Dr. Gottlieb: Time, Aggressive Steps Needed To Bring Down Cases | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The U.S. saw a record number of new coronavirus cases in a single day, with 45,557 diagnoses reported Wednesday. Former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 6/25/2020.
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Dr. Gottlieb: Time, Aggressive Steps Needed To Bring Down Cases | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. All of the experts warned us what would happen if we put ‘Profits over People’, and reopened too early. Now we are going to have to shut down again.

    1. America does not have the will to shut down again. Or the money. Donald Trump pretty much said America is open for business whether there is corona virus or not.

    2. @David Crowley and consequences be damned, unless Trump himself,or his daughter get it. Unless it has a direct impact on him physically, he is not going to care. Trump has no capacity for empathy.

    3. New Zealand – 22 death, economy now fully open again. That’s how it could have been if Trump had just take this seriously from the beginning. 4 months later and he’s actually somehow taking it less seriously

    4. Madeline Schaffer but if they weren’t showing symptoms or just slight ill effects then I think it would reinforce his “let it rip” mindset, he might need a Boris Johnston case where it’s touch and go. Though I still doubt he would change his mindset, he’s too old and dumb to change.

    5. @David Crowley
      Can you imagine how rich America would be, if they weren’t constantly waging wars around the World, in support of Despots, Dictators and the greed of America’s RICH!
      America hates the example that China is setting, by lifting 800 million out of abject poverty!
      Whilst more than 3/4 of people in America, are just now learning what abject Poverty feels like!!
      While America was waging WAR in the Middle East to steal their Oil!
      (Which was then sent back to America to be pumped back into America’s empty oil wells)
      “EVIL” China was busy building houses, hospitals, schools and infrastructure to serve the needs of their Citizens!
      Whilst rioters, looter and arsonist are running amok in Hong Kong, American Politicians are spew hate onto the Chinese government and giving financial support to the rioters, looter and arsonist, because they are fighting for their Democratic rights???
      Yet when Americans protest against the unlawful killing of unarmed citizens by protesting in the Streets they are branded as COMMUNISTS and Un-American who need to be put DOWN!!
      Is it any wonder that a Peaceful Nation like China is prospering!
      Whilst the Un-United States of America is devolving into chaos and mayhem under the leadership of a Brain Dead Wanabe dictator and his enablers in the Repugnant Party????

  2. No country will allow you to travel, unless and until you take responsibility for the spread of Covid 19.

  3. Aggressive steps may need to apply to tRump if he loses the November Elections & refuses to concede defeat!

    1. @Agolf Twittler : Russians posing as females is pretty despicable. I have encountered them posing as Latino/Hispanic, Indigenous Native American, Canadian, American, European & hardly ever as themselves!

    2. @Bunker Baby dRumph Exactly and no wonder, if I was a member of the deplorable Cult-45 I would be ready to pose as a Martian if need be, anything to hide the shamefull fact of the matter.
      Another sure sign of membership of the Cult-45, is that they always post the same lame one-liners and that they never have any arguments as such, just as they never respond to facts presented to them.

    3. @mary henry Wonder if Donald is filling the underground buker with enough supplies to hold out after January?

    4. @Crystal Giddens
      If Acting (badly) president bunker baby tRump wins the upcoming election will he assume his hereditary title:

      “SATANS SPAWN”???????????

  4. I used to think the foundation of human right is the right to live (think elderly/individuals in poverty/minority, etc.) before we talk about anything else; I guess COVID-19 proves otherwise

  5. Lack of humility comes at a big price. There are people out there who cannot accept the idea that Nature still has the upper hand over 21st century man.

    1. @Charles Smith It is the words pandemic and seasonal that you don’t seem to be getting. You can have a pandemic of anything.

  6. Trump’s great legacy: Turning a Medical crisis into a partisan debate and reducing science to a “Fake News” policy.

    1. @Chris Pacheco Unfortunately, too many people voted simply based on party lines. The first time, those uninformed Republicans jumped on the Trump bandwagon, wanting something new and different from the status quo. Because they didn’t research adequately the issues they were concerned about or the criminal background and long-term deceptive character traits of Trump, they jumped on the Trump train. Many of those naive Republicans have learned the hard way how corrupt Trump really is and some will jump off and either not vote or vote Democratic in November. This election is about restoring democracy in America, though admittedly, we have a long bumpy road ahead to living any where near the principles of the Constitution.

    2. @Christine Light Christine, if people were stupid and bigoted and uninformed enough to vote for Trump in 2016 given all that was known about him and available in public…..I don’t exactly suspect they’re liable to be persuaded by reasoned debate nor even by the sheer force of events under this disastrous regime. I think you’re underestimating the stubborn stupidity and deeply entrenched bigotry of the American populace. These Trump voters know what he is all about. Thats why they love him in their cult of personality. They became who they are through decades of socialization. I doubt very much those voters have changed who they are personally, their morals, their political worldview, their intelligence levels, etc., in the last four year.

