Sen. Durbin: GOP Policing Bill Doesn’t Meet The Moment | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Arrest Minneapolis’
    chief of police, district atty & medical examiner for aiding & abetting.

    Sentence them. BUT, they KEEP their JOBS.
    This is the only way to change our unjust system.

    1. o.k , i for one do not understand the part about sentencing them but allowing them to keep thier jobs and that is how to change the system

    2. @david thomas
      Good question.
      They would be forced to GET BETTER.
      The wrong doer won’t do it again because they know they will be CORRECTED.
      Society will be aware of the wrongdoing.
      It is a DETERRENT for everyone in Our Justice System.

  2. There is no negotiation, there is just the GOP doing their usual job of selfish, money-grubbing cruelty and the Democrats trying to do the right thing and getting blocked by McConnell again. Until we get rid of every single one of those Trump sycophants, we’re not going to get anywhere.

    1. Don’t you just love how the Republican’s put out their lone black man to push this pathetic police reform bill. It’s not an accident that they’ve got him leading this effort. The reforms needed here must be bold. Black PEOPLE are being killed by the police!!! A watered down reform bill is not going to change anything. We must recognize that old ideas do not make for meaningful change.
      We need meaningful change.
      I don’t propose throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but
      our minority fellow citizens have suffered under a system of racism that has created serious problems for all of society. A little tweaking here and there will not fix this problem.
      I’m encouraging people to vote for progressives, and if you have minority friends and neighbors, encourage them to run for office.
      And, for God’s sake people, VOTE!
      Thanks for your comment 👍.

    1. @John Hillman
      The incarceration rates for African-American men and women fell during each year of the Obama Administration and were at their lowest points in over two decades.
      The number of African American juveniles in secure detention was reduced dramatically during Obamas time in office.
      President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper initiative on February 27, 2014 to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by boys and young men of color and ensure that all young people can reach their full potential.
      In May 2014, the MBK Task Force gave President Obama nearly 80 recommendations to address persistent opportunity gaps faced by young people, including boys and young men of color.
      In 2014, the Council on Women and Girls (CWG) launched a specific work stream called “Advancing Equity for Women and Girls of Color”
      In 2016 there were 8 million minority-owned firms in the U.S.—a 38% increase since 2007.
      In early 2015, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) launched the MBK Millennial Entrepreneurs Initiative, which sought to address the challenges faced by underserved millennials, including boys and young men of color, through self-employment and entrepreneurship.
      President Obama made 62 lifetime appointments of African Americans to serve on the federal bench.
      Under President Obama, over one million more black and Hispanic students enrolled in college.
      Life expectancy at birth was the highest it’s ever been for African Americans.
      Teen pregnancy among African-American women was at an historic low in 2016
      Obama established the 21st Century Policing task force

    2. @Ali B ignore the fool , he/ she is just trolling for an argument. Dont encourage then , they hate being ignored most of all

  3. You don’t necessarily need atomic bombs to destroy a nation. Politicians who value their pockets than the life of citizens always do that every day.”

  4. The republican legislation was nonsense. They were rushing to LOOK LIKE they were doing something.

    1. @Sask Sun seekers It will not be answered because it is a troll making things up out of thin air , just like Trump and his ” everything is fake news ” B.S

    2. @Sask Sun seekers – since you’re not an Honest or Knowledgeable person, let me do it for you.

      Pick One, and I’ll verify it for you

    3. @John Buick what makes you say that?? Is it because of the DCT auto as the only option with no choice to go manual? I’d somewhat agree with that, but true to form, the new GT500 is a big, heavy, overpowered monster, while the 350 (imo the true enthusiast’s option), has more nuance. Both are incredible machines and true Shelbys in basically every sense as far as I’m concerned. Let’s put it this way, if you were offered a free one of either, you’d probably take it in a heartbeat!

    1. @Sean Sparks I think the comparison is that here in the US we practically have large shootings almost on a monthly basis. I think US is the country with the most weapons per citizen and the most gun fatalities ….. 106 shot in Chicago over the weekend as Barnicle mentioned as an example. Anyway… no quick fix I suppose?

    2. Norway not so large and diverse, and guns and gun manufacturing are not ingrained in your this could take a generation or two to finally see cultural change in a fundamental and lasting way

  5. Tim Scott is the worse!!! As Black Man with his platform. He be should be ashamed. The only thing he has shown me it that his inners are Trump filled!

