Facing Controversy And A Pandemic, Trump Turns Back To 2020 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. When Trump was running for president. Trump said to the american ppl. That he was going 2 B a transparent president. Yeah! and pigs fly.

  2. 6:02 Trump’s narcissism knows no limits. After he couldn’t play the hoax card any longer, he thought the entire coronavirus was designed all the way across globe and wiped out people all over the world on its way to America, specifically created to thwart his re-election.

    I can’t believe Donald Trump is actually a real person.

    1. The only thing real about Trump is your vote against him. VOTE!!!
      Now is the time to campaign against him, do your part.

    2. Unfortunately, he’s a real something – “person “, as in ” human being” might be taking it too far.

  3. The Reptile has done a ” Pontius Pilate ” and washed his hands of his murderous handling of the Coronavirus.

    1. @iomibestlefty Does every White Supremacist see themselves as a “Victim”. Poor Booboo somebody look at you like you’re a moron for not wearing a mask. Wow, how did you survive..

  4. To Evangelicals, it looks like the only thing the “chosen one” has been chosen for is prison.

    1. @Terry Fant Jesus, bedfellow to John the Baptist and son of the virgin where. That Jesus?
      No thanks he’s an imaginary character in your book of Christian voodoo.

    2. Baptist girl here, 100% AGREE! Trump is pure EVIL. 🌊🌍❤💜🧡💛💚💙🌊

    3. @P.J. McLaughlin P.J. you are an anti christ. That makes you a disciple of Satan. When you near the end of your journey here on earth I hope you’ve fulfilled all your dreams because if you haven’t, that’s it the lake of fire awaits. Please make an effort to change your view. I’m praying you can or you will.

  5. “With his book John Bolton wants to make me look bad” – Donald J. Trump
    you don`t need a published book for that, a mirror would have been enough

    1. So Trump says Bolton’s book is full of lies. And has ” classified information.”. Doesn’t make sense. It can’t be both.

  6. The venue for his rally will need serious decontamination after 20th June, and it’s not because of COVID-19.

  7. So the President don’t qualify as being an old timer like me – he’s in his 70’s right? He’s very much a virus target I’m sure just as my old rear is. lol

    1. J.K. Berry
      not True the Fuckwit Monster luves the fuckwit !! he told me so !! Fuckwit Monster now living in Alabamah

  8. Is he going to send his favorite channel Fox News a “Cease and Desist” letter and demand a “retraction and apology” like he did with CNN?? Since he claims that HIS polls show him WAAAY ahead of Biden.

    1. RealCaliforniaCheese The only remote chance it will happen is if dead Covidiot-45’s supporters will have their votes counted. But that would be voter fraud, don’t you think so?

    2. ​@kenneth bower That may be, but it is still better “medicinal” than hydroxychloroquine recommended by your “Mr. Trump”

    3. @RealCaliforniaCheese it will be the bigglyest, Jim Jones Koolaid sipping convention in American history. Did you sign your waiver?

    4. @Coronavirus Hoax Laugh, clown posse, laugh — there’s a lot conservatives can’t and don’t do. Biden supporters are working up to the election and taking nothing for granted. It’s so great that the president is working for us, too! thanks

    1. somewhere where it wont get lost i guess. so when the next supreme court justice leaves or retires he can get the new one

  9. *The Supreme Court “doesn’t like me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me.its all about me everything is about me, the whole world about me, calm down Trump take some deep breaths relax*

    1. Trump is all about trump no one else matters he wants to be president for life and the trump dynasty jr then Eric then Ivanka then baron back in the USSR

  10. Unfortunately 40% of the country thinks the “Cheetoh in Chief” cares about them while he removes their rights!

    1. @John Belknap you need to open your eyes. People like you don’t want to hear the truth. So it’s a waste of time on you

    2. @Gucci Python I asked you to explain something to me, and you can only give me go move to CHOPS or CHAZ, wtf?

    3. @M G Why do all Republicans assume that they are the only ones with guns? I also have viscous dogs and ominous weapons. I am still waiting for a response to my original question which, at this point, I assume is not going to happen.

    4. @M G Ghost busters!!! In the south, law enforcement was a team of vigilantes hired to recapture escaped slaves. Then when slavery was abolished, political and rich, white men used a collection of state and local laws called Jim Crow laws, which legalized racial segregation which were meant to marginalize African Americans by denying them the right to vote, hold jobs, get an education or some other opportunities. If African Americans tried to defy those laws they faced arrest, fines, jail sentences, violence and death. Defunding the police, is on a scale, and it’s meaning could be depending on who you ask. I, personally, believe we need a police force. However, some money slated for the police, could be reallocated towards the community, for programs that would hopefully help cut down the need for the police. Now I gave an informed answer, so maybe you could try to reciprocate, and answer my original question in an informative answer.

  11. Trump’s saying BIDEN is not equipped because Trump himself is not equipped to be president, far less, lead anything but HIMSELF!

    1. Talk about “projection” tRump….. SMH

      TEARS CHUCK??….. REALLY…. ???

    2. @William Roark It’s a cathartic moment. There’s nothing wrong with expressing some complicated emotions around it.

      Also, the fact of the matter is that the ruling just stopped this one attempt at ending the DACA program. It didn’t cut off any future attacks on the program.

    3. Biden seems to be able to pick up a bottle of water with one hand, so he’s certainly way ahead of Trump 😅

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