    3. @Chris Pacheco One of the most disturbing facts I have had to face is how many Americans are so blatantly racist, sexist, and classist. I can only hope that there are a significant enough number of passively biased white people who are starting to wake up to their immoral default suppositions and formerly unquestioned superiority values and will grow sufficiently in their moral development that they will abandon the Trump cult. His disgusting malignant narcissism can only be tolerated by the most immoral and least informed. As a teacher and therapist, your point confirms my own realization that we need to do so much more socially, beginning with moral education of our children by teaching more assertive anti-racism trainings that raises the bar of ethical thinking in our communities. We have to question more deeply the inculturation of hate and redress this character weakness in the U.S. I did point out in my book, “Crisis of Character-Finding Our Moral Compass in a Trumped-up World” some interesting work done in Australia to create racial reconciliation and healing with the aboriginal peoples. I believe we need to look more in similar directions if we are to socially heal.

  7. Not only do I want to see Trump defeated in November, but I want to see him spend the rest of his life in prison. 🙂

    1. @Crystal Giddens And isn’t it interesting every time you’re crammed into a corner, you change the subject

    2. @A D Her “point” is likely the same as most of these right wingers: throw up a bunch of chaff and insinuations and, when that fails, repeat some slogans and run away.
      Sorry for butting in. I applaud you eviscerating her by asking logical questions and citing verifiable facts. It’s more work than they put into their “arguments”. Thanks!

    3. @Nessuno Dorme you watch too much MSNBC the Democratic propaganda machine. Just as bad as Trumpster and Fox just take the propaganda talking points and spit them out.

  8. Europe is closing its borders to the US. We have enough problems of our own, thank you.

    1. I’m American, and I can’t blame other countries for wanting to keep Americans out right now. Trump has botched the response to this so badly that we’ve got a real catastrophe on our hands now, and it’s his fault.

    2. If Trump and his Republicans win in November, you’re going to need a lot of body bags to clean up what’s left of the USA. Don’t leave it to the Russians or Chinese.

    3. @bill Umm… like the joke of a ‘travel bad’ he put in place back in Feb? HA!! The travel bad that wasn’t even close to being an actual ban? 11 US airports never stopped receiving flights!!

    4. @Real American – And it didn’t cover EUROPE, which is why Northeast got hit hard. It was TOOTHLESS. It allowed citizens and residents to still come and go. SMH!

    5. @Cindy S AND!! There was little to NO screening!! It’s almost like trump WANTED certain areas to be infected. 🤔 Only 1 airport of the 11 were in red states and that 1 was Atlanta… 🤔 I’m not a conspiracy theorist and it would be giving trump too much credit but.. 🤔 ..then again, there are people smart than trump around him.

  9. Nobody should be surprised by this. Trump downplaying the virus and desperately pushing for reopening businesses with a lack of testing. Houstonians running around crowded malls with no masks, now it’s a hot spot. Adult toddlers refusing to wear masks, shaming others, throwing tantrums across the country. Cry me a river…

    1. ACTUALLY, SIMPLE ARITHMETIC once you realize how little we learned in the Jan to Feb infection period.

    2. Compare Europe’s Corona curve to America. We are waiting a second wave. I think you will stay in the first.


  10. The indicators look good, at this moment, for a Biden win in November. But, we still need to vote en masse, especially in those battleground states.

  11. The surge is because you’ll opened too early and without proper precautions, so sad to see more deaths are coming. I’m not American but if countries are smart they will ban Americans from entering their country.

  12. The longer you delay taking action to suppress the virus, the longer the action to suppress the virus will have to last for.

    We’ve known this since February. Republicans think they’re protecting the economy but by allowing the virus to spread, their economies will be shattered in the long run.

    1. Only the middle and lower classes will suffer. The rich will continue to hoard their wealth. The GOP strategy to take it all and turn America into a nation of groveling beggars.

  13. What kind of idiots watch the same thing happen all over the world and think, “I’m special; it can’t happen here.”

  14. Far to many Americans favour religion over science, a childish malady likely to weed out of humanity these rather stupid people.

    1. Gottlieb is very good, maybe the best informed communicator of them all on the corornavirus situation. Makes sense to consider his advice very seriously. I know that I do.

  15. If he was UNFIT because of bone spurs, to serve in the military, he should be unfit to serve in Government!

  16. To the people who believe that it only impacts a small percentage of the population and won’t wear a mask or social distance because the odds of it causing major issues to you is small, do not go to the hospital if you do catch the virus. That space is needed for the people you infected because you refuse to follow simple guidelines to protect others.

    1. And when the long term damage to everything from your pancreas to your lungs gets you down, don’t ask for government assistance, be strong, be young, be free and quit whining about China YOU did this to yourself and a hundred others who might not have had it so easy. Thank you for your service. Love, Satan

  17. Trump threw out the CDC’s 69 page booklet. And then said: “I take no responsibility!” ARREST HIM, Involuntary manslaughter.,
    Misappropriation of Govt. Funds., Tax Fraud, Life Endangerment,
    Inciting Riots…

    1. And when it comes time to determine sentence, I hope the judge will remember Trump’s own words: “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now.”

  18. Many of the cases could have been easily avoided had the administration heeded the opinions of medical experts . You don’t have to be very smart to figure out the consequences of prematured reopening. Trump will has to bear this responsibilty

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