    1. Tim Scott represents South Carolina. He is doing the bidding of the voters of South Carolina. I believe Tim Scott sees himself as a senator who happens to be black. Yes, he’s been convicted of living while black several times when he been out and about. But, he sees himself more as a US Senator from South Carolina.

    2. @Ricardo Caiano Tim Scott isn’t afraid to leave the plantation. That’s what has you going. Take the exact opposite of what you’re saying then you’ll have something.

    3. @Adrian Bishop Booker is a moron politically but he put a ruckus on that Rosario Dawson @$$. Definitely in awe of him as a player. I think Headboard Harris has the hots for also. Haha

  6. 🙃Wearing a mask 😷 is like a turn signal in your car. It’s not just for you. It keeps others safe too😷

    1. John Stewart said last night o the Stephen Colbert show, next time you go in for an operation tell the surgeon to tear that mask off and not wash his hands before he touches the site of your wound. Because “we’re american!!” Maybe that’s the message. Who’d, let a surgeon near them without a mask and that’s in a sterile setting!

    2. @ F M

      Which goes a LOOOONNNG way to explaining why so few people in this country use turn signals.
      (Why use a turn signal? I am going to slam on my brakes anyway, “they” will have to slow down.)

  7. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”
    NAACP Legal Defense Fund urges the Senate to reject the GOP police reform bill.

    “In this moment, we cannot support legislation that does not embody a strong accountability framework for police officers and other law enforcement who engage in misconduct as well as needed reforms to policing practices,” the group wrote in the letter, a copy of which was sent to members of the Senate more broadly.

    “We urge you to vote no on the motion to proceed with consideration of the JUSTICE Act and instead advance reforms that will hold law enforcement accountable and offer more transparency of policing practices such as those embodied in S.3912, the Justice in Policing Act of 2020,”

    By Jordain Carney – 06/22/20 09:23 PM EDT

  8. It’s the same tactics that McConnell uses to keep in power. He makes empty promises that really offers nothing. It looks like he’s doing something, but as Kentucky proves, he really doesn’t care.

    As for Scott, he is learning from these monsters.

  9. Speaker Pelosi is 100% correct. McConnell is not trying to deal with the issue. Whether she sugarcoats it or rips the bandage off, she spoke truth to power.

    1. @Manuel that’s why she calls herself “The Grim Reaper” – no wait, that’s moscow mitch. the guy who is proud to do nothing, and make sure that no one else does either. Actually Moscow Mitch is making himself and his traitor wife rich, while the commoners in Kentucky suffer. Yeah, they must be stupid.

  10. How many times has McConnell rushed or tried to rush through empty promises. And when he has succeeded, he drops all concerns and sweeps the entire matter under the rug. We have seen this political tactic too many times. I’m grateful that the Democrats didn’t let McConnell get away with it again.

  11. The one who is “LOST” is Tim Scott!! Reps want to leave ALL current policing policies in place, call for a vote on it, KNOWING the Dems will never get go along with the proposed bill, then accuse the Dems of “blocking” police reform!!
    Good on the Dems for blocking the so called bill because there IS no “police reform” in the Rep bill!!

    1. @Glenette Brooks Thats how we are going to get trump out . A ramp and a gentle shove. Then he just roll,s into a police van.

    2. @Glenette Brooks Gonna clean house so don’t get comfortable and under no circumstances should you vote. No even mail in. Just throw your ballot in the trash.

    3. @43 44 46 a no we didnt forget That’s the actually really close to the deep states plan. You’re screwed either way.

  12. I’m SO ASHAMED of EVERYTHING the Republicans Do! Is It any wonder that they will be VOTED out in November?!

    1. Yes – the Republican party has clearly turned into the party aimed at helping well off, white, Christian people and nobody else. They’ve had at least 11 years since Obama took office to draw up a decent health care system for the public, and they haven’t come up with anything good. Think about that – 11 years and no health care system reform. Why? Because they don’t care about universal health care. They couldn’t care any less if people don’t have health care. Why would ANYONE in their right mind vote for this party???

    2. America is not the country it was under Obama or any other president for that matter. Trump and his conspirators are brazen criminals.

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