Facebook’s New Decision To Allow Lies In Political Ads Will Benefit Trump | All In | MSNBC

Facebook announced this week that it would not take down ads with lies put up by politicians. Ben Collins weighs in on why this could put a thumb on the scale for Donald Trump. Aired on 1/10/20.
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Facebook's New Decision To Allow Lies In Political Ads Will Benefit Trump | All In | MSNBC


  1. Zuckerberg is just plain greedy and doesn’t care and Trump gives greedy slobs like him more filthy lucre. ..

    1. Ehm he is already very close with puttin, he loves the dictator in Philippines, so no this aint a surprise.

    1. It’s starts with one person refusing to use Facebook
      Two years later I think there are about 20 million Facebook nay sayers.
      Let’s grow the nay sayers movement.

    1. ditto quit 3 years ago had enough of the propaganda fake sites promoted faux news …invasion of privacy and the owner doesn’t pay tax

    1. Steve is completely right. Something needs to be done about all the laws Republicans took down that had controlled somewhat the large corporations, especially monopolies which had not been allowed. That one was called the Combines Something Act. Somebody PLEASE correct me. What’s the 2nd word? Capitalism has gone too far when 1 person who is far richer than anyone should ever be allowed to be can buy their way through anything, including a presidential election and then behave like a huge gangster for 4 years, and just bribe everybody in sight. The corporations, Wall Street, banks and the rich all need much more oversight.

  2. I left facebook. It has become all that is evil in the world. As usual it is an American ( thing) that is rotten to the core.

  3. It’s not that they’re allowing it, it’s just that they feel they can’t be bothered to remove it, as you know, that’d take people, that they’d have to pay.

  4. When lying in political ads (propaganda) becomes the norm we are coming to a very dangerous place. This is how dictatorships are born. This is exactly why Bernie Sanders must be elected. Only he will be tough on these kinds of things

  5. Holy fook this world is just ruined. It’s like a never ending nightmare that we can allow companies to run this BS and profit from blatant lies. Fook Disgraced book.

  6. Zuckerberg is a moron, only money talks since Donald Trump and
    Mark Zuckerberg best buddies now after meeting in the WH. 😘 🤣

    1. @Shin Do you really think most of Trump’s base know what synonyms are? Some words are just clearer and, let’s face it, clarity is required.

    2. @Shin Trump is not a falsehooder. Nor does Trump falsehood to the American people on a daily basis. The two words may be similar in meaning when used as a noun, but they are not interchangeable. “Lie” is clearly more appropriate than “falsehood.”

  7. I voted w my feet and shut down my decade old FB acct. Didnt do a thing for my businesses. Didnt do my headspace any good. Constant bombardment of disturbing content of every kind. Screw em. Vote Blue.

    1. @Tess Downey Friends and relatives used to badger me about not having a Facebook account – “YOU’RE NOT ON FACEBOOK!!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!! EVERYONE HAS A FACEBOOK PAGE!!!”

      I decided to go ahead and get a Facebook account. I think the last time I visited my Facebook page was 2017.

    2. I don’t miss fuckbook with all their allowances of Russian bots Scammers Catfish and just plain disgusting people Perverts. I don’t miss it..

  8. The argument is: “Liars are people too.” Right, but do they really need their right to lie and deceive others to be defended?

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