government that passes laws that forces this corporation to protect our country rather than profit from it’s destruction.

    1. @Derek Brandell “Good luck after tRump is gone, your life is going to get worse.” Everyone’s life will be worse once the Democrats regain control. Democrats require state sponsored dependency from Government to remain in power. Individual liberties and prosperity are their Kryptonite.

    2. @Peter Bills well at least it’s not like Trump requiring Russian and Chinese sponsorship to destroy our country. Go grow a brain Pittiful Peter.

    3. @Peter Bills Any chance those ‘ Individual Liberties’ of yours include hate, fear and loathing of anyone outside of your particular gang, or fascism, xenophobia, racism and white supremacy. Maybe the complete banning of socialism ie. road/infrastructure repair and construction (e.g. The Wall). Help for the poor and elderly, provision of police, judiciary, army and emergency services. You know! – all really nasty stuff like that, Mr Billshite.

    4. @DAVID FILER RIP Harambe, and remember, Communism has led to the killing of over 100 Million people over the past century. Remain a victim David!

  3. it’s disgusting to see people make such argument as to whether to remove hate speech or not. what a shame America!!!!

    1. @bryanatwku the reason I don’t say it, it’s because you don’t talk like that in a public forum. You want exact words I guess. So here it is: F.. o, I will k … y. m…, Trump said basically we will sh… the looters etc. So here it is. Edited: I’m pushing for standard not to change because it’s getting bad right now.

    2. mcmcdic, and there you have it everyone: the great leftist mind. Being intellectually defeated by a simple question regarding implementation of its own policy, it falls to a level of cowardice so profound that it is too fearful to spell out words.

    3. mcmcdic, you don’t know what hate speech is either. You only “think” you know what it is.

    1. @Mr A:

      You do realize Facebook is global? This advertising boycott could affect their bottom line, but it’s like trying bankrupt a sandwich shop by yourself when you decide to eat somewhere else.

    2. @Howard Kerr I like the sandwich shop analogy. I liken it to to a bully (facebook), is about to take a few lumps from the mob, and there is no good answer for them. If they sensor, they get kicked in there balls from their consumers and potentially congress, if they don’t sensor, they get kicked in the balls from advertisers. I am just want to watch.

  4. 5 years now with no Facebook. I’m 5 years happy and at this point I feel sorry for anyone that got sucked into that false happiness vortex.

  5. I am not a consumer of Facebook or Twitter, and we the American people must put real and hard pressure on our Congress. I think Congress forgot who they are working for in this country.

    1. @RhondaH not 100% sure but from what I’m aware of advertisers only moved their advertising away from Tucker Carlson’s show/broadcast they didn’t pull it from fox or reduce the amount they would advertise so it wasn’t really a a loss either direction.

    2. @RhondaH i understand it was a rebuke to Carlson but the only thing that Murdoch cares about is green.

    3. @Davy Grohl The Republicans in Congress certainly do for sure. Why? Because those who continue to vote for them, let them.

    1. @John Winslow No I disagree. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to say controversial things anonymously? For example, what if a whistle blower was leaking corruption in the company he works for?

    2. @Dustin Because that’s how Russian trolls put Trump in our whitehouse
      At least we need to know what country is posting stuff and the fact that Trump just hired 50,000 paid trolls working night and day for Trump to snap into action against any web site or TV show to confuse and distract the average American and some are not in this country
      We can agree to disagree and you can smile with me on YouTube in Missouri

      Howard the Duck and Daisy

    3. @John Winslow LMAO there is no evidence of that. “Russian trolls” is just a scapegoat leftists use so they don’t have to engage in political discourse. There are so many people silenced by social media and silencing them wont change their mind about how they vote. So if anything, people like you are the reason why trump’s in office.

  6. Dr King message is to BOYCOTT businesses CEOs and corporations that don’t rise up for
    All Human Rights

    1. This is all a game by the 1% corrupt billionaires and politicians.
      I recently did an investigation on one of biggest Trump’s conspiracy theories and propaganda machinery: Falun Gong’s media channels (The Epoch Times, NTD, China Uncensored, and 10s more). Read my report and see how they fabricate news by getting help from corrupt scientists and businessmen. Their job is Divide and Rule! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-wNdNH9VaQ&t=12s

  7. I loved Facebook years ago when it was just friends, family, games and humor. I quit when it got ugly.

    1. It was always ugly it just takes time to see it because they hide behind algorithms. Instagram is a Facebook product or is at least owned by the people that own Facebook. I’d expect there is ugly there too but I’ve never used Instagram so I can’t confirm that. I can only confirm that mark owns Instagram too yet we only talk Facebook.

  8. How about a global push to make August 1st “Delete Facebook Account Day”. Would that capture Zuckerberg’s attention!

    1. I would have to join again and leave! I guess that would be like K-pop and trump’s tulsa rally. Cause a bit of admin chaos. But I won’t. Just stayin” away.

  9. Boycott FB and it’s advertisers into oblivion. We have the power. Don’t ever forget that.

    1. Yes let’s get something canceled because we don’t like it! That’s the American way. Forgot free speech, I vote for censorship!

  10. What is shocking that you have to argue with a person who was raised Jewish that hate speech is bad. 2000 yrs of victimization has taught him nothing.

    1. +
      Radwulf Eboraci
      Because the solution to hatred isn’t silencing people. Silencing people is what nazis do.
      There is no point of free speech if you ban “hate speech”

  11. I love Joe. His annoyance, frustration and anger reflects so many of our feelings and he has the platform to air it for us.

    1. @Dustin you have the right to do that in person through email or a actual website but not on a format that children can access, children have enough stress just being a kid,why ad hate? Can you give me just one reason why you would want to expose children to hate? just one and make it a really good one to okay.

    2. @The Zombie Whisperer unfortunately, people scream “hate speech” for speech that they don’t agree with politically. For example, people say it’s racist to bring up black on black crime. This is the stuff being banned from hate speech laws

    3. @Dustin that is so true. Once this starts, the left will not let anyone say anything they don’t agree with. Everything will be hate speech if they don’t agree with it. I voted Democrat last election (embarrassed at this point) and won’t be this year. I don’t want to loose my freedom of speech or the right to bear arms. If Democrats get into office, those two rights will be taken away. I support our police and don’t want to see them defunded. If anything, they need more money for more training or refresher classes for police that need it. If the police are defunded, I will need a gun to protect my family. Living in a big city isn’t safe at this point.

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