Steve Kornacki: Joe Biden Could Be Ahead Because He’s Giving Trump The Stage | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Steve Kornacki breaks down new polling that finds Joe Biden leading President Trump in six key battleground states. Aired on 6/25/2020.
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Steve Kornacki: Joe Biden Could Be Ahead Because He's Giving Trump The Stage | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. That’s the only reason trump has done so much for this country and all it is is people can’t see past their own personal hate for him…IDIOTS!

    2. He’s also an older white man, like Trump. If Trump starts bashing Biden, he’s basically bashing himself. He’s very easy to bash a woman (Hillary or Liz Warren) and very simple for Trump and his racist base to bash anyone of colour (Obama or Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams).

    3. Edgeworld Pictures get real he’s had many blacks that worked for him come out and say he’s a good person but keep trying to use that card. “He’s bashing himself if he bashes Biden” that pretty uneducated to say but keep trying…

    4. Uncle Ed You are absolutely right he is just no good did you also know that he made it possible for his son threw some business in China to make $80,000 a month but he did nothing all

    1. The more Trump campaigns and the more rallies he holds the more people will tune him out. What appeared to be novel and politically incorrect in 2016 is now just the same tiresome reality show. Despite the history of the past four years, Trump keeps playing the same old tropes his supporters love.

    2. @Joel J Trump is a manipulative sociopath who learned early on how to infuence people. He still has a 40% base of followers, who believe every word out of his mouth is gospel. Watch for the 12th amendment to possibly be used to steal the election if he loses.

    3. @v blackwell He is mentally incapable of leading. 70000 psychiatrists led a petition against him because of his volatility, saying he ia a danger to humanity.

    1. Yeah, right it turned out to be was that Napoleon lost the first war with Mexico, because it was Napoleon making the mistake.. with Benito Juarez president…

  1. Keep letting a fool be a fool. Look at Proverbs. Why even budge when he can make an a** out of himself.


    2. Joe Biden…. Exposed as one of the conspirators, who participated in setting up General Michael Flynn… Biden suggested using the Logan Act to prosecute Mike Flynn, ( and, Biden knew that Flynn was innocent ), but Biden, Obama, Comey, and others pursued General Flynn anyway. And, Flynn was INNOCENT. Now, Biden is lying about his own participation in this conspiracy. Biden, lying again. An old, segregationist, liar!!!!

    1. That’s repugnantcons terrible for ECONOMY,health care, education and social programs. History shows us this and Trump said it,only truth he spoke, economy does better under Democrats

    2. Contrary to popular US misconceptions US is NOT the world,
      US 4% of the world’s population; 30% of the world’s deaths due to Covid 19

    3. @Pete Bailey US 4% of the world’s population; 30% of the world’s Covid 19 deaths. US 372 deaths per million from Covid 19
      MY country closely consulted with and followed World Health Organisation’s recommendations – 4 deaths per million from Covid 19.

    4. David Wilcock is a shill, but there is a substantial statement in The Deagel Depopulation Document…Wilcock spews rhetoric from others…

  2. He’s even turned wearing a MASK into a divisive issue, and called the virus a hoax. All the while requiring anyone who comes near HIM to get a TEST. HYPOCRITE IN CHIEF!

    1. @Mary Hjort Yes. He and his supporters read from a playbook read to them by Fox. Same tactics, no matter the subject.

    2. @A C Don’t forget all the lying and cursing, racist rants and tweets, fear mongering, disobeying rules, trampling people’s rights, etc….
      But he’s against abortion, so nothing else matters. LOL🤣🤣🤣

  3. “‘Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself.”-Napoleon

    1. @R B As much as I disagree with everything Trump and his supporters stand for, they are still human beings. Hating your enemy and hoping the worst for them makes you just as bad as them.

    2. Yes that’s the plan hanging high trump keep it up morom you have killed over 100,000 people you’re are a murder and you’ll pay

    3. @Robert Andrews no, 45 is a white man who paints his face orange. Orange is not the new black.

    1. Did you see the video showing a Neo-Nazi group on the rise because they feel “emboldened” by Trump? Easy enough to find here on you tube. (neo nazi feels emboldened by trump)

    2. @bill Not only that but Trump is at the mercy of China for the millions that he personally owes! He owes Putin/Russia and Deutsche Bank over $2B!!

    1. David La Belle first, that’s not treason. Second, I think your whole story is right wing conspiracy theory Trumpist projection crap. Provide a link and prove me wrong.

    2. O P: That makes more sense now that you explain it. That being said, I dont think either Bill or Trump shouldve been removed after they were impeached. The problem w/ impeachment process is that the House can vote partisan. And the minority party has little control as to how investigation goes

    3. @FIU Student And you are right. The impeachments we have witnessed in recent history has been partisan. Impeachment is quite divisive; hence the partisanship. The impeachment that most likely would not have been partisan would have been President Nixon’s impeachment but he resigned before the proceeding could ever begin.

    4. O P: True. The evidence against Nixon was overwhelming. He resigned b/c the outcome was clear, and likely Ford promised him he’d be pardoned anyway.

  4. Well, one way to defeat a bully is to ignore them. That drives them mad and they quickly destroy themselves.

    1. good point. If I’m presented with a silly argument about to happen, I just say “you’re right”. That’s the end of it and I go back to my life.

    1. I totally agree. Let Trump be Trump. He is his own worst enemy constantly giving anti trump groups more and more ammunition. He is snowballing into the abyss.

  5. I just hope his timing for later is right. He needs to enter the stage right when Trump’s failures start to become old. Not before, because then Trump might not be weak enough to finish off, but not after, because that gives Trump time to rebuild. He needs to wait until Trump is truly down, but when he is, kick him before he gets up.

    1. Biden IS an ordinary man that you can talk to. I know because I have talked to him. I’m from Delaware born and raised. I got to speak to him twice. He is a good man. Believe that.